12th Jun 2003, 02:48

You should have bought the Liberty instead, much better ride and much better build quality.

28th Mar 2004, 14:22

My 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport is rock solid, a great vehicle so far, 68,000 miles down and 200,000 to go... I hope.

No, it doesn't ride like a Lincoln Navigator or turn heads like a tricked out Escalade, but it's a solid utilitarian vehicle with ample room, power and amenities for me and an assortment of up to four other people and a few suitcases or travel bags.

Easily customizable and at home when it's taken off-road, it's a good choice for a new 4x4 enthusiast due to its' cost, powertrain, ruggedness, durability and low repair cost (so I hear.) The 2001 model has nearly twenty years of refinement, tweaking and improvements in the Cherokee line and it's the last year they were made before the Liberty.

Overall, I'm very happy with it. I'll check back with you in a couple of years!

24th May 2004, 15:49

I have the same problem with the mil (EGR) light being on and the knocking. The banging noise (goes away one warm) is the header separated from the cylinder head (bad bolts) $700+ repair and youll be back for the others. The knocking and other noise is from carbon build up on valves. Take your pick a $1200 cylinder head pull plus valve cleaning and it will come back or a $380 valve rotation and decarbonizing chemicals in your tank. What a waste... Under warranty the story was always - we can't repeat your problem - then the mil light is reset and your on your way. Well now its we can't really assure that this is the problem, but for $2,900 total we will take a crack at it. Not what I call expert repair or service.

2nd Aug 2007, 17:47

I love my Jeep Cherokee. 98,000 plus miles and still rockin'!