7th Jul 2009, 13:17

I have a 2002 Grand Cherokee Overland. It has 110,000km on the vehicle. The engine has 20,000km.

Front brakes last around 35,000 km (rotors and pads)

Rears brakes last around 60,000 km (rotors and pads)

The 4.7 HO lasted 90,000 km (Never driven hard) (No warranty)

The ball joints on the driver side were replaced at 70,000km

The ball joints on the passenger side lasted 110,000km

New shocks all around at 100,000

Hood struts at 5 yrs

The body control module ($$$$) at 90,000km

New rear links at 110,000km

New sway bar bushings at 110,000km

New Steering damper at 110,000km

New front power window regulators at 90,000km.

Items not repaired

Rear Multi CD player (Disks not mounting)

Power sunroof (Plastic pieces in the tracks have broken)

Electric seat heaters (Driver and Passengers not working)

Noise in rear end on highway at around 90kph.

Anyone want to buy a Grand Cherokee.

15th Aug 2009, 07:55

I have had my 2001 Grand Cherokee Laredo since 2001. Still my primary vehicle.

I have had some of the same problems others have had. Right now I have 198,000 miles. I had the transmission replaced at 120,000, drivers seat frame gone. Brakes and rotors. I've needed 4x4 twice. Both times I was surprised at what this vehicle did for me. I got run off the road in a snow storm, down into a small ravine which I knew had water. I threw my jeep in 4 wheel lo, and it walked out back onto the road, even over the icy edge where the plows clean the side of the road. The next day I checked out the spot, it was deep and my Jeep had traveled in about 4-6" of water and 8" of snow and didn't have a workout.

Scheduled maintenance, last year I put a grand in it to repair nicks and dings. Just found out my rear main seal is leaking. My mechanic says it may be time to get rid of it. If so it was a good run. I would buy another!!

11th Dec 2009, 14:01

I am a owner of 2 Jeeps (1994 and 2001) In the 94 I have had transmission issues, but it is still running very good I might say.

Now let's talk about the 2001, which I brought as a lease car with about 60,000 miles. I drove it for two months and had to have the rear end rebuild. This has been done (3) times before the transfer case went out (car still sitting cost too much to repair.

The heat has been out for (2) years; cost $1200 to repair.

The heated seats worked for (1) year after I purchased the car.

The speakers went out on the radio (I do not listen to loud music, I like smooth jazz) 3 months after I purchased the car.

I now have a driveway place holder which I cannot drive. Will not purchase another Chrysler product. I think that the auto company should take responsibility for some these issues the owners have in common. What do you think, and what can we do?