8th May 2007, 17:44

I purchased a 1997 xj6l for my wife about 8 months ago. her last 3 cars were new Mercedes Benz so this was a little different getting a 10 year old car. she loves it and is happy to have no car payment. I did a lot of research since I am in the car industry and the 1995-1997 xj6's have a great reputation. the cars ride is very smooth and the appearance is great. would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

7th Aug 2007, 14:39

I agree. I bought a 97 VDP with 30,000 miles on it 3 years ago and it is a great car and 30mpg also It costs a little to keep it up, but with the purchase price so low it equals out. An independent Garage is important. Tune up once a year to include plugs all filters all fluids. I just came back from up north 4,000mi trip. The car was fantastic.

9th Aug 2007, 12:46

I am interesting in buying an XJ series as I think it's one of the most beautiful 4-door luxury saloons (with the maserati 4porte). I have read some quite bad reviews about the XJ8, is this because of the unreliable engine? (I've seen cars with replaced engines at very low mileages, 40 thousand miles should be nothing for such a big capacity engine and I believe it's totally unacceptable). Do you believe the XJ6s are more reliable? What years do you think are the best? (I like the XJ that was in production from '94-'03). Any advice about what I should look out for would be appreciated! Or should I play it safe and go for a 7-series BMW? (which I really wouldn't like to do - it looks so boring...)

15th Aug 2007, 21:55

As a used car dealer for years, and 2nd gen mechanic in my blood, Kudos to you guys who know good value. Thank goodness Jag has come this far. The xj6 is a fine car.

It'll take a long time for people to come to terms though, with the fact that any Jaguar is any good. Granted, some are trouble. One only has to figure out the good ones. Mid 90's xj6 is a great car for the money. I'd much rather buy this and drive it than Beemer or Benz.

Actually, there's a '97 in my driveway.

5th Sep 2007, 07:25



It is nice to see others who know about this awesome car. The car is still going strong at 150,000 miles. The only issues were the cooling fans stayed on and the interior lights died; this was apparently due to some modules that were waterlogged; replaced both (including coolant wiring harness) for around $500; unfortunately, then the aux cooling fan went (the mechanic could have planned this, though, as it was always fine until I took it back from the shop), and to replace it you must replace both- that was $500. So $1000 in a couple of days (which meant a couple of years). NOT BAD compared to any BMW, most Mercedes, practically any Audi, especially any Saab, &c. The only bad thing is the car is practically worthless- I could sell it for around $2500-3000 max (the paint on the trunk is faded, which is happening to most of these cars by now). So I am going to sell it to my brother, and there is an old man that is selling me a Vanden Plas with 100K miles for the same price, LOL!! Regardless, I LOVE THE CAR. LOVE IT.

About the person that asked about the V8s, the 6's from this generation are from 95-97 (in US). The early V8s from up to mid 2001 I believe had a problem that plagued many manufacturers in the 90s- Nikasil coating. The Jags share some nice company, as other cars with the problem include some Ferraris, BMWs, Maseratis, and Porsches. The later Jaguar V8s are otherwise nice engines (but I have been told by a Jag mechanic relatively unreliable unless money is poured into them).

I have flirted with getting a late 2001 XJ8, but I always look back and think (as beautiful as they are), it just looks so much like an arbitrary facelift, that the 95-97 seem more purposefully styled (the later ones look rounder for round's sake). But it is all about the engine. Bulletproof. My mechanic said he got a low mileage one from a scrap car to sell to one of his customers if they needed one- about 7 years ago.

14th Sep 2008, 15:49

I must say with all honesty, the 4.0 litre XJ, AJ 6 cylinder Jaguar (don't you just love that word) engine has to be the best in the world. This is my first jag & I can't believe why I've not gone down this road before. Definitely not the 1st, love it to bits...

29th Oct 2008, 15:15

I have owned many fancy cars - MB420SELs etc. - but for some reason my 97 XJ6 is the fanciest-looking. Something about the lines, the chrome... It's almost too much beauty! It'll take me awhile to get used to it. I almost feel sheepish driving around, as if I couldn't possibly deserve such a car!

2nd Aug 2009, 18:25

I love the sport mode on the 97 Jag XJ6. It drops a gear and lets you shoot the rpms up. The car has been good to me so far, all I've had to replace in owning it for a year has been the front right strut, and some electric problems with the seats. This car definitely turns heads.

4th Dec 2009, 22:14

I agree with you all. I have owned my 97 XJ6L now for seven years, when I fell in love with its beautiful classic lines. I hate the way the design has morphed, and now with the new 2010 design, I feel Jaguar has lost its way. I never look at a newer Jaguar and feel an urge to move "up" to a newer model. No, the new Jags only make me appreciate mine more. I have 118,000 miles on it and every day, I look forward to getting in it and driving.

Here are a few tips for newbie owner to the 95 to 97 models. If you need shocks, Bilsteins are great. If you hear a whine from the rear, get a replacement from Jaguar. My story on this is too long, but trust me on this. And if you need to know anything about anything on Jaguars, go to JagLovers Forum and sign up. It's free and informative.

3rd Jan 2010, 12:49

...get an X300!

Do NOT get an early XJ8 - massive potential expense.

The 2001 engine could still be Nikasil. Even if not, then you will need to replace the camchain tensioners immediately with the later post-2002 type IMMEDIATELY; they're plastic and have probably already cracked; just waiting to break and kill your engine.

Then there's the transmission; 'sealed for life'. Actually they're not, and to keep yours alive you'll need to take it to a specialist who'll change the oil while the car is running. This is NOT the same process as the XJ6's ZF 4-speed. If the XJ8's tranny oil isn't done by about 90K miles, kiss it goodbye.

Then there's the XJ8's troublesome DSC and ABS module, and many more electrical gremlins...

The XJ6s are SO much more durable, in so many ways. The AJ16 engine was the best Jaguar ever made; just keep changing the oil regularly and they'll run like a Honda Civic for 300k miles. Do the gearbox fluid and back axle every 60k if you can.

I've had 7 X300 XJ6s - plus 2 XJ8s, but I'm sticking with the XJ6 until the last one surviving has rusted away.