22nd Dec 2002, 01:55

I've had my Jeep Cherokee since 2000, it was my first car. It now has 210,000 miles on it with the engine having about 90,000 on it. The engine was replaced at 199,000 miles. My car understandably has had some problems as of late, I had the rotors and pads replaced front/back a year ago. It has it's little minor problems that go wrong after this many miles. BUT, I love my Jeep. My Jeep is so powerful and fun to drive. The 4WD runs like new, and I even pulled a 77' GMC 1/2 ton 4X4 up a substantial hill once. It has never left me stranded. Although I agree with the past couple submissions that I do have trouble keeping temps down in the summer. It's a beautiful car that I have loved having, soon I hope I can upgrade to a newer model!

1st Feb 2003, 02:50

I bought a '92 Jeep Cherokee LTD 1 year ago (Jan. 2002) and haven't regretted it. I am so pleased with this car I try to tell everyone about it. With 79,000 original miles, she looks and runs like new. Now at only 91,000 miles, engine still almost purrs. The paint job -candy apple red - looks like new, no one guesses the age without being familiar with the body style changes. The Limited has overdrive and performs well to any challenge on the road. I have only had to do regular maintenance on her, and added a performance air filter. Oh, and I replaced a couple of hoses, the headlight lamps and front brakes. There seems to be a defect in the windshield washer light - it stays on even when I have a full tank. But this is nothing, she's 10 yrs old. This jeep has never let me down yet...they say the straight six 4.0L engine will run forever. So far, so good. She starts right up in even 12degree temperatures, she's great in the snow... in fact it was snowy/slushy the day I drove her home and I had no problems once I kicked the 4WD on. Tan leather interior with seats so comfortable you could live in them. My 2nd Cherokee, best one so far!

28th May 2004, 22:52

I have a 1991 Cherokee limited. Sure, I spend a little on it sometimes- but I love my Jeep. The 4.0 that year, (maybe other years) does not have PVC valve, so I had oil going to air filter. I added PVC, total cost: $14.00. I'll save that in air filters, which I replace every 10,000 miles. My Local NAPA parts store knew just what I needed to take care of the problem. I was sent there by another jeep owner. It will take care of the problem!

12th Aug 2007, 02:36

Great looking body! But the reliability is thumbs down.

150,000 miles:

-I had to first replace the engine (due to a snapped piston fell into crankshaft). $2000.

-Had to replace exhaust manifold $1000.

-My transmission bolts came loose and tranny was sagging 5 inches! had to screw em back in, and everything was fine. but seriously! (may have been shop fault)

-went over pothole while on forest service road. Jeep bottomed out (stock suspension) and suspension crushed my transmission lines. $400. Tranny was saved, but shows poor design.

Wouldn't mind having it if I just wanted a 4wheeler with a lift and mudders. but unfortunately I do not have the knowledge of automobiles nor the money. I needed a daily driver. and it didn't really work out too well.

31st Jan 2008, 15:54

This goes out to the person with the 1991 with an added PCV. How exactly did you do this? Was there a lot of oil in the air filter? I bought my Cherokee about 3 weeks ago it has about 90k on it and leaks oil into the air filter like you wouldn't believe. I don't think the PVC system is working on it. I'm afraid it might be blow-by, but want to try other options before I replace the rings. I bought an oil additive to help seal the rings and I capped the air intake which sent the oil pressure gage through the roof. I uncapped it. I don't know what to do. Anyone have any advice for me?