1998 Jaguar XJ8 4.0 Long 4.0 petrol, V8 from Lithuania


Not as good as other premium cars, but this Jaguar has awesome looks


Since I have bought this car not very long time ago, it didn't have serious faults.

Some dashboard lamps were not working. Small fix.

Some problems with electric contacts.

Broken radio antenna in the car wash (my fault).

General Comments:

This Jaguar model looks awesome. When I first drove it in a small town, I felt almost like a star. Every people were starring at my Jaguar.

The interior is very nice, with white seats, except that cheap looking wood. It is too much of it.

Although, the car looks fantastic, it drives not very good.

The engine is quite good and powerful. It sounds awesome, although it is very thirsty. It uses almost as much fuel as BMW 750il (12 cylinders).

The throttle is way too soft and small. Very uncomfortable, and even dangerous.

Gearbox isn't as good as in BMW. Actually, it changes gears a little bit slow.

When I drive this Jaguar, I don't feel safe. It's handling and stability on the road is not as it should be.

The dashboard is terrible. Buttons are too small and there are too many of them. Very uncomfortable.

Seats aren't bad, but they are not so comfortable as in other luxury cars.

The sound isolation is worse than in my BMW 528 e39. If you drive BMW and enjoy the silence, in the Jaguar you hear every sound from outside.

Trunk is too small for this class car.

I was expecting that there will be more space in the back seats.

In overall, I must tell that I fell in love with this car. Although it drives not so good, it has awesome design.

I use it only for weekend drives to my villa. My daily drivers are 1994 BMW 740i (e38) and 1998 528i (e39), which are way much better.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2005

24th Apr 2015, 08:01

Thank you for your very comprehensive review. I was just about to buy a 98 Vanden Plas, but I also have the option of a 2000 740i in mint condition; based on your review, it is going to be the BMW.

Thanks, H (from Canada).

1998 Jaguar XJ8 from North America


Classic looks, low maintenance costs


Front suspension bushings replaced three times; determined to be design defect and was cured after third time.

Driver's seat setting memory is faulty; doesn't return to set position.

Too much travel on brake pedal.

General Comments:

Car is driven only a few thousand miles a year. Wife, who is 5'3" loves the car due to comfort, ride and looks, and claims she will never get rid of it. I find it too cramped, hard to get in and out of (I'm 6'3"), and that it has poor trunk space, but once I'm in it and have finally got the seat set correctly, I like the smooth ride. It's a great long trip cruiser. But compared to my BMW I find it sluggish (even with the 290 hp V8) and spongy in turns. The interior is plush and the exterior looks are classic.

Another poor characteristic is the terrible resale value. The blue book as of 11/05 is only $11,800! The car is worth much more to us to keep than to sell since the replacement cost is so high (north of $60K?) for a car which still looks and feels like new.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2005

1998 Jaguar XJ8 L 4.1 V 8 from North America


I enjoy the car and would purchase another one


The inner panel of the trunk lid had a loose screw, pins in the driver's side door panel came a loose. The sun roof jumped off the track and had to have the radio replace due to faulty cassette player.

General Comments:

It has a smooth ride and agile handling, but recently I had the brakes fully serviced and they still continue to squeak. The dealer insists that this is just a characteristic of this car. Has anyone else had this problem? And if so, have you found a solution?

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Review Date: 4th September, 2005

23rd Jun 2013, 13:44

Yes, squeaky brakes, don't know how to get rid of it? Anybody want my Jag?

1st Jul 2014, 16:15

Try this, take your care to a NAPA AUTO CARE repair facility and have them install ADO brake pads and "U.P." brake rotors, and follow the perfect brake job for the proper brake in. The brake noise will be gone, and they're equal to original equipment and also are guaranteed for 2 years. Try them; it's not the car.