14th Jul 2004, 09:43

Re the above commentx2: you stuck your hand in the fan blade while the engine was running?

Do they call you "7-fingers" now?

20th Aug 2004, 15:01

Holy Crap, I have had almost identical problems to the author of this thread with the exception of the radio gremlin. My stock Inifiniti Gold is awesome. Unfortunately, the radio is the ONLY good thing about my 95 Jeep Grand Chrkee Limited, with the possible exception of the oh so sumptuous leather. My Jeep has given me more headaches than a cholicky baby. Where should I start, well first I had to replace my catalytic converter. I've had to replace the transmission TWICE. The first time the Jeep would lurch into reverse, then the reverse all, but failed. The second time, the Jeep couldn't find the right gears. I also had to replace the transfer case which was very costly. Then, and this is the cherry on the cake, I had to replace my entire engine. Why? I couldn't tell you, my Jeep dealership is inept and couldn't give me a straight answer. Thank god I bought a 2 year warranty.

Well, now something is wrong with the fuel injector. If I didn't owe over 10 Grand on this piece of crap I would run it off a cliff. Here's the kicker, I doubt I could even sell it for 4. So basically I am STUCK with this pitiful piece of junk for another 5 years. I truly regret the day I agreed to buying this monstrosity of a machine. I should have did my homework OR I should have kept my Nissan Altima, now that was an AWESOME car and truly reliable. Oh well, I was young and stupid and due to my total lack of forsight I am stuck with this 7 year mistake.

Might I mention I also own a 73 Cadillac Deville which I paid cash for. My Caddy has had ZERO problems and it's older than I am! So I know American does not equate to junk. I can tell you with the utmost of confidence Jeep = Total worthless crap. It's almost a slap in the face to us consumers that Jeep could get away with this and treat it's customers in this fashion. Someone earlier said he'd like to sue them, I would be game for that. A class action lawsuit would be marvelous.

I will NEVER... EVER buy another Jeep.

26th Aug 2004, 18:48

1994 JGC I6 Laredo.

An unreliable, expensive, comfortable, piece of junk.

29th Aug 2004, 01:11

Hi, I'm an Australian Jeep owner. Found this site while hunting for help on an annoying problem. My 1997 Laredo had the early diff problem (about 20,000Km) but Jeep refused to cover it under warranty. (Seems there was some contamination in the diff, perhaps when the dealer changed the oil as was required when I got the tow-bar fitted). Intermittent radio button problem - it's a lucky-dip what station you'll get on repeated presses of the same button!

The major complaint is that since being "repaired" when someone broke into the car by pulling the drivers door lock out, the central locking, power windows and mirrors are all intermittent at best. Remote unlocks all the OTHER doors most of the time, but won't lock or unlock the drivers door, nor do the drivers door controls (windows, locking, mirrors) work. Pulling the 50A fuse from the fuse box under the hood generally fixes things for some hours, sometimes days or weeks (but this time seems to be getting shorter and shorter now). If anyone has a guide, I'd appreciate hearing! (Oh, car is now up to a whopping 42,000Km - IE, barely run in!)

28th Sep 2004, 20:50

I have a 1995 Grand Cherokee Laredo, and while it has had a couple of problems, I can't claim that it is a bad vehicle.

As for the problems, I needed a new catalyst, went ahead and replaced all rotting exhaust system out along with it. The Infinity Gold CD player has it's fits of not wanting to work, and the display going on siesta, again, not a big deal. The fuel pump also dies, as did the throttle position sensor. Stuff like this wears out after 160,000 miles, and I expect a few failures. Overall, the car has been very good to me, doing what I need it to do.

I would recommend a Grand Cherokee to anyone, and I already have. My neighbor bought a '96 that he has been tickled with.

13th May 2005, 21:35

1995 Grand Cherokee LTD. V8 I bought it used with 134,000 miles. 1 big problem. ALL windows stopped going down. I tried all doors, but nothing. Any help anyone?? (fuses are good) Negatives:Rear wiper doesn't work, antenna motor whirls, but doesn't move.Positives: I like it. Great site. HOslotcar11@netscape.com.

9th Aug 2005, 10:09

Wow, what a great site. It's good to know I'm not alone although that doesn't really help with my problems! Here they are:

I bought a used '95 GCLimited in 2000 with 96,000 miles on it. At 100,000 miles the radio and rear wiper became possessed and decided to work only when they felt like it. I quit using the rear wiper because it would freeze in the up position and I replaced the radio with one whose buttons and display work ALL THE TIME!!

At 115,000 miles I got a flat on the highway, put on the spare and drove 45MPH (owners manual said not to go over 50). The fact that the spare was smaller than the other tires and it's a 4-wheel drive jacked up my gears. Had to have the gears reset which was costly and it's whined ever since.

At 120,000 I had condensation back up onto the passenger floor board as a result of a plugged drain. It still smells inside.

At 149,000 the speedometer became possessed. It periodically goes berserk and spins completely around while I'm driving. So I gauge my speed by the RPMs--NICE!! The car alarm also goes off for unknown reasons. I've learned that locking the doors manually rather than with the fob or the contol on the driver door eliminates the problem.

At 165,000 it began to slam into reverse which took longer and longer each time. I ended up replacing the transmission. Not cheap!

At 185,000 I replaced the water pump.

Now at 187,000 I have to put refrigerant in it once a week to keep the AC cool in this hundred degree weather. I've had it looked at twice and ran dye thru it myself and absolutely cannot find the damn leak!!

It's comfortable and nice looking which make up for the fact that it's noisy, but I'm sick and tired of worrying about it every time I get in it.




22nd Aug 2005, 18:03

I have a 94 JGC that I bought new. Its the plain part time with the I6. Since its almost 12 years old a lot of small problems have popped up, nothing unusual or out of line for a 12 year old vehicle. It seems the people who own the V8 's with full time 4WD have the most issues. BTW like some posters here I too have "rescued" pretend 4WD clones.

Seems like keeping it simple works best.

8th Sep 2005, 10:04

I purchased a 95 Grand Cherokee Limited 5.2 last summer with 97K for $2000. It now has 108K on it and has been very well behaved.

I have done some brake work, front shocks and steering stabilizer, replaced one CV boot all of which are wear items that I'd expect to replace on a 10 year old vehicle.

Everything works, even the a/c (previous owner had $800 worth of work done) and the original door lock remote.

It has its issues, but for the most part it has been a great vehicle for the $$$.