1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee TSI 4.0L from North America


Love it, but unreliable and expensive to repair


Where do I start?

Engine was replaced, because a valve broke off.

Differential went for the second time.

U-joint in right front rattles when making sharp turns.

Right door is broken, housing for lock fell apart.

Transmission can't figure out 2nd, 3rd gear.

Rear wiper doesn't work.

Gate door and lock in rear doesn't open; it must be opened by use of a golf club to push open button in rear window release.

Had to change wiper motor and assembly.

Radiator replaced.

Water pump also went and the antifreeze leaked all over the place, knocking out and destroying my alternator.

Link kit needs to be replaced and steering shock needs to be replaced.

It is leaking like a sieve from every seal. It is now at the garage getting a estimate.

General Comments:

Thing is, I love the damn thing!

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Review Date: 26th November, 2008

1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Edition 4.0 6 cylinder from UK and Ireland


A Comfortable Cruiser


I have just recently acquired this Jeep, fully serviced at my local Hi Q Garage. They noticed a few issues:

Diff noisy

Diff Seal L/Rear (Wheel Bearings Rear)

Slight oil leak that is not from the engine.

General Comments:

This is my first 4x4 automatic transmission vehicle. One of the biggest reasons I brought this Grand Cherokee was because it has an LPG conversion kit. This helps keeps some of the cost down.

Performance – The performance of this 4x4 is very good indeed for such a big vehicle. The engine note sounds fantastic when overtaking and will give some Boy/Girl racers a run for their money off the traffic lights. But be warned, if you're looking for good MPG look elsewhere, this beast will only return about 19 miles to the gallon. I personally think if you do go for the petrol version invest in a LPG conversion as well.

Handling – The handling is fine for me, but if pushed hard you will feel a lot of body roll through the corners. The steering is light and is very much like driving a smaller car. 4 wheel drive will no doubt help in the coming winter months, when traction is needed in snow etc.

Cabin – This is special equipment version of the Jeep. It comes with leather heated seats, electrical programmable seats, AC, trip computer, electric windows & mirrors, Infinity 185 watt Stereo Radio Cassette with CD auto changer in the boot (excellent sounding too, with 6 speaker set up) etc. It's well laid out and I don’t really have any problems reaching the buttons. It has a really big and airy cabin with good boot space and ample leg room in the back (have had no complaints with passengers just yet). I can also hear a continuous rumble from the rear when the stereo is on low volume (rear wheel bearings)

Body work – Beautiful metallic paint work with no visible signs of rust, all colour coded bumpers with 16 inch alloy wheels (Standard Jeep alloys). Looks superb when polished up.

I brought this vehicle to get me to work and back (15 minute drive), a bit of over kill; yes, but it was going cheap and it did come with stamped service history etc. Although I have not kept it long, I am planning on keeping this 4x4 at least a year. However I have been reading some bad reviews on here from owners about the build quality etc from the Jeep, so not sure about getting a newer rig etc in the future. I won’t be taking it to main dealers to get repairs or services etc; my local garage knows what they're doing with 4x4’s, so I am sticking with them.

Overall I’m very happy with my purchase.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2008