11th Jul 2006, 14:14

I would tend to agree with both of you in regards to the beautiful styling of the car. These jags have a truly timleess design that I find awe inspiring. The main quarrel that I have with this beast is the maintanence/repair bills! In 4 wonderful years of ownership I have plowed about $4500 in one pipe and out the other. When things brake they are very costly to fix, not only the price of the hard to find parts, but the charge of the few mechanics that will work on such a car. I wouldn't change my 4 years of owning a jag for anything, but I think that It is time to have a reality check and buy a Toyota. P.S. it only had 60,000 miles when I bought it and 80,000 when I finally sold it.

6th Feb 2007, 14:00

The best thing to buy when buying a jag is a Haynes manual, or the owners manual covering service and maintenance, I own a 1986 series 3 4.2 and would not swap it for any japanese import. These jags are living breathing creatures that need looking after, and if you're not prepared to get your hands dirty and neglect the beast under the bonnet, then it will bite you, and take your arm and leg in repair bills!! Why would you want a radio or sound system with that beautiful straight 6 purring away? I know which I prefer.

22nd Jan 2008, 15:18

I have always wanted a Jag. 4 Months ago, my wife made that a reality. I now have a 88 3.6L XJ6, with 136,000 miles on her. With the exception of a touch of rust under the trunk lock, she has a clean body. Mechanically, she runs like a dream. (Minus a fan belt that squeals and can't be tightened because there's no tool on the planet that can fit in that tiny spot!) My only issue with her, are some electrical ones.

Of course there are some sensors that are dead. (What can you expect with a 20 year old car?) And the rear left relays are periodic in nature. But one day the doors locked, with me in it I might add, and wouldn't unlock. Seems the drivers door actuator (Or however you spell it.) decided to die at that moment. Removing the door panel from the inside was a joy. And now, I have no lock to speak of. But I wouldn't trade my "Key KAT" FOR ANYTHING!

They're simply beautiful beasties, who turn heads all the time, LOVE cruising at 85 mph, and love the tight turns on some of the more isolated roads. I LOVE this car, and would recommend one to anyone with the patience to treat it with the love it deserves. (Now if I could only fix that damn fan belt...)

21st Mar 2008, 08:49

1980's Jaguar's are notoriously and realistically a mechanical nightmare. There is always something in need of repair, and quite honestly, it is difficult to find an individual that is efficient in the repair of these cars. I own an '88 xj6 that I purchased 4 years ago with 90,000 miles on it, and I have spent approximately $4000 in repairs in that time, mostly electrical problems, but also the air conditioning compressor, the front and rear struts or shocks, fuel pump, and a neverending oil leak, that cannot be found. Other than that it is a beautiful car to drive, when it's running, and it is obviously beautiful to look at, especially the interior, which the English are notorious for. The leather and wood interior are absolutely extravagant.

30th Jul 2008, 21:28

Everybody is complaining of a lack of mechanics to work on these cars... Find any Russian (ex-Soviet) kid who repairs cars - he'll repair this one for you. I personally was involved in several repairs my mechanic had done on my Jag, and seemingly if your mechanic has some creativity, he'll fix whatever the mechanical problem may be. Yes, the computer readings should be done at a dealership - but once you know the problem, simply shop online or E-Bay, and replace whatever the parts need replaced!

30th Jun 2009, 11:49

Well, I've had my "Key Kat" for 7000 miles, and nearly 2 years. Had to replace the alternator, not too bad, fuel filter, again, relatively easy, and now, the back rotor has started to die. Now I'm starting to wonder if I should just replace it, or get another car. It would be another Jag, no doubt in my mind! WONDERFUL beasty! I can't imagine getting anything else now. The power, the feel of it on the road, Jags are alive, but treat them with kindness.

25th Aug 2009, 15:56

I have a 1988 Jag XJ6 The body and motor is in excellent shape but I have had a time with the door handles. I just replaced the driver's side and now need to replace the back passenger's handle. Where can I get these handles at an affordable rate? Help!!! I love my Jag.

17th Sep 2009, 13:21

Hey, your best bet with finding door handles is on ebay.

18th May 2011, 01:25

You can definitely tighten the fan belt! I've worked on many Jags, and some of them are a pain to get to certain things, but... ask yourself this... how did the fan belt get there, or how was it tightened from the factory or from the last mechanic? It is possible, trust me! Just gotta be creative with your mind, maybe remove some stuff.

6th May 2014, 13:55

I also have an 88 XJ6. It is in fine shape and is a beauty to drive. Only problems are electrical. I unlock the doors and the driver's back door immediately locks back. I cannot open this door, even from inside the car.

25th Oct 2015, 13:49

All you need is a very short 15 mm open end wrench and a lot of patience. Takes about 2 hours without rusted parts.