2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 6 cylinder from North America


Brakes had to be resurfaced at 6,000 miles and again at 17,000 miles.

Fuel pump did not work properly, had to start the car several times to get it to turn over. Dealer replaced fuel pump gasket, but the problem still persisted.

Right front passenger window motor went out at 15,000 miles.

I finally traded the vehicle in with 17,500 miles on it. Jeep (Daimler Chrsyler) really need to focus on product quality and testing. This is a poor product that really makes you want to go out an buy an import. I traded it in for a Toyota Tacoma, and although they are made in California, I have had nor poblems whatsoever with that vehicle. Too bad I couldn't say that for Jeep.

General Comments:

The brakes need to be recalled. Serious quality issues with this vehicle such as the brakes, fuel pump, and other mechanical problems.

The A/C is slow, but does the job in the long run. I love the style, but hate the reliability issues.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2002

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 from North America


At 5,000 miles I had to take it in to have the front brake rotors trued. At 10,000 the front rotors were trued again and now at 18,800 miles they need it again, but the dealership only covers them to 12,000 miles.

At 15,000 miles I had a hard time starting due to an "O-ring" break in the fuel pump causing it to have poor fuel pressure.

At 18,250 miles I had an "AIR BAG" light stay on in the dash due to a broken spring in the steering wheel.

General Comments:

I am Disabled/Retired and was looking to buy a SUV that would serve the purpose for my needs and decided on the Jeep Grand Cherokee at $29,900. After having all this trouble I tried to trade it in after 1 year with a value of only $17,000. My state doesn't have the "LEMON LAW".

Very disappointed in it and think it is over priced by $28,000. It looks great from the street but taking it out of town on road trips scares me. My question is "How safe is this SUV?". Something told me that I should have stayed with GM cars!!

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Review Date: 27th October, 2001

16th Jan 2002, 18:58

I agree with the rotor problem. My Jeep brakes started going bad at 22k. I kept on driving it and now has 36k. Still haven't turned the rotors yet. Otherwise, a great ride.

David in Ky.

18th Jan 2002, 09:26

My 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee has 11,800 miles on it and I am having to take it in tomorrow to have the rotors trued. I am very disappointed in having to take it in for service of this kind on a vehicle this new.

Also, within three months of purchase, I had to have the headliner re-glued in the back and the handbrake handle broke when I pulled it up. That had to be repaired also. Not off to a very good start for a brand new, high priced, vehicle, if you ask me.

Should have bought another Honda Accord like I had before the Jeep. Lasted 10 years with minimal maintenance.

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7 V8 from North America


Excellent looks, styling and versatility make it an excellent choice


The memory system is intermittently causing the driver's power mirror to point outwards each time the door is unlocked with the remote.

The windshield washer nozzles make contact on the windshield below the wiper arms, which uses too much fluid and still doesn't clean the window very well.

The engine was over-serviced with double the amount of oil at the last oil change. This was noticed when the vehicle was parked on a slight grade and the engine was started. A cloud of white smoke engulfed the Jeep. I checked the oil, and it was 2 feet up the dipstick. The dealer de-serviced the oil, but now the engine has a very rough idle. They kept it for 24 hours and couldn't fix it. I am giving them one more chance before I contact Chrysler.

The brakes started grabbing after a slight panic stop. The dealer took care of this after 13,500 miles, but only because he had the vehicle from noon to noon to fix it. They claim to be a 5 star dealer, but with the surveys I send back, it won't last long.

General Comments:

The vehicle is very well designed, except for the bad seats and the blind spots. It is good on a trip, as long as you get out and stretch. The size of the Grand Cherokee is the most appealing thing about owning this Sport Utility. I can go anywhere, even on top of a mountain with the Quadra-drive system, as long as the landowner doesn't mind.

However, if you ever try to trade this puppy in, you will be disappointed with the trade-in value. For some reason, if just doesn't command a decent price.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2001