20th May 2007, 23:35

Well there are good and bad in every kind of vehicle, I have an 89 Cherokee sport and I love it. It has the occasional break down or worn out part, but it has 350,000 miles on it, things wear out in that time, also its not such a big deal to me because I am a mechanic and am able to fix my own problems, some of the thing you mention sound quite minor, the emergency brake, and the wiper motor, very small inexpensive fixes, if you do it yourself. With that said, anyone who can't do basic maintenance probably shouldn't buy a car that is 18 years old.

21st May 2007, 13:54

These reviewers that buy old, high mileage sleds & expect new car reliability - crack me up.

You guys need to find an auto manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty, fully transferable, with no questions asked. Then again, you still probably would find something to complain about.

29th Jun 2007, 06:59

I just hit 280,000 on my 1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo and had to fix the Transfer Case, what a piece of JUNK. Came back from sawmill mountain where I spent the weekend covering miles of off-road terrain including crossing the river a couple of times (no bridge of course) and wouldn't ya know it the chain in my transfer case wore out. had to baby it all the way home (300 + miles) at 65mph. going trout fishing in the mountains again next weekend, wonder whats going to go wrong this time?

29th Jun 2007, 18:38

Poster 29June 2007, at 280K you are angry at a transfer case going out??? Buy any vehicle today and see if you get any component to go beyond 200K. Re-think your mileage expectation there, dude. Jeeps are awesome, especially around your year and mine. 1991 Commanche, 180K and much more to go.

12th Jul 2007, 11:43

I have a 1999 Jeep Cherokee with 126,000 miles on it (still a baby), runs with no problems. Doesn't even leak oil. A/C is busted and I drive back and forth (40 miles each way) in Atlanta, GA heat everyday and I don't care because my Jeep is awesome. Its also been very good for racing and beating all those dang rice burners who think they are soo cool in their mufflered out, under 100hp, Honda Civics (and such), HAHA. When my Jeep does finally die, I fully intend to buy another one. If I am able to get 280k out of it and the transfer case dies, I will say to myself, "It lasted that long...amazing?"

10th Jan 2009, 00:05

What you guys NEED to remember is that you're talking about 20 year old cars. If a car lasts that long, it only has to go another 10 before it becomes a classic car. And of course there are gonna be issues...

I had to refill my radiator every hour of driving (much fun LOL), now driving a piece of crap Nissan Sentra, because some stupid old lady crashed into my Jeep at about 100k/h and wrote it off. The engine works fine still, but I have to get the mounting brackets for the front diff, engine, new radiator, new sump... etc. too many repairs I'm afraid. I can't wait to get my hands on another one.

5th Apr 2009, 11:34

Wow your transmission shifted gears? you better have that checked out... jeep is one of the toughest rigs built if you want something with great handeling, and a smooth ride buy a old man car like a buick. if you want to do everything thing else get a jeep.. wow a part wears out at 400 000km damn junk I tell ya..HAH.

27th Apr 2009, 21:16

My jeep breaks now and then, but it beats anything else I've driven. It's a 1991 with the 4.0 i6 and it runs great. Hey up there, are you sure you don't have a 5 speed that you don't know how to shift?

6th May 2009, 17:48

Haha I have a 1988 jeep cherokee sport with a 4 liter 6 and it has 315000 miles on it. I added Dana 44s and rebuilt the motor at 175000 miles. Still runs Great!:)

10th May 2009, 17:27

I own a 1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo. It has 325,000 miles on it and going strong. As the mechanic that owns one when I read his comment, I had to laugh. No I am not a mechanic, but I do take care of my own simple maintenance. Oil Changes/Plugs/wires/batteries/ and yes, I changed my own Alternator. I don't mind getting alittle grease between my nails once in awhile. If you maintain anything it will usually last. I owned a 74 Chev Blazer and it was a Lemon from the start. New rear end/new radiator/seals leaked all from the get go. That's when you know that your car is junk. Sometimes you luck out and sometimes you don't.

20th Jul 2009, 22:35

I'm a happy owner of a Laredo 1992. It's the second Cherokee I have owned. The first one was a 1989 Limited, and all I can say it's the best vehicle ever made. I'm quite a bit rough on mechanicals, and it's taken me everywhere I wanted to go.

10th Aug 2009, 09:15

Love my 1989 Cherokee Laredo!

Although the original engine was still running strong at 250K miles, I dropped a rebuilt in it because I was about to drive it to Guatemala -- did not want to push my luck on that trip.

Have been using it here in Guate since 2006. Great vehicle for Central America. Not only because they are tough & reliable, but because (possibly for those reasons) Jeeps are popular here and you can get parts and service.

Many of the local guys who see my Jeep walk up to me and say "Muy bueno camioneta!" (Very good truck!).

10th Aug 2009, 21:21

It humors me to read complaints of an 18 year old plus vehicle! Jeeps, circa 1988-1994 are some of the best trucks/SUV's ever made. Before selling my 1991 Comanche to my nephew at 185,000 care-free miles, I bought a 1990 Cherokee Laredo 2 door with 105,000 miles and another awesome maintenance history. These year Jeeps are bullet-proof. Sure, some parts wear and tear, but come on, how can you complain about the overall history of the 4.0 in-line six and the great tranny combination! Jeep on!

28th Mar 2010, 20:28

I disagree with the comment that the Cherokee is bad. I owned one that had 50,000 miles on it. I almost hit 90,000. In that time period, I had the locks freeze up once. Nothing some WD40 couldn't fix. The transfer case had one hiccup or two and then mysteriously fixed itself!

Then, an electrical component in the engine failed, but the Mopar mechanic told me that he was amazed that this one part lasted so long.

I always followed the maintenance schedule and checked under the hood every 2-3 weeks. Nobody in my family kept a car longer than I did. Sadly, my dad kept incorrectly thinking it would totally break down any day and took it away from me. He forced me to trade it in for a '00 Dodge Intrepid, a real piece of junk, but that's another story.

Comparing Dodge and Jeep is like comparing Yugo and Cadillac. I can't believe they're both owned by Chrysler. If I found another Cherokee with less than 100,000 miles on it, I'd very likely buy it if finding parts was easy.

4th Apr 2011, 14:29

280,000 klm and you're complaining about a transfer case???

26th Apr 2011, 22:05

Haha 280,000 miles??? The transfer case should have went out at 200,000 miles. You get what you pay for.

12th Jun 2011, 17:07

289,000 miles and still running like a trooper.

Have looked at newer vehicles and always drove my Jeep back home. Nothing compares. Far as I am concerned, it is one of the best vehicles on the road.

Love my Jeep!