2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 4.0L gas 6 cylinder from North America


Nice looking, reliable car - no mechanical problems


I purchased the vehicle with only 40,000 miles on it, in great shape. I do all my own services, as I am a mechanic.

The Jeep I have is very reliable, and other than normal maintenance i.e. oil/filter changes and all the other fluid changes at the specified intervals (located in your handbook), the car has never had any major problems.

I hear a lot of complaining/doubt about the brake rotors and brakes needing to be replaced frequently. I have only replaced my brakes including rotors one time, and I do a lot of driving, mostly city-type driving, which is hard on the braking system. If you would all torque your lug nuts to the specified amount as per factory recommendations, you will all have little or no brake warpage - see when you get service work at dealerships/ tire centers etc... they run your lug nuts on with an impact wrench, and most of the time are way over the specified torque range, which is the major cause of rotor warp, and it's not only in Jeeps; read reviews for a lot of other SUVs, and you will see the same trend.

Other than brakes, I have just taken care of my vehicle. A lot of you are complaining about minor things that go wrong after 50,000+ miles. Most of these things are normal wearable items such as brakes. That is all.

General Comments:

A very good reliable vehicle, with relatively few mechanical problems.

Make sure you take care of normal maintenance of your vehicle at the specified intervals.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2007

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 I6 from North America


Expensive to own


Window regulators x2.

Fuel pump x2.

Fuel filter x2.

Electronic ignition.

Camshaft sensor.

Voltage regulator.

Gas cap x5.

Brake light in the left rear keeps burning out.

General Comments:

Vary expensive to maintain.

Seems they sell their vehicles cheap knowing you will pay for them in maintenance costs.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2007

25th Nov 2007, 13:14

I agree with expensive to own. Bought my '01 in June '04. Since then, all 4 window regulators have been replaced. (You can get ones off of Ebay for less than getting through a parts place.) Two fuel pumps, a/c and evaporator, water pump, radiator, back left brake light - numerous times, headlights need to be replaced. It only has 71,000 miles on it. I just know that when this is paid off, I will never own another Jeep. Letters to Chrysler and BBB have done nothing. They say nothing can be done because it is no longer under warranty. With all the complaints you would think Chrysler would admit to all the problems and have recalls.

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited from North America


Stay away if you're buying used!!!


I've had all four O2 sensors go out.

Power steering pump.

Numerous brake rotors at low miles.

CD player.

Three 72 month batteries in six years.

Rear seal on the differential.

Electric heated seats burnt out four times (I gave up on those).

Air conditioning.

General Comments:

The number one complaint I have is the steering. If I don't keep two hands on the wheel, it's in the other lane. I took it back to the dealer three times and they said nothing is wrong at all. I bought this brand new with every option, and the list is way too long of what's died.

Never ever again will I buy an american truck. This is my fourth sport ute, and is by far the worst between two Toyota 4-runners and one Ford Explorer that had 1/10 of the issues of this thing.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2007

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7 from North America


The Jeep Grand Cherokee is rolling junk


Brake light sockets 85,000 miles.

Transmission replaced 65,000 miles.

Oil pan rusted out 65,000 miles.

Transfer case shifting cable 75,000 miles.

Front drivers seat mount.

Seat heaters both.

Rear differential seal.

Rear main engine seal.

Transfer case rear seal.

Brake rotors x3 front.

Brake rotors x2 rear.

Rear seat cup holder.

Steering wheel material break down.

Headlamp bulbs many times.

Headlamp plastic bucket assembly cracks and crumbles.

Power steering hose factory defect top male connector.

Power steering pump, throttle position sensor.

Brake pads x5.

Engine control module.

Seat leather worn prematurely.

Rear drivers side door lock actuator.

Thermostat housing leaks.

General Comments:

Just Say No! to Jeep.

I owned an older Jeep before the corporate boys took over and it was great. Yesterday the "new Chrysler", which is the old Daimler Chrysler in disguise; it was formed with Tom Lasorda (same CEO) and good ole Wolfgang at the helm. These boys bottom line is profit with no quality from us the hard working industrious people.

Jeep wonders why corporate profits are down. There answer is to lay off most of their work force hoping for a better day (new suckers).

My advice take it or leave it; go buy a Toyota (Jeep used their transmissions in the old Cherokee; never had a problem) or something anything except another Jeep. This teaches Chrysler a long term lesson for everyone that takes my advice. These guys only recognize bottom line profit.

The Company Cerberus whom just acquired Chrysler; their name references the mythology of a monstrous three headed dog that guards the gate to Hades (Hell). That just makes me feel warm and cozy all over. Just be thankful; our seat heaters fail; it could be worse and we could burst into flames.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2007

20th Aug 2007, 14:46

That is funny. I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited and almost all of the same problems except I have had 4 Window Regulators go out. Is there any course of action I can take with the dealership for fixing any of this stuff?

25th Aug 2007, 08:33

I bought my wife a 2002 Grand Cherokee Limited. Today the car has 45K miles. The problems that we are having with the vehicle I have never seen on vehicles until they had 100k plus miles.

2004, the right passenger heater control quit working.

2004, front brake rotors were warped badly, car had under 20K miles. Replaced rotors and pads from Auto Zone, still working today.

2005, engine light came on intermittently, dealer replaced gas cap, problem still exists today.

2006, left driver window fell to the bottom of the door panel, as my wife closed the window. Dealer wanted over a $1000 to fix it. I took the car home and popped the panel and set window into a closed position. During that process I discovered how badly the power window assembly was designed.

2007, left heater control quit working, now the car has no heat at all.

2007, noticed power steering fluid on garage floor, pump is leaking fluid.

I have not fixed any of the problems, other than closing the driver window permanently and front brakes. I paid over $30,000 (cash) for this car and have finally convinced my wife to trade this piece of Chrysler built junk. Personally I'm a Ford or GM guy, but the American car companies are earning their demise. I will never buy another Chrysler product and I make sure that I tell this story,to anyone that is looking for a car.

Being an ex-Michigan citizen, it saddens me to see people destroy that states economy. Maybe this website will help knock some sense into people... who we kidding, greed is in charge!