10th Sep 2008, 09:13

I agree that they never should've stop putting vent windows on car doors.

24th Sep 2008, 19:23

I am selling my 2000 Jeep Cherokee and fixing the air conditioner. I'm wondering if anyone knows the difference between fixing a compressor and just recharging it. I don't know anything about that!

25th Sep 2008, 08:50

The Jeep Cherokee when equipped with the 4.0 liter in-line six, is a wonderful vehicle, as are the Wrangler YJ's also equipped with the 4.0 liter six.

30th Sep 2008, 16:42

2001 grand cherokee 4.0, 58K miles. Gets less than 10 MPG otherwise in pristine condition. any ideas?

30th Sep 2008, 21:25

I suppose I don't have to tell you that 10 mpg is very low for a Jeep Grand Cherokee equipped with the 4.0. What kind of driving conditions are you getting 10 mpg in?

1st Nov 2008, 20:37

IMO, if it wasn't for the failure-prone front speakers, the failure-prone A/C, the failure-prone power window switch, the drive-line vibes, the lack of rear head rests, the weak rear leaf springs... and there's probably a couple other things mine hasn't been inflicted with yet... it would have been one the best out the door trail rigs built :)

Oh, and while I'm at it, add few inches of lift, and an outside rear mounted spare... maybe some stronger, more grease-able joints here and there...

...and 30 mpg ;)

14th Feb 2009, 21:25

I have a 2001 Cherokee; same problems... drivers speaker stopped working and window lock button has a mind of its own.. but this is my second one after totaling the first one. I was devastated and appalled at the idea of getting a new car.. so I got the same exact thing again.. but the 2nd had cruise control and better mileage...

Don't have too many other complaints besides the small petty things... but you gotta love the rough riding of a Jeep... if you don't then you don't deserve to drive one...

9th Mar 2009, 12:48

2001 Cherokee 60th Anniversary edition... bought in 03 with 27000 miles, just past 218,000 miles yesterday. This truck is a tank. My wife backed into it with her Alero... $800 damage to her, none to the Jeep, hit a deer 65 mph... broken flasher, and light shroud. Less than $70 damage.

I've done a lot of towing, and I'm a lead foot on the highway. And this thing just keeps chugging away. And maintaining 20+ mpg... my goal is 300,000 and think it will make it..

The way this truck has treated me, I'm used to the 3 speaker system.. LOL...and I like being in control of the passenger window, and the A/C made it till last summer... third clutch was enough for me... I just added spacers so it doesn't kick in anymore...

In summary... best vehicle ever built... wish they would start making the Cherokee again.

2nd Apr 2009, 07:50

I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee with 95,000 miles.

So far I have had the check engine light come on a dozen times. The first time it came on it showed NO BUS, and then quit running shortly after. It turned out to be a crank shaft position sensor that I was able to do myself for 70.00 bucks.

The most recent, it came on a day ago. The guy at Auto Zone hooked up a reader and said it had an evaporation leak, and I noticed today a small leak at the top of the gas tank after smelling gas in the cab. IF ANYONE HAS HAD THIS PROBLEM PLEASE EMAIL ME AT danwill1372@yahoo.com.

I have also replaced the fuel pump as a preventive maintenance precaution about a year ago.

Also the rear end has began to sag. I ordered a set of skyjacker shocks that I plan to install this weekend. If that doesn't help, I will replace the leaf springs.

I have also noticed a vibration in the front end that has gotten worse, and only happens at 51 mph. Could be an out-of-balance wheel.

I had to replace a freeze plug that rusted out.

If anyone that reads this has any questions or comments that can help, feel free to email me at the address above.

7th May 2009, 10:57

I have a 2001 Jeep Classic Limited with over 250K miles. For years now, there's a high-pitched whistling sound coming from under the dash. The strange thing is that accelerating makes it disappear, and letting off of the gas makes it come back. The whistle pitch gets higher or lower according to how I press the throttle. I've had the IAC and the idle pulley changed and it's still whistling. It's now at the Jeep dealer being serviced and the tech seems to think it has something to do with the A/C and heater and throttle. He may have to remove the dash (he said 10 hours. minimum). This does not effect the performance of the vehicle whatsoever. I just can't live with the noise. People stare. It's embarrassing.

18th May 2009, 22:41

This is hilarious... I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Classic. 108k miles on it. My A/C went out today. I was Googling possible cost/causes to fix it and found this forum.

I too have the driver side speaker issue. Since about 60k.

The check engine light comes on at will... typically it seems to be the gas cap not being on correctly.

My windows are fine, knock on wood!

I've replaced the shocks, water pump and something else I can't remember. I'm looking to sell her, I'm in need of another vehicle.

I just think it's funny that they basically all have the same issues. Still love my Jeep. I'll miss her.

8th Jun 2009, 08:16

To the person with the embarrassing whistling 2001 Cherokee... me too! It is driving me crazy! It seems to be worse in the cold weather than in the heat. It disappears when I hit the gas, but when I am idling it is loud and clear. Has anyone ever had this problem and fixed it? My old 1987 cherokee (best car I ever had) developed a whistle when the catalytic converter started to go, but my mechanic says the CC is OK on this one...

9th Jun 2009, 19:25

Helloo... I have a 2001 Sport. It's got about 135000 miles on it. I too have this annoying whistle. It seems to be coming from somewhere in the vicinity of the throttle body, but I can't say for sure. It almost never fails that the whistling stops as I'm feeling around for the hood release. When it first started to do it, messing with rubber air intake where it clamps on the throttle body seemed to fix it, so I cleaned it up and tightened the crap out of clamp holding it on the throttle body. It seemed to fix it but lo and behold after a few days the check engine light came back on and the whistle started again. I found whilst Googling that the source of the whistle may indeed reside within the throttle body, and my next attempt at a cure will be to clean it as thoroughly as I can inside and out. I'll be sure to post if I get any results.

As for the saggy rear springs, I was going to cure it by replacing everything via a BDS suspension lift, but then, due to rumors of a new 'vehicle modification regulations' coming into effect, I decided to keep it somewhat stock. As an alternative to re-arching and/or adding a leaf, I decided to try a coil-over shock by Monroe called the Monroe Sensatrac Load Adjusting Shock. Well, so far so good. The Jeep now sits pretty much level, if not a little bit higher in the rear when parked. I haul a fairly heavy tent trailer with it and it hardly sags at all anymore... plus it rides great (well, as great as a Cherokee will ride). Anyway, something to consider trying if you prefer a bolt-on approach to addressing your stock Cherokee rear spring sag. The new shocks were just over $200 (CAN) for the pair.

FYI: If you're not already aware of the upper shock bolt issue on Cherokees, prepare for broken bolts if attempting this at home. I ended up having a shop grind things off and weld new bolts by the head to the frame location.