1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.0 from North America


A great all around SUV


The only problem encountered so far is a noisy cat converter. Has not needed to be replaced yet.

The car has been totally dependable.

General Comments:

The car is very comfortable, reliable, and quite economical compared to other SUV's.

Four wheel drive system (Quadra-track) is fantastic. Always there when needed.

With a serious after-market rack hauling kayaks, bikes, and the like, this is a great go-anywhere vehicle. Small enough to get into tight back country places big 4x4's just can't manage.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2001

1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo V6 from North America


One great SUV with a lot of heart


There has been a short in my passsenger window at times.

The air conditioner has a leak, but that was due to a mechanic not fixing it after a wreck. Not to the fault of the car. And the carpet by the driver's side door has pulled away from the floorboard some. And the cabin light got stuck inward when I used it.

Basically nothing major has ever gone wrong with my car.

General Comments:

My car is very reliable.

It could pick up quicker.

The gas mileage could be better.

It is a very safe vehicle.

It handles incredibly well.

The traction on snow and ice is wonderful.

It is great off road.

The interior is very comfortable.

The ride is very smooth.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2001

31st Aug 2001, 22:00

Can you tell me about the safety component? I am comparing this car to a Volvo 850. It appears to be comparable.

1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.2L V8 from North America


Lost more money on this pile than Dot Com stocks!


First we had multiple AC failures due to an AC coil routing problem. Dealer fixed that (twice).

Then we had the condensation back up due to a plugged drain and flood the passenger side of the vehicle. Smells like mildew now (found a technical service bulletin regarding this on www.alldata.com).

The water that flooded the vehicle then shorted out the motor that controls the flapper that blows hot or cold air into vehicle. It would sometimes blow both heat and AC, or sometimes just HEAT. The bozo mechanics replaced the computer module at $750! Still did not fix the problem. We get a constant ER flashing message. Auto temperature control will not work now.

Exhaust manifold leak at around 50k miles. The dealer did not fix this. Still sounds terrible. Unable to see the leak due to lack of room in the engine compartment.

Burned up the cat convertor. Plate inside vibrated loose. Dealer fixed.

Viscous fan failure. Was replaced by my mechanic. Expensive.

CV boots self destructed after 60k miles.

Radio buttons have a mind of their own. Pushing preset radio buttons will do things like SET when that's not what you want to do.

Radio/CD display blacks out. Need to hit it to come back on.

Power antenna self destructed. Had to replace the mast.

Visor clips have broken twice! 2 sets! They are so thin, that any downward pressure will bend and break them. My wife is soooo mad!

Gas door release knob, shattered in my wife's hand (bad plastic?)

Rear windshield wiper fails sometimes. Unknown why or how to fix.

Rear view mirror fell of the windshield.

Transmission failed at 70k miles. Never towed anything!!! Metal shavings are in the tranny fluids. The governor, I think they call it, failed to allow 4th gear to kick in. Now all the gears slip, and the engine stalls when braking at stop lights. Accelerating from stop, appears that a clutch is pushed in. Power will not fully distribute to the power train.

Glove box lock/handle self destructed. Now we have a piece of duct tape keeping it closed.

Stock Wrangler tires were junk. Had 2 flats with these. One was a blowout that shredded the tread and whipped it around destroying the rear bumper ($500) and scratching the paint on the passenger door. Looks really bad now!

Battery has been changed out 3 times now. Not sure why.

Vehicle will not start when in PARK. Must put the gear into NEUTRAL to start now. Go figure...

General Comments:

The vehicle is nice looking, rides smooth when it was working right.

The seats are on the small side though, they look like they scaled them down to make it look like there is more room in the vehicle.

Interior noise from wind is a bit loud from the front windshield and luggage racks. The viscous fan sound is really irritating when accelerating, but will stop when you get up some speed.

The V8 engine is big and loud, but I'm still wondering where all the power is going! Gas mileage has always been around 13-15 MPG. Yuk..

This vehicle has had a rash of reports of unexpected accelerations. The NHTSA is currently investigating the Jeep transmissions regarding runaway vehicles going from park to reverse. I'm hoping that a full blown recall will force Chrysler to repair my thrashed transmission. My wife had the accelerator stuck on the freeway, and was scared to death. Dealer said it was just the mat under the pedal. Hmmm, how would I know... I wasn't there.

Currently, a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee in great condition sells for around $12k. Well talk about depreciation!!! What's my $33k 6 year old vehicle worth now? I can't even sell my Jeep for $6k! I tried! It's currently parked in my driveway with a dead battery. I'm back to driving my reliable 85 Toyota truck.

If anyone is starting a class action suit, please contact me so I may be included! (talking@myself.com)

We bought this vehicle new for $33k and thought we would try an American car. You know support our country and all that. My wife and I both owned 85 Toyota P/U trucks and loved them. But we have learned our lesson, and will NEVER buy anything but Toyota again.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2001

6th Sep 2001, 11:13

I know your pain. I am having problems with the transmission on my '94 Grand Cherokee Limited, it won't shift, stays in third- I can manually shift it from 1st to 3rd, but forget OD. I have also have the problem with the heater/ac. Your also right about the visor clips, they are garbage, I keep an extra in the center console. In addition, I have replaced the fuel pump ($318.00) which I installed myself. lawmann@bellsouth.net.