12th Sep 2010, 00:10

If you've owned the Jag for 9 years, seems like these are standard maintenance and repairs like any other vehicle.

I've had my BMW 540i V8 for the last 3 years... heck I've spent more for repairs than you have had on your Jag for the 9 long years!

So looks like your Jag is just fine! :-)

10th Oct 2010, 20:43

Four sets of brake pads at £2000??? In reality pads are £21 a set for fronts and £18 for rears. Then there's fitting obviously, and you are saying that your 'friendly dealer' charged you approx £460 to fit pads each time... with friends like that, who needs enemies! LOL!

16 tyres at £3200, they saw you coming my friend... P6000 are approx £130, so 16 of them would be about £2000.

I could go on, but suffice it to say you have been totally ripped off on all of the listed repairs, so I would advise that this review is ignored.

20th Nov 2011, 08:57

Yes, I completely agree with the previous commenter.

I am from the colonies, and not terribly familiar with pounds, but it seems you gladly paid these overcharges every time!

Why? Of course they acted 'friendly' whilst screwing you.

17th Dec 2011, 01:12

Yeah, you got screwed alright.

1st Jan 2012, 10:16

Sir if true... You should first CHANGE the repair shop you go to; 2 batteries for 1000 pounds... totally nuts, and more money than common sense.

Gives Jag maintenance a bad name, and I am forced to

doubt its authenticity.

27th Apr 2013, 21:58

Oh man, where on earth have you been taking this poor car for servicing/maintenance?? The trans in my 3.2 is one of the smoothest I've driven, especially with full synthetic fluid in it. I can't believe you kept the car for 9 years whilst hating it, just because your wife likes the bonnet leaper. I suspect that at heart you must secretly love your Jag!!

Just find someone who knows how to look after it for you, and get the best from it. These are magnificent beasts in the right hands.

13th Nov 2014, 19:43

Hi I own a 1996 XJ6. Bought from my son for £1000. I have owned 11 RR as part of my chauffeur hire business. I have also owned a Mercedes S Class and a Mercedes CL. And I can say 'hand on my heart', my Jaguar is up there with all of them. A better drive than the RRs. As good as the Mercs. And the XJ6 is very reliable, and this model will rarely die. Perhaps I find this model reasonable to maintain because I live in the country where they are made. But £ Pound for £ pound I think the Jags are excellent value.

I have also had USA cars that I absolutely adored. A 1951 Fleetwood, 2x Chevy Impalas, 2x Cadillac Eldorados (an absolute flying machine), three Chevrolet Corvettes; 1958, 1972 and 1984. And a Lincoln Continental Mk4. The smoothest car I've ever owned. I used to play tennis on the bonnet. Loved the boot area with fake rear wheel design and the exquisite little opera windows etc.

19th May 2019, 15:55

I've got 3 23 year old VDP's 4L. I get 24 on the highway and 18 in town. I've got over 200K miles on 2 of them and 60 on the 3rd. Still the best cars I've ever owned. I've NEVER paid that much for any Jag repair ANYWHERE, even in Munich Germany. You've been ripped off royally.

23rd Oct 2019, 16:36

With respect, tyre wear isn't a fault, it's a fact of life and you chose Pirelli tyres rather than any number of cheaper alternatives. For example I have just changing all four tyres on my car for a cheap make and it cost 280 euros fitted. 2,000 miles later I can report they are fine.

The brake prices you state are horrendous - basically looking at the quantities you've spent £1,500 on new discs and pads (1nr). I just did the same job on my car - discs were around £100 all four, pads about £40 and the whole job - which is a DIY job no different from a Ford Fiesta in fact - took 2.5 hours with nattering and cups of coffee in between!

Sounds like you have been royally ripped off throughout your ownership.