14th Jul 2001, 23:38


My jeep can join yours on the island because I cannot stand the thing. The only reason I can tolerate it is because it's about to get me a 1996 Eagle Talon with 39000 miles on it instead of 175k.

Thanks AMC for manufacturing such high quality work.

5th Sep 2001, 16:00

What do you expect when you buy a car with so many miles on it? For it to be perfect? I have a 1993 with 135000 miles on it, nothing ever is wrong with it. You guys must not take care of your cars. Jeeps are awesome.

27th Sep 2001, 23:20

Well let's see now.. electrical system up in flames!..Have you done some dodgy aftermarket accesory installations?..Jeeps are great/you obviously do not have a clue about car maintenance.. as for the brakes/how do you drive?

30th Jan 2002, 12:09

I totally agree with the last 3 comments. Most cars will fall apart after 120,000 miles. After 200,000 if your car still runs it is a very well built machine. The 4.0 is an amazing engine, and the Cherokee is a stalwart part of a long running jeep history. I'd pit a well taken care of Cherokee against any other suv out there.

12th Dec 2002, 10:28

I have a '91 Jeep Cherokee with, no joke, 61,000 miles on it. Yeah, the CV joint is a piece. But that's it. It runs great. No electrical problems. No nothing. I live in New Jersey where there is plenty of snow, mud, ice, rocks, and other things that can hurt the exterior of a car. But, I know how to take care of my Jeep. So there is no flaws in the body work. If you have 200,300, or even 400,000 miles on a car... Expect Problems!!! Who wouldn't? Take care of your Jeep and it will take care of you. I give it a 9.9 out of a possible 10. Sorry to hear you don't manage your Jeep the way it should be.

25th May 2003, 16:33

I have a 1987 Cherokee Pioneer that just rolled 196,000 and it runs like a champ, only problems I've had in 10,000 miles over one year is the original; starter, shocks, rear leaf springs, and t-case+transmission mounts all needed replacement, but at almost 200,000 with almost everything original, what can you expect? I paid only $1,350 (not including repairs) and after 10,000 miles with at least 1,000 of those off-road with an inexperienced teenage driver rallying the jeep like it was a baja truck off-road, and tearing around town like a bat out of hell, I would say this extremely well built machine was the best investment I have made and I could still get what I paid or more. All this goes to show A well-maintained Cherokee is a gift that will keep on giving. Love your Jeep and it will love you back!

18th Jun 2003, 14:22

Haven't had a moments trouble out of my 1998 Cherokee with exception being the front brakes. Flat-out they were poorly engineered from the get-go.

18th Jul 2003, 10:59

I bought my 91' Jeep Laredo at 120K and it's a champ. Of course, I had checked out before purchasing. I replaced all leaking seals (rear and transmission) and have had no major problems. The items I have replaced (ignition switch and starter) were expected. I have to admit the jack that comes with the truck does suck... almost killed me. Good thing for sticking the spare tire underneath bumpber while changing tire.

3rd Sep 2003, 09:18

Our 91 Jeep Laredo has gone wacky. The security system keeps going off for no reason. It first happened daytime in front of a restaurant burning out the battery. We replaced the battery as we were told this would fix the problem and this morning, we found it with its lights flashing and a dead battery Any suggestions as two auto mechanics have not been any help at all. We don't feel it is someone trying to break into it. Help!!

7th Sep 2005, 12:05

I have a 91 jeep Cherokee sport and let me tell you what a trooper. Off road it rides like a caddy on pavement like a town car. It has high mileage so repairs are inevitable, i.e.,belts, plugs, filters, sensors, seals, and of course brakes. The 4 liter high output motor is one of the best 4 liters ever made.

8th Nov 2005, 18:54

I have a 99 Jeep Cherokee sport, and I have to say it's a great truck. Its smooth, powerful, fun, has a great 4wheel drive system, and is VERY RELIABLE. Has not given me any problems yet, but I won't jump to conclusions since it has only 59,000 miles. Plus its SAFE, somewhat comfortable, and maintained well.

From my experience from older Cherokee's like yours, they can be crap and very unsafe. My friend has almost killed me in his 90 Cherokee Sport, and it has 139,000 miles on it. The suspension system, braking system, and general handling were so poor that it sent the back end into a 180 degree spin into a 2004 BMW 530 in light rain. I'm just glad I got to walk away with a broken ribs and minor back injuries. I was surprised how dangerous older Jeeps could even though he maintained it very well and is a good driver.

So the moral of the story is: "Not all Jeeps are bad, just buy the one that is safe". It depends on which one you got, and yours is a 300,000 mile 15 year old piece of crap. Don't buy old beat up, used cars, trucks, or SUV's with very high mileage unless you like driving crap that risks your life.

30th Oct 2008, 08:07

I have a 99' Jeep Cherokee Sport with about 140k on it and it has only had a few random unexplainable problems. The computer died once... that's about it after replacing the comuter there was ABSOLUTELY no problems and I actuall plan on keeping my jeep for a LONG time. It has driven through harsh conditions before: snow/ice, mud, sand, rocky areas, among many other types of places, and has been working like a champ. You just need to take care of your jeep and treat it like it actually means something to you and it will last for a while. After 200k or more though it probably will start to mess up some DUH!

17th Mar 2009, 22:13

I have a 1991 Cherokee Sport that I paid 600 bucks for. I must say it is awesome, very reliable.

At 150000 miles I had to do the water pump. While I was there I did the harmonic balancer, other wise it runs like new. Rock on Jeep.

4th Jun 2010, 15:28

I currently own a '91 Sport with a 4.0L. It was nearing 200K miles when I bought it, but the head gasket had blown. Got it for $500 and $200 later (head / valve cover gasket, seals, thermostat) and she runs like a champ. The 4.0 is a dependable motor and will take most anything you can throw at it EXCEPT a poor maintained coolant system.

As far as the transmission -- the AW4 (automatic 4-speed) is a beast and will most likely outlive the motor if you keep its fluid level in check.

18th Sep 2010, 19:49

I own a '91 Jeep Cherokee (with the 4.0L, 6 cylinder engine).

Just passed 500,000 miles last month.

Had the tranny rebuilt at 400K miles, other than that it's just been routine maintenance.

It's done everything from towing a camper from Texas to Maine and back, to dragging downed trees and branches out of the streets following both Hurricanes Katrina and Ike.

Still going strong!

Best vehicle ever!

23rd Nov 2010, 01:03

I bought a 91 Jeep Cherokee over a year ago with over 200k miles on it for 150$.

The previous owner(s) didn't take care of it, I've had to replace the alternator, fuel pump, core, and do the usual wires/plugs and had a slight electrical problem (previous owner wired the after market stereo to the same circuit as the tail lights so I kept blowing fuses).

But despite all that I love it. It's an amazing vehicle and very hardy, I love the steering and I can coast for miles down a slight hill.

Yes I've had to do work on it, but it's old and was disrespected, but it's really very easy to work on and a great vehicle to learn mechanics on. Well worth every problem!