2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7 Gas from North America


Never buy a Jeep again!


10,000 Miles Warped Front Rotors.

24,000 Miles Warped Front Rotors.

52,000 Miles Warped Front Rotors.

General Comments:

Jeep should be investigated as to why they are not properly addressing a major safety issue such as the front brake rotors constantly warping. 3 times is outrageous to have the same thing go wrong.

Of course, now they won't do a thing about it.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2004

20th Mar 2004, 05:48

"Of course, now they won't do a thing about it." Well, Of course, they have done something about it. Go talk to your dealer about it. By the way, if you slow down a bit before you jump on the brakes, they will last longer. Because guess what, it's a SUV. It's not your dad's sports car.

20th Mar 2004, 20:09

Brake problems! Door lock problems! Leak in rear hatchback somewhere! A clunking sound under the driver side front! Up to now no transmission problems of any kind. I get my trans fluid replaced every year or so. Will I buy another Jeep?

NO, thanks to Chrysler Corporation.

2nd Apr 2004, 20:13

Every 5,000 miles we have had problems with our brakes. The dealer has replaced the brakes or rotors every time we take it in. last year we took the car to a very good private shop and spent $800. Yep, that's right! This year we have another problem with the brakes. No we don't ride the brakes of drive fast and stop quickly. We have also had to replace all of the door locks. Oh and right after we got the car the fuel pump went out and we had to have the car towed. I don't know why they can't figure out the brake problem and fix the car.

21st Nov 2004, 00:00

If they keep failing why don't you get a diff brand maybe the factory ones suck.

1st Mar 2005, 11:40

We bought our grand cherokee new in 2004,since then we have had to replace the brake rotors 3 times. we only have 12000 miles on this piece of garbage. I for one will never buy a jeep again. i also encourage others to stay away from them.. Also our key less entry remotes suck too. you have to be right at the door for it to work and only after you push the button 5 or 6 times.

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo I-6 from North America


Would buy one again anytime since it's the best value for the money


Very minor issues: Electric turn signal problem (covered under warranty), two recalls (one for a dustcover and the other one for a software update).

General Comments:

Drives excellent: I mostly do city driving, but have taken this Jeep into rougher terrain. Even though it's just a 2-WD it handled everything in it's way with ease.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2004

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo from North America


Chrysler should be ashamed of this brake problem


Front brake rotors replaced at 20,000 miles.

Front brake rotors replaced at 36,000 miles.

General Comments:

When the brake rotors begin to warp,it can become an unsafe vehicle to drive especially on the freeway.Very disturbing that Chrysler hasn't made a design change or recall-or even an effort to contact/warn the owners. I will not be buying another Jeep in the future.

My service manager at the Dealer says he sees a non-stop line of Grand Cherokees coming in with this problem-so he bought a Mountaineer.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2004

24th Feb 2004, 18:59

Now, had you done your research, you would have found that Chrysler is well aware of the brake problem and has fixed the problem in the newer models (post 200-2001). Also, there are much better and cheaper aftermarket parts to solve this problem. One little brake problem and you automatically think your life is in danger. It's not life threatening, just a little wobble. I'd give Jeep a second chance. No automaker is perfect. No, not even Honda. They had a string of bad transmissions on their Accords a few years ago. Toyota has engine sludge problems in their NEW mini-vans, and Nissan has some electrical problems to work out. Chrysler has had the Grand Cherokee out for many years now, (over 10) I think they know a thing or two about making an SUV. So they made a boo boo, big deal. Everybody does.