13th Sep 2009, 06:24

The XJ8 is a wonderful car. I have a late '01 3.2 Sport with around 77,000 on the clock. Having the money to indulge myself in my late '50s, I am fortunate enough to be able to own several interesting cars. I've a couple of XJS's and a Ferrari 308 GTS qv. You'll laugh your heads off, but I take as much pleasure in driving the XJ8 as I do in driving the Maranello beast. I feel a buzz every time I take her out and her ride is second to none. I've been in Mercedes (awful!), Bentleys and even a Rolls and none of them comes even close to equaling the sheer smoothness and effortlessness of driving the Jag. I'd love to try the XJR one day!

2nd Oct 2010, 00:00

These are the sort of reviews I need to hear, as I'm in love with a 2001 Sovereign. And am/was tossing up to buy it... Thanks guys...

3rd Apr 2011, 05:23

First ever comment about a car. The Jag is special... My friend bought his XJ40 Jaguar in Thailand. Fortunately I got to drive it whilst I lived over there. I was so impressed, I bought an XJ6 when I came back to England. I have had it now for over 3 years. It was built in 1995, and drives like like new. I bought it from a Jaguar dealer who only sells vintage Jags. The car I bought was on a part ex deal... I said to the guy who owned the garage/show room that there was something wonderful about driving a Jag. He described it in one sentence (IT GIVES YOU A FEELING OF WELL BEING). He hit the nail on the head.

I have owned a couple of Mercs and BMWs; they don't come close.. The Jag I own is fantastic on MPG, never give me a day's problem. It sailed through the last 3 years of MOTs...

By the way, my friend in Thailand also owned a Rolls Royce. He said the ride from the Jag is a better.

A tip - If you buy a Jaguar, get it with a full Jag service history.

1st Mar 2013, 17:23

Absolutely love my XJ8 3.2 Exec. But... I worry about the potential tensioner problem.

Have one 25,000 miles from 2001, and my special Jaguar garage tells me not to worry unless you can hear the rattle from the engine.

May bite the bullet, and have the mk3 tensioners, water pump and thermostat tower done (£1500+).

Oh, and also fancy a new stainless exhaust as well.

Otherwise the car's been pampered all its life. Maybe it will become a "classic" one day?