1994 Jaguar XJS Convertible 4 litre from North America


A thing of beauty is a joy forever


Two US-required sensors for pollution have failed; otherwise, the car has been dead-on reliable.

The seats have not held up as well as on my old XJ6, but I have the top down almost all the time and the seats have been exposed to considerable heat and radiation.

General Comments:

Ten years on this car still stops traffic in a way no recent Jaguar can. The lines are stunning, and the car hasn't a bad angle or aspect.

Reliable as all get-out, a strong candidate for the best-built car I've ever owned, and still holding up remarkably well.

A fine performer and quite fast, the XJS does not have the almost unworldly road-holding ability of my old Series III XJ6; that car still had the original configuration to the independent rear suspension, with the brakes mounted inboard.

Fuel economy is amazing to my American sensibilities. My Jaguar gets better gas mileage than my new PT Cruiser I purchased as a daily beater. It was more reliable (the Jaguar) as a daily driver as well.

The only silly thing about the car is the ridiculous little back seat. The pre-1994 two seat design is more sensible.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2004

1994 Jaguar XJS Convertible 4.0 inline 6 from North America


Purrrfect driving car! Nothing can compare!


So far only minor problems. One rear window stopped working, relay went bad and was not expensive at all to fix. The brake fluid warning light came on during accelerations/turning/braking. Upon inspection of the brake fluid reservoir, it indicated "full", I added a bit more fluid past full and the light hasn't came on since.

The tires were replaced approx. @ 30,000 miles. All belts, hoses, & filters were replaced this year due to the car setting in storage for almost 10 months.

I am concerned now, seems like the car has developed a few oil leaks. No spots on the garage floor, but smells of burning oil when it's parked.

The car has been fine mechanically! The A/C struggles in the peak of summer. I thought I would hate the heat controls, but actually they do a great job keeping the cabin warm and widows clear.

I'm 6ft 2in/large frame, with the top up it is cramped. However, with 8 years of ownership, I've learned how to enter and exit the car without cracking my head on the roof. FYI any potential tall XJS owners, PRACTICE getting in and out!! Oh and if you wear a ball cap, use caution checking the outside driver side mirror, you will bang your cap on the A pillar roof line.

General Comments:

Find a RELIABLE mechanic for your Jags! *That isn't necessarily the dealership.* I'll skip the many dealership bashing stories except this one.

Upon a perfectly normal oil change, the mechanic @ the dealership spilled motor oil on the engine, evidently he's got a bad aim. He cleaned the engine, but forgot the spark plug wells. They were all filled with motor oil and water from his clean up job. Needless to say... they have never seen the car since, but did see my face in their's and haven't forgotten me since.

Just beware of incompetent service providers and your Jag will run forever.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2002

1994 Jaguar XJS V12 6.0 from North America


Nothing major, no oil leaks, AC works $600, power steering pipe $500, and protector under engine $300 (this is not a fault but a frequent occurence due to low level of car, I have been told that many drivers have replaced these 5 or 6 times in various makes including Volvo). I had some problems with the throttle setting due to dealer incompetence, also had some warning devices replaced as a precaution.

General Comments:

This car is something else, acceleration is unbelievable, I would challenge any 911. I have had the car at 140 mph with the same smoothness one generally expects at 30 mph, there was plenty to spare. People stare at the car through the back window, having been told by the driver. I would love an XK8 but not at the expense of this car, it will have to wait until I can afford to keep the XJS as a toy (it is currently my day car), my registration # is "COVENTRY" which is the town in England where they make the car.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2000

26th Feb 2002, 09:53

You should not try a 911 with this car. Making 140 is of importance, but how fast you get to 140 is more important.

26th May 2005, 06:40

A 911 would "wipe the floor" with you!

Use your head before you type such utter rubbish.

14th Jun 2005, 05:05

Such vulgar things as drag races are best left to anatomically deficient drivers of German cars. There are plenty of them.