1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 5.2L V8 from North America


As expensive off road toy! Not worth the small thrill


Transmission clunks in reverse, rear windshield washer broke the second day I owned it. Plastic interior started to fall apart, center counsel broke the second month. Oil pressure meter goes crazy when idle, mechanic says it's normal.

General Comments:

This truck is amazing in the off road environment, it can handle anything.

This is the most expensive vehicle I have ever owned, anything goes wrong your at least $2000 to fix.

Gas millage is the worst I have ever seen.

The All Time 4 Wheel Drive on this model is horrible, you get about 400 K to a full tank of gas! and it costs about $55.00 at 69.9c a L.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2002

1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited I-6 4.0 242 C.I. from North America


A good investment if you buy an extended warranty


First off, I'm a Jeep fan only. I do not like Mopar, but technically I'm a fan as well (Jeep is mostly Mopar).

Upon purchasing the vehicle dealer replaced: power antenna, rear lift gate shocks, and driver's side seat belt.

Within one one after purchase, the dealer paid Ammco for a transmission rebuild. I became alarmed when the transmission began shifting back and forth from second to third. Ammco discovered metal shaving were already in transmission pan. Now, it still doesn't shift quite right. It tend to stay in second a bit longer than it needs to.

About a month after the transmission, the air condition began blowing warm. Took it back to be serviced and my warranty company replaced the exhaust manifold (cracked), A/C compressor, and dryer.

Leather steering wheel is in absolute horrible shape, leather seats are in very good shape for its age.

General Comments:

With engine being completely stock I am getting reasonable gas mileage on the highway (21MPG @ 75MPH, 23MPG @ 60MPH). City gas mileage significantly less fruitful (average 16-17MPG). Engine is very torque rich, but accleration is less than expected. Despite my negatives, the straight six is by far the best engine choice (a V8 was also offered). Ask any mechanic, the I-6 is a workhorse engine that without doubt will go 200,000+ miles (this is biggest reason why I purchased).

Handling is good compared to similar sport utility vehicles. Vehicle has perhaps the best ground clearance in its class.

Options and features are incredible for the price! In 1995 this vehicle offered quite a few options that were difficult to find (heated side mirrors). The car almost drives itself for you.

This is my worse vehicle investment so far. My best after-market investment is by far the extended warranty. The transmission rebuild was $2,000, and compressor/ exhaust manifold replacement ran to $1700. In comparison my warranty was $899 (3yr/36) with no repair deductibles!

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Review Date: 9th February, 2002

1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 L I6 from North America


In my experience with this vehicle I believe it to be a true sport and utility vehicle


A/C leaked water into the rear front and rear passenger side floorboards. Easy fix with an intelligent mechanic.

Exhaust manifold split 135000 miles $$.

Water pump went out, 140000 miles, to be expected.

Transmission slipped and had other problems, fixed that with a basic transmission servicing.

Radiator leaked (I think caused by a fender bender).

Motor mount disintegrated at 150000 miles.

General Comments:

With basic maintenance this Jeep didn't have any major problems for the first 100000 miles!!

With a little TLC I expect this vehicle to last another 100000 miles or more.

The cargo area is a little cramped.

But the cab is roomy and comfortable.

This has recently become my off-road vehicle and it is a true mountain goat.

There are plenty of modifications for it to improve its off road-ability as well as improve its on road manners.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2002

1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.0L 6 cylinder from North America


Nice truck, great styling


Well where do I start? The first day I had this truck it failed to start, took it to the dealer where I got it, they replaced the fuel pump, at no cost to me. Today, after returning from store and going in the house for a few minutes, the truck doesn't start again. Now since the fuel pump has been replaced, I figure that it's not the fuel pump giving me the problem, maybe the gas gauge is off?? I will find out on Monday when it's towed back to the dealer for a check up.

Power windows don't know if they want to be up or down, they can all be controlled from the driver side, most of the time. Passenger window doesn't go down sometimes, and I have to reach over and put it down myself.

I have a slight tapping sound in the engine that sounds like a lifter needs to be adjusted, but no one at the dealer hears this at all, Myself, I can hear it a mile away.

General Comments:

This is a great truck, it has plenty of power, when it runs, and handles nice, you feel safe in this vechicle. On the other hand, the gas milage sucks...

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Review Date: 24th November, 2001

30th Jan 2002, 21:00

Buy a Chevy with a 350, then you will see gas stations more often than you ever want too. My 95 Grand Cherokee 318 is excellent compared to even my ex 97 4x4 Chevy. Tried a Tahoe also, it sucked.

10th Feb 2002, 17:55

OK, I just bought the same Jeep and my fuel pump went bad as well. I replaced it, but it does not start again. Let me know if you find out what was wrong with yours, maybe it's a general problem.

15th Jun 2002, 12:24

I recently purchase a 1995, and I have what they call a "Spark Ping", and "Cold Starting". I was told by a friend that I need to add a fuel additive to eliminate this. These symptoms are synomonus with cheap fuel, resulting in carbon build up and dirty fuel injectors. Heres hopping that this will clear up my problem. Other than that I love the vehicle, especially the toys.

10th May 2004, 21:58

Hey I recently bought a 95 Jeep Cherokee Country. The first day I had the car, it ran fine. On the second day I was driving down the road and my RPM's dropped really hard and then came right back up. I pulled over on the side of the road and lifted the hood to find that the PVC valve rubber connector had split into two parts. I have replaced that, but I am still getting the sudden drop in RPM's. The car turns over fine and idles great, but then the engine just shuts off. If anyone knows what I should try to do, e-mail me at ablesmoore@comcast.net. I would appreciate it very much.