1994 Jaguar XJS 4 Litre 6 cylinder from North America




Replaced both front brakes; one boiled the fluid, and the other leaked.

Repaired leaking power steering hose.

Replaced inboard and outboard rear axle seals.

Re-painted hood.

Corrected sensor issue.

Replaced O2 sensor.

Activated day time running lights.

Added rear child seat belt anchors.

Replaced battery.

General Comments:

An exceedingly inexpensive weekend touring car, purchased for about $5k (3k pounds) from the original first owner. The car had been dry stored for 2 years, hence the seal issue on the back axle.

Runs very smoothly, great power and super comfortable. Took second in class at British Invasion in Stowe (about 20 XJ's).

Body is in fantastic condition.

It helps having a British mechanic in the family.

Have 3 British sports cars; this is the best by far.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2012

1994 Jaguar XJS 2+2 Convertible A6 from North America


A beautiful, if unreliable, car!


Replaced O2 sensor more times than I can count.

Convertible top tears the rear side of the back seat.

Right HVAC blower motor replaced twice.

Replaced valve cover gasket four times.

Very expensive to maintain - spent $20,000 over past ten years in maintenance and repairs.

Over the past 8 years, it seems like the car is always in the shop for something.

General Comments:

At 17 years old, this car is still a head turner. It is black with a tan leather interior. Although it is very pricey to maintain and not what I consider a reliable car, I thoroughly enjoy driving my XJS.

Recently I retired my Jaguar to Sunday driving only after spending $8000 on repairs. The fuel pump broke while driving on the freeway during morning rush hour, which made getting to the side of the road 'exciting', and then a week later the right side HVAC blower motor (it has two) remained on after the ignition was turned off and drained the battery. These were on the heels of several other repairs completed last year.

The leather seats did not hold up too well, so I've replaced the leather on the front seats, arm rests, and console lid, and also replaced the carpet. I have also replaced the convertible top.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2011

1994 Jaguar XJS Insignia 4.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Incredible - a car for life


Electrical problem where the lights won't go off when parked. 12500 miles. I just disconnect the battery - prevents theft.

Rear brake sticking.

Both easy to fix.

General Comments:

This is a face lift model. Cost me £2900, (about $5000) with all the dealer stamps and history. Well what a car!

It is fantastic to drive, very comfortable, well built and incredibly solid. Totally under rated, although I believe that is all changing now.

It goes like a truck - kick-down on the motorway and you are flying at highly illegal speeds. The faster you drive it, the more economical it gets. Tends to be heavy on petrol around town, but I guess that's normal for a heavy car with big engine. It always starts, never let me down. Much admired by all, and the design is incredible - has matured with age - a true classic in every sense, but without the headaches.

The interior design is gorgeous with all the leather and wood panels - very durable and easy on the eye - pure Jaguar - timeless.

The 4.0 litre engine is an absolute gem - just ask any Jaguar mechanic or forum. Totally solid, very well engineered, nothing stupid, thanks to Ford's investment and approach & easy to service.

These are extremely safe cars - a salvage guy I once knew would only drive Jags for very good reason.

Crash one of these on the motorway and you'll come out alive - bomb proof.

These cars are going to be worth a lot one day. Don't bother with an E Type when this is better all round, and at a fraction of the cost. 6 cylinder the best choice. This is a car for life.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2010