15th May 2011, 21:11

I want to thank everyone that made comments on the 96 XJ6. I just looked at this car today and wasn't too sure if I should buy this car. But after reading your comments, I feel it is definitely worth buying.

Thank you all very much!

24th Dec 2011, 00:05

You need to have the 'reach' part of the steering wheel fixed, which was 2 hours labor and replacement of a very small cable that is the broken culprit. A bit less than $400 at a Jaguar independent was my cost.

24th May 2012, 13:52

I've owned a 96 XJ6 VDP since 2000. It is carnival red pearl metallic with spoked wheels... just drop dead gorgeous! It has been for the most part trouble free, and now has 63000 miles on it.

Recently I've noticed a "booming" noise coming from the passenger side rear wheel (kind of sounds like a trunk lid left open) whenever I hit a bump. I suspected shocks, but had the rear suspension looked at, and everything is tight, and in really good shape.

Any ideas as to what the noise is? Would appreciate any suggestions!

31st Jul 2012, 21:07

This site has been very useful in helping me to decide to purchase a 1996 XJ with 135,000 miles. The car drives beautifully, and I am more impressed than with all the Mercedes that I have owned in the past (280SEL, 300CD, 300SD, 560SL, E320, S320)

The car is originally from Florida, and the paint job is terrible, as is the sagging headliner... My question, what are the main engine issues to look for in the 1996?

Cosmetically I will have to paint the car and attempt to fix the headliner professionally.


8th Feb 2013, 22:40

I had the same problem. A Jaguar mechanic found the battery became loose and shifted during driving.

9th Feb 2013, 17:09

I also own a 96 XJ6, which is a beautiful and comfortable car. 150K, and I'm hoping for 150K more. A problem as of late though. The car will not accelerate and only "pulses" to about 2000 RPM and drops to idle. No engine lights, engine idles smooth. Any one recognize this?

2nd Aug 2013, 23:02

Well after reading what was posted about the 96 XJ6, I'm going to look at one in the next day or so.

I'm a Vette man, but age is marching on, it's getting a little harder and harder to get in and out. I had a 99, but I've always had the Vette. My wife said that if I got the Jag I would have to sell the Vette. I say maybe.

Anyway here's what I'm going to go look at. Tell me what you think.


Asking $3999

Thanks all!

27th Nov 2013, 13:33

The remote starter is sending a constant pulse through the aftermarket security bypass module. This is the blue wire from the alarm brain. This wire should only be powered (or grounded) depending on the alarm during remote start. If constantly powered, it will effectively see two keys in the ignition and set the security to disable the car.

28th May 2018, 01:25

The AJ16 4.0 engine is not a V6, it has 6 cylinders in line (much better balanced).

28th May 2018, 11:15

1997 Corvettes and up are much easier for entry/exit for the earlier commenter now considering Jaguars. Wider and flat floor vs all the earlier gens. Plus you can point the C5 era up to the opposite coast without hesitating vs Jaguar reliability. My next door neighbor has a Jaguar Convertible from a more modern era that is always in the shop. Pretty car though.