25th Mar 2009, 10:15

Update: Well, sadly, the XK8 had its last drive in October. Grandmother was on her way into town and had an almost tragic single-car accident. The driver's side of the car was wrapped around a tree just forward of the firewall. Judging from the damage, it looked as though the car was moving at considerable speed when it left the road. While my grandmother did sustain some injuries (broken ribs, shattered vertebrae, and bruised hands), she did live through it and is now walking around, sans back brace at that, as if nothing happened! So, the Jag did it's job in protecting her considering that most other cars in this same accident would have just folded up and taken the driver with them.

Whilst on vacation in Naples, the Grands purchased a 2001 Mercedes CLK 320 Cabriolet with some 40,000 miles on the clock to replace the Jag. It is wonderful in its own right like the Jag was. The Jag was all about emotion and sport, the Benz is all about elegant, and brilliant, functionality.

7th Sep 2009, 21:13

I purchased a 1999 XK8 Convertible 4 years ago. After a year I paid a Jaguar dealer 1400.00 to replace the timing chains and tensioners. I also had the water hoses and thermostat replaced for 460.00. FWIW the timing chains (one side) was nearly unbolted and ready to fly loose and destroy the engine! As is the case with all these cars, the throttle body was crapped out. The car had 66K on it at that time. Other than those issues, it's been a great car.

I traded it for a 2001 XK8 convertible, which has had several problems and I have repaired them all. Air leaks on input tubing, brakes, front and rear. Wheel bearings on the front. Still a nice car.

I have had 12 Jaguars, currently have three. I just could possibly be incredibly dumb, as I am still having fun with them.

3rd Apr 2011, 02:31

Perfect description of the difference between a Jaguar and a Mercedes. Well put.