1990 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4.0 from North America


Oldie, but a goodie!!!


Catalytic converter rattles.

My newest problem has been the ABS, right now I have to hold both feet down to brake.

I have taken it to 3 mechanics and they can't figure out why it doesn't start normal. Other than that, I love my Jeep!!!

General Comments:

It looks almost brand new. Except for the problems, it has been very reliable.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2001

1990 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4.0L from Netherlands


A comfortable and indestructible volume-mover


The paint job on the hood and roof is peeling off.

Power antenna does not function properly.

Driver's seat leather is tearing at the seams.

Fuel pump is not functioning properly.

Central door-locking mechanism only locks and unlocks three of the five doors.

General Comments:

This Cherokee has a wonderful engine with enough punch to out-accelerate almost anyone at the traffic lights.

The fuel consumption is hefty.

Driving through snowy mountain passes and down muddy trails is a dream.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2001

12th Nov 2001, 10:00

My car doesn't start 2 out of 3 times. It sounds like it wants to start, but it takes forever. My catalytic converter rattles. Does anyone else have the same problems???

1990 Jeep Cherokee Sport 2-door 4.0 L from North America


Excellent size, power and ability


Passenger seat front/back adjusting spring broke the first time someone sat in it after I bought it.

Driver's seat has a small wear hole in the outside seat back bolster.

Upper rad hose has blown off twice, no more problem after replacement.

Sometimes a bit hard to start when hot - probably a new crankshaft sensor and throttle body cleaning would fix it.

General Comments:

4.0 L six is quite powerful and relatively quiet even after 211000 km.

Four-speed transmission has power/comfort mode - and it works very well.

Ride is very stiff and sometimes harsh - my last Cherokee (4-door, 4-cyl) rode much better. Probably new shocks and bushings would cure this.

Other than that I think Cherokees are excellent vehicles, but they must be well treated to last. Someone else's comment on the Cherokee needing constant attention hits the nail on the head, but for me that's OK.

I wouldn't recommend buying a 10+ year old model with power accessories because they always turn out to give headaches and are costly.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2001

10th Feb 2002, 11:58

Good review.

1990 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer 4.0 from North America


Don't pay more than 3000 for one. You'll regret it


The exhaust gas recirculation valve burned up, causing very poor performance.

The steering and front suspension continue to be very weak.

The air conditioning loses its charge, and never really cools, even when recharged.

The cruise control stopped working.

General Comments:

This vehicle is surprisingly cramped inside, for its overall weight and exterior presence.

Back-seat passengers have no leg room, and all the seating has a compact feel.

An engine of this volume, 4 liters, should give better "pick-up", but it lags, especially with the automatic transmission.

The gas mileage, which I have been able to get between 20 and 25 m.p.g., at its absolute best, was a pleasant surprise.

The Pioneer package, and a stereo upgrade, are what make this car worth keeping. It gives a poor man a sense of luxury and comfort, and a popular ride.

BUT, don't expect to actually be able to go off-roading with this vehicle, at least with the wimpy stock equipment.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2001

20th Aug 2001, 10:52

I am not intending to be mean in this response, but have you ever really four wheeled this vehicle? I cannot believe how well balanced the Cherokee is. This Jeep will take me anywhere I want to go. Granted I have a five inch lift and 31" tires on mine. But when it was stock it still did a whole lot better than most any other stock vehicle. To be honest though, they could handle being a lot beefier in the axle size and so on.

10th Dec 2001, 02:38

I have a stock Cherokee and have four wheeled it in that form. While it can't go everywhere it is very capable. The 4 liter motor lacks horsepower but it has a lot of torque.

1st Jun 2004, 11:03

I bought a 1990 Jeep Cherokee new that year. It was the best vehicle I have ever owned. I sold it last summer 2003, to buy a van (we have three children now). The person who bought it from us is now driving it as their primary vehicle. It was great on and off road and deep snow was no problem. Too bad they do not make a Jeep van!


21st Jan 2007, 20:42

Don't understand the negative comments on the 1990 Cherokee. Best SUV made for that time, and so many still on the road today! Sure, their 17 years old now and moving parts will have to be replaced, but let me know any other make that has been this reliable, until, of course, Chrysler took it over?

17th Sep 2010, 23:23

The Cherokee is one of the best stock 4 wheeling platforms of all time. There are only three that I can think of from the time period that would rival it (Toyota 4runner, Jeep Wrangler, and the Rovers). And all three were more expensive. The Cherokee with the 4.0 is one of the best American SUV's ever made.