19th Jun 2007, 12:51

A/c seems to be a big issue my A/C has not worked since I bought my SPORT, but that is the only problem I ever had and it was well worth the money spent for my JEEP.

14th Aug 2007, 16:30

I, too, have experienced multiple A/C issues in my '01 Cherokee... It stopped blowing cold last summer... I had it worked on this June and it stopped working AGAIN a month and a half later. This time I was told that it needed a new evaporator at a cost of $1100-$1200! I like my Cherokee a lot, but I don't think I'll be keeping it too much longer after this! Chrysler obviously has some major quality issues with these A/C systems yet doesn't seem too concerned about it!

16th Jun 2008, 13:30

My 2001 Cherokee Sport has 190,000 + miles and has been a great 4 wheel drive truck. I bought mine new and have had almost no problems with it.

My AC was acting up (worked on and off) turned out the relay in the engine compartment (relay box) was sticking. The relay next to it was for the fog lights and rated the same amps. So I just switched them and never had another problem with the AC again. I haven't even had to recharge it and I live in Southern California.

Mine has no vibration or brake problems and just needs routine maintenance. It's fast, handles well and I love the 2 mode 4 wheel drive transfer case.

At about 170,000 miles I did have the engine light come on because one coil pack failed. I replaced them all.

As for the front speakers they are wired poorly. Rewire them or have someone do it for you.

My 1991 Comanche pickup has over 300,000 miles on it without a transmission rebuild or any major engine work. My wife has a 2004 Rubicon Wrangler and it also has been great. Maybe I've just been lucky, but our Jeeps have been great.

Carey in CA.