13th May 2007, 23:06

I have a 1989 Rouge 51,000 miles and I have to say I cannot find much on them. I see articles where they range from 50 to 358 ever produced.

As far as the options and differences other than the red piping and wheels makes me very confused. Are they desirable, are they rare, do they have an escalating value.

So if you are a Jag Expert, particularly a V12 XJS expert. Please give me a little feedback... Thanks.

25th Jun 2007, 21:11

I am considering buying a xjs v12, and am concerned about the electrical system. The car does not run and the owner says he suspects the fuel injection or ignition module. I was then told that Jaguars with positive ground are notorious for electrical problems, can anyone confirm this, or tell me if there is an easy fix? Is the car worth buying? I noticed no one on here complained about electrical issues.

Thanks, Glen.

31st Jan 2008, 07:36

Is the electrical system by Lucas? If it is then grounding is the biggest of problems. I've experienced Lucas "the prince of darkness" electrical on my Rolls Royce motor cars and it becomes a demon with age. I'm considering adding a 1988 XJS to my collection. Comments please.

31st Jul 2014, 03:03

Vacuum lines/hoses are cheap. A standard vacuum line will do. Alternators are expensive but you can have them rebuilt! Pretty well EVERYTHING on the 88 XJS V12 is rebuild-able. It might cost you roughly $200-$300 (Canadian), but that's still cheaper and less hassle than trying to find a brand new one.

And for your own information (and safety), check the transmission vacuum line that runs almost directly on the exhaust (dead centre between the two front tires, the pipe down the passenger's side of the car. It is hard to see); more specifically check the 90 degree angle on the line. Mine was burnt to a crisp when I bought my Jag and it literately disintegrated in my hand. I fixed this problem by fitting a brake line into the original vacuum line and bending it so that it was directed away from the exhaust pipe.

I bought my baby a month before I turned 17; she's my first car. She sat for four years before I bought her and sat in a barn. The only problem I've had is with the starter solenoid (I'm assuming from sitting). Almost 169,000K and runs like a charm, never misses a beat. I took her to her first car show on Friday (and the first car show for myself as well) and we won first prize for originality as well as a door prize. This is my first summer driving her and I expect many, many more! They're worth it. I'm not a fan of Jaguar, but I fell in love with my XJS. They're well worth it.

31st Oct 2014, 18:54

I think it's great. Got my 88 5.3L V12 a few months ago. A little TLC was needed, but she goes like a rocket. Gigity.