1996 Jeep Cherokee Country 4.0 V 6 from North America


Never leave it!!!


Well let's see, the Jeep was sitting in my neighbors yard for 3 yrs before I bought it in 2008.

The starter, water pump, cap, rotor, wires, brake lines, brakes, drums, hood latch, alternator, radiator, and the windshield were all broken or just bad.

After 4000.00 in parts, she fired right up. I have been driving it for little over a year and she hasn't broke once. I love MY BABY to death!!!

General Comments:

I had a Hummer H1 before I bought this Jeep.

My Hummer got 12 MPG, and my Jeep gets 25 on a good day.

Love the leather seats.

Love 4 wheel drive. Got me out of a lot of trouble.

Heat in the winter is awesomely hot.

Very roomy in the cabin.

Very fast, love to drive it.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2009

1996 Jeep Cherokee Country from North America


It's a Jeep thing... you wouldn't understand, unless you drive one! :D


Rotors replaced at 80,000.

Leather on front seats is wearing badly.

All in all, no complaints! :)

General Comments:

What's not to love? My Jeep is like one of the family. I got her nearly 10 years ago, and I can't imagine driving anything else! It is the most reliable vehicle that I have ever driven. She has hauled my family, my pets, and me everywhere!

I am very upset that someone broke into my Jeep and tried to steal it over the Memorial Day weekend! My driver's side door lock as well as my steering column and ignition were badly damaged by the thieves, but somehow, they were unable to steal my Jeep! I am SO grateful that I did not lose my baby!!!

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Review Date: 28th May, 2009

1996 Jeep Cherokee from North America


MONEY-PIT comes to mind


What hasn't gone wrong with this car!

General Comments:

I have NO faith in Dodge/ Chrysler.

Okay, I'm sorry that I am not car savvy. But my husband wanted a Jeep so badly we never researched it at all.

It's been a good car, engine wise I mean. But all the little stuff that has nickle and dimed me to death.

So 1 year after we got this jeep, the air went out. We had it fixed, damn near replaced, and 1 year later, the same problem. The mechanic said it was common problem with Jeeps. He said I would be better off having it recharged every summer. So that's what I did.

The rear window wiper has never worked correctly! It doesn't even touch the window. Replaced that, it worked for awhile... then replacement went bad, same issue, doesn't touch the window. So I bent it.. the bar, that seemed to help little.

Now onto the major problem that I have had. My driver's side door keeps breaking. I mean I can't close it! I know it's time for a new car... but this jeep is UNSAFE! One would assume that an off road vehicle would be built better. We never even took it off road. I just think it should have been stronger... tougher.

There have been other issues... plenty of stupid little stuff. I will bury this Jeep.... it is my vow that no-one else take this Jeep and drive it. In my heart it's a death trap. So I'm off to dig a huge hole in the back yard & for the first time in my life... push a Jeep in it. <just kidding> I'll junk it, I won't sell it or trade it.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2009

20th Nov 2010, 01:28

The door has either been worn out like any car's door will in time, or was bent somehow. The windshield wiper was also a person's fault. That doesn't happen on its own.

And the A/C... not known to go out that easy on Jeeps. These are mostly operator error.

1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0 High Output from North America


The Cherokee embodies Jeep from bumper to bumper


Rattling catalytic converter - replaced under recall.

General Comments:

You will not find a more capable, fun, and versatile vehicle.

I have driven my '96 2 dr. Sport from Virginia to Arizona, from northern Wisconsin to Florida and practically everywhere in between. I take care of it, and it takes care of me.

No letdowns! The 5 speed manual is great. There has never been an engine problem. It has aided a truck or two in times of need.

It is always impressing the passengers on its capability.

The Cherokees before the facelift in '97, in my opinion, were better built.

Its mileage is better than many SUVs out there today - 17/22 (my only hope is that Jeep will get with the times and start cranking out some really efficient models!)

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2009