27th Dec 2010, 22:13

For the last year, I've been seriously considering an E39 ///M5 to replace my wrecked E36 ///M3.

I've looked at 3 2004 Jags: XJ8, XJR, XJR. There's a nice '04 XJR for sale with 115K for $12900. No history.

These stories have just about convinced me to go for the rather dull-looking, but bullet-proof M5. I'd much rather replace a clutch now and then, than deal with the Jag slushbox. Too bad... the XJ is a great looking car.

18th Jan 2011, 20:32

I have owned a 1999 XJR for 2 year now, and have had no problems with it at all. The previous owner had the dealer perform all the maintenance, and just 4 months prior to my purchase, the cam chain and tensioners were replaced. He also replaced all wheels and tires, as the old wheels were flaking. I purchased the car for less than all the repairs and wheels cost!

The car now has 121k on it, and is in beautiful condition. I get comments all the time on how great the car looks; some say it looks new, and are surprised to find out it is a 99.

I love the power in this car; nothing in my area can touch it.

I read in the above comments about replacing the supercharger oil, not sure if mine was done, went to Ford dealer and they want $25 for 4oz bottle; it will take 2, the GM dealer wanted 17.50 for same size, I got one on line for 19.99, and it is a 8oz, and comes with syringe to pull out old fluid also. I also wanted to replace the trans fluid; talked to the dealer, and was told if it is not leaking, don't do anything -- comments?

I did hit a deer last winter with the car, and my insurance totaled the car, I bought it back for $779.00. I then purchased a 2001 that had a bad motor, and took the parts off and the body shop charged $2000.00 for repairs and paint. The car is just getting better. The 2001 has Michelin Pilot A/S tires that have between 7 or 8/32's, so they almost paid for the car. I also took the trans out (the car only had 55k on it) so if and when mine goes out, I'll have a replacement.

I would recommend this car to anyone who wants style, comfort and power at an amazing low cost.

4th Sep 2011, 23:14

Throttle body.

1st Jun 2012, 01:53

The same thing happened to mine, and by turning it off and then on again the next day or a couple of hours later, everything would be fine for weeks... sometimes months.

The car started doing it more often, with the end result being a diagnosis that it needs a new PCM. The whole car has been scanned with no problems found, except for the failed PCM.

18th Nov 2013, 16:59

Roll the dice... We can't make your mind up for you about the reliability questions. Even after I convinced a guy to let me take his XJR from Tahoe down to Reno for 48 hours to let a Jag tech give it the 120$ look over, I realized even these attempts to know what I'm truly getting into won't ensure the car isn't going to cost a few $ grand here and there. It's not a commoner's family sedan or vanilla, cookie cutter, everybody else has one car.

Have you driven one?! They're insane fast. Almost like a 4 door Corvette. I raced a 2010 BMW 335 twin turbo... the driver wouldn't even look at me for a thumbs up; I just pulled away strong with a 99 Jag I can buy for 5500$ bucks. It was awesome! I was up to 90 mph in about 9 or 10 seconds.

Shoot... I'll pay the extra 500$ in gas & 500 extra in tires, & 500 in maintenance per year for that much fun in a bad ass black XJR. Sold... (However, if I blow up an engine or transmission in the first couple of years of my used ownership... I'm going to hate Jaguars.) 99 XJR, 95k, purchased for 5300 USD in 11/2013.

22nd Nov 2013, 21:51

By the time you hit 90, I will be 2 seconds ahead of you in my Corvette. Stock and street legal. Both leaving the light at the same moment.

29th Dec 2015, 13:19

No you won't.

12th Aug 2016, 22:47

Well hello again, I left a comment in 2011. I hit the deer with my XJR. Well it happened again a little over a year ago. I liked the car so much I bought another that was same year and same color. Well I thought it was the same color, but side by side it was just a little off. Anyway the old car still runs, just the body is smashed up, but still driveable. I've had to use a few parts from the old car to get the new one up to snuff, but it is coming along. I still enjoy the ride and power from the car, and also the comments I get; it is a classic car.

I have done the transmission oil change; now that Mercedes have bought Dodge and put the same transmission in the 300, the price of fluid has gone down and it is good insurance to change it.