24th Aug 2010, 11:56

The XJ6 4.0 ltr is far superior to the early V8, with cam chain problems & porous cylinders. Jag after all have been making the straight six a long time!!!

11th May 2011, 13:09

1997 XJ6

I bought this one with 28k on it and 10 years later it's at 45.1k.

I have had absolutely no problems with it with the exception of the memory seat going. Who needs it? I have spent approx $1000 since ownership. Paint and interior like new. The $1000 was for tune up, trans. service, new belts and hoses.

This is the best Jaguar ever. Previous Jag was 1987 XJ6 series III. This also was a fine car but required about $2000 a year in preventive maintenance.

23rd May 2011, 14:52

I have a 1997 XJ6 Sport with the AJ16 straight six engine. Anyone with a little knowledge will know that this is probably one of the finest EVER MADE. I love this car.

She has no faults that I know of, plus the half decent average DIY mechanic can do any servicing etc himself. No way would I consider driving anything else.

Therefore any Jag/Daimler year 1994/1997 is a fantastic and worthwhile buy, you will certainly have no regrets.

23rd Dec 2011, 18:05

Hey Folks.

Just a DIY-er, but I love my 97 XJ6 a lot, too. She's got over 216,000 miles on her, and still going strong. The only trouble has been the need to replace her $100 EGR valve and her $900 diff. Her engine top end was replaced with a $500 loaded head at 150k for improved compression and mileage. Other than that, straight maintenance stuff.

Although the 2004 all aluminum bodies are enticing, the original Jag front end suspension was wrecked to fit the V-8 in 98. Wish they'd used the 6+6 engine V-angle for the V8, so they could've stuck to Jag's racing derived suspension. Hence, my 6 keeps going!