1998 Jaguar XJ8 L 4.0L from North America


Still a beauty to see, drive, and ride


3 sets of Z-rated tires over 10 years.

Replacement of computer module & sensors at 60K/7 yrs.

3 failures of cruise control sensor (currently not working).

Replaced pump/hoses at about 75K/9 yrs.

Replaced front bearings at 85K/10 yrs.

Replaced gaskets at 90K/11 yrs.

Three failed-to-start incidents from flooding due to very short (in-out of garage) operation; understand an ECM upgrade may resolve.

General Comments:

Elegant car inside and out.

Easy, quiet, and responsive to drive.

Extremely comfortable, if constrained, interior.

Limited trunk space.

"L"-model makes for much more comfortable rear seats.

Better than expected reliability, but still a bit of a diva.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2009

1998 Jaguar XJ8 4.0 Litre from North America


So far so good. The car runs very well, even though I have an amber warning light that comes and goes. I have been told it is a sensor that is acting up.

I did notice that my breather intake was damaged, and I ran the vehicle for the first few days without a PCV valve. Have replaced the breather, but the repair shop forgot to order me a new PVC valve. I have installed a PCV valve that fits in the opening, but is not the one listed for that vehicle. I have also noticed that with the new breather unit, it provides a tight air intake system, and the engine seems to be laboring and my tach shows the revs are higher at lower speeds than prior to the new breather. Could this be a throttle problem or a tune up issue?

Would like to discuss my vehicle with other Jag owners in the Southwestern Ontario region.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2009

29th Oct 2012, 21:57

I have a 98 Jag XJ8 and live in Cambridge On. Have had some of the same issues that have been solved. If you would like to, you can contact me @ 519-212-0797.



1998 Jaguar XJ8 4.0 from North America


Beautiful but full of problems


I am now replacing the engine due to a tensioner issue. We have sent countless letters to Jaguar, and were told the car is out of warranty and the problem is not a known issue.

The car has gone in for many electrical problems, cup holder breaks and suspension problems. I would like to be involved in the class action lawsuit as well.

General Comments:

The car has only 68k and has had lots of problems, and very little support from the dealerships on repairs.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2008

1998 Jaguar XJ8 from North America


It's a delight to look at, but expensive to maintain


Transmission went out at 116,000 miles.

Transmission cooling line went out 1 year after that.

Car cuts off on the busy highway, and once it turns off, it starts right back up.

Timing chain has gone out, and is at least a $2500 problem.

General Comments:

The car is beautiful no doubt, but there is too much that comes with the territory. It is a dream car if you're only looking at the inside and outside.

The Jaguar Dealers will bleed you dry.

I will never purchase another Jaguar as long as I live.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2008

30th Aug 2008, 12:34

The cutting out problem may be due to the relay that controls the fuel pump - my car started with similar problems at around 120,000 miles and a replacement relay cured it. Cheapest repair I've ever had on this car!!

1998 Jaguar XJ8 from North America


Love this car


AC compressor had to be replaced in 2005.

Headliner replaced 2006.

Power steering needed work 2006.

General Comments:

This is my 3rd Jag. She's beautiful to look at, great to drive. Would prefer to have the multi-CD player under the dash and the car information booklet inside the car for immediate reference rather than in the trunk.

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Review Date: 18th November, 2007

1998 Jaguar XJ8 4.0 Long 4.0 petrol, V8 from Lithuania


Not as good as other premium cars, but this Jaguar has awesome looks


Since I have bought this car not very long time ago, it didn't have serious faults.

Some dashboard lamps were not working. Small fix.

Some problems with electric contacts.

Broken radio antenna in the car wash (my fault).

General Comments:

This Jaguar model looks awesome. When I first drove it in a small town, I felt almost like a star. Every people were starring at my Jaguar.

The interior is very nice, with white seats, except that cheap looking wood. It is too much of it.

Although, the car looks fantastic, it drives not very good.

The engine is quite good and powerful. It sounds awesome, although it is very thirsty. It uses almost as much fuel as BMW 750il (12 cylinders).

The throttle is way too soft and small. Very uncomfortable, and even dangerous.

Gearbox isn't as good as in BMW. Actually, it changes gears a little bit slow.

When I drive this Jaguar, I don't feel safe. It's handling and stability on the road is not as it should be.

The dashboard is terrible. Buttons are too small and there are too many of them. Very uncomfortable.

Seats aren't bad, but they are not so comfortable as in other luxury cars.

The sound isolation is worse than in my BMW 528 e39. If you drive BMW and enjoy the silence, in the Jaguar you hear every sound from outside.

Trunk is too small for this class car.

I was expecting that there will be more space in the back seats.

In overall, I must tell that I fell in love with this car. Although it drives not so good, it has awesome design.

I use it only for weekend drives to my villa. My daily drivers are 1994 BMW 740i (e38) and 1998 528i (e39), which are way much better.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2005

24th Apr 2015, 08:01

Thank you for your very comprehensive review. I was just about to buy a 98 Vanden Plas, but I also have the option of a 2000 740i in mint condition; based on your review, it is going to be the BMW.

Thanks, H (from Canada).