31st May 2006, 19:41

Seems a little... indifferent to me too! Transmission problems with the XJR and then go out and buy another car with the same transmission. Also, going from Jaguar to Mercedes-Benz... perhaps not a good choice if you are looking for reliability!

1st Sep 2006, 13:36

I have xjr99 at 133kMiles, purchased January, 2006 at 126kMiles, clear history. Total fail of gearbox at 130kM. Reconstruction of it at specialised service shop for AT here in Czech Republic - no Jag service, which is able only disassemble gearbox and send it to specialists. Cost USD4100.

Jaguar affirmation means only (not more) - stuff of authorised serious jag service have to test function of gearbox during standard maintenance and can recommend to change AT fluid or repair gearbox.


14th Nov 2007, 11:24

Love (d) my kitty, all 1,200 miles I owned her before she got sick...

Clean, powerful, and arguably more elegant than any other car under 100K USD, I got my cat for a great price and was really looking forward to the same performance as in my old M5, yet a bit more stylish, distinct, mature, and comfortable.

I bought me a 1999 XJR, about 2 months ago, gently used with 66,000 miles, garaged, meticulously maintained with documentation, and all this from a 60 year old female first and only owner, who never let this wild cat experience anything above the 4000 RPM range. Before buying her, the cat that is, I took her to a master vet who specializes in the Ferrari and Jaguar breeds, yet was not at Jag stable that employs junior practitioners for complex, overpriced jobs. His assessment: replace the brake rotors and pads, replace a trivial gasket, and get new Pirelli-paws for a total of $2,600 in up front additional cost. No big deal, given the 4K below book value I was about to pay for the car, still well worth while, I thought. Vet said the cat should gallop for another 30-50K without notable repairs.

Oh well, bad news was around the corner of my 7th heaven location...6 weeks after I got her, shined her, changed her oil and freshened up her leather interior, she started losing bodily fluids... not visibly, but internally... my suspicions were confirmed by the vet; her head gasket was cracked, even though she never overheated and was fine for the first few weeks of my ownership... damage estimate 2.4K...ouch..once the vet opened her up, she needed also a bunch of other stuff including timing chain tensioners (which apparently Jag recommends be replaced on all 98 and 99 models), a $795 aluminum timing case cover which broke in the vet's hands (!!!), and the belts and thermostat were replaced just in case... total damage - a whopping $4,300...big ouch... there goes my Christmas present to myself...

Now, obviously in the red with the overall deal, I am scratching my head; my vet is no longer of any help as he continues to say: "In my 24 years of working with Jags, on this engine model, I've never seen this problem, and I don't expect to see it ever again, but I can't guarantee it."

My common sense tells me to sell her and digest my ouch losses with a lot of Johnny Walker, straight up, and mixed with a few swear words; then go off and get me a brand new replacement from the Orient.

My instinct tells me to keep the cat and with lots of nightly prayers and synthetic herb extracts, she will hop around for another 50K miles or so without major health issues (sounds strikingly similar to a couple of paragraphs above, doesn't it?)

So, to all your cat breeders, owners, vets, and vet-wanna-be's, I pose this great question: do I follow my common sense or my instinct? And while this question will apply to many other decisions, including women and gambling, I ask that you focus on my immediate cause for sleep deprivation, whose name by the way is "Gorgeous".

20th Feb 2008, 03:33

I've just bought my first Jag today - an XJR. Always wanted a Jaguar, as I've always thought they were such a good looking car. However, when money was tight I opted for a Merc ('73 280) as reliablity was the priority. Stayed with Mercs when I upgraded to an '88 420 SE, a car which I've had for 10 years and really enjoyed. Time to upgrade again, and with more money in the pocket, I test-drove a '98 E55 AMG. Performance was amazing (especially compared to my 420 SE), and the handling equally as impressive. Then I spotted a '99 Jaguar XJR. I vacillated between the two (driving dealers mad in the process) and was struck by how different the two cars really were. In the end, I decided to shift allegiance for the following reasons:

>> I LOVE the look of the XJR - just a stunningly sexy looking car. The E55 looked smart, but very conservative in comparison, I thought. (I feel my 420SE actually looks better.)

>> The performance of the XJR seemed the equal of the E55 - amazing acceleration, and so smooth.

>> The interior of the XJR won hands-down; leather, the woodwork, fittings, radio, etc. I am a little worried about the space in the rear seats as my 11 yr old twin boys grow, however - boarding school perhaps? Boot size also seemed pretty limited.

>> The XJR is the car I'd happily spend my lunch-hour tucked away in!

So, first Jag - but what a way to start!

6th Feb 2009, 01:46

The Jaguar XJR is a not a very good car, sometimes I am amazed that these Jag owners think that their cars are the real deal, they are not... awful cars that break down.

9th Mar 2009, 04:22

One owns a Jaguar to Drive a Jaguar. In my years of owning several of them, these cars are really made for the driver. They may be a pain sometimes, however anyone who has driven one can honestly say that it is a one of a kind ride. No other car "feels" like a Jaguar.

11th Mar 2009, 18:03

I have owned my '99 XJR since 2004, I am disappointed that the transmission went south about 74 K miles, fortunately I'm a very good 'Saturday Mechanic' and do not have to shell out megabucks to have it repaired. I love that baby and would buy another one if the price is right.

25th Mar 2009, 23:04

To: Saturday mechanic; I just bought a '99 XJR and wondered where I might get a repair manual for it. Any ideas? What type of tranny repairs were you able to perform? Did you have to remove it? I noticed the radiator and coolant passages in front of the motor (water pump?) seem to be overheating, so I'm not driving it til I can fix it. Also, the front end wanders, so I have to take a crack at that, too.

10th Apr 2009, 05:52

I have owned my 1999 XJR since 2000, having bought it for £30000 with 25k on the clock. I love its macho exterior design and its sumptuous interior. Just wanted to say that! I have now done 102000 miles and have not had a single problem with mechanics or body - have had it service by Jaguar up to 100k service, but am now looking for local specialist as Jaguars service costs are high and no longer afford or justify it!

I am hoping that I can run the car for another 100k, partly because I still love the drive, power and luxury and, simply, I can't really afford to buy an alternative equivalent, although I would love an Aston Martin DB - but dream on!

So here's hoping I can update you after another 100k - and I am still leaving most other cars standing at the lights (yes am still a boy racer!)