14th Jan 2004, 22:23

Or you could just remove the "J" and add an "H".

1995 JGC Laredo, 4.0L by 70,000 miles, all of the following went wrong.

1. Replaced main computer - TWICE ~ $750 each time

2. BOTH Transmission cooler lines leaked badly - ~$650. Oh, and you can't just replace the rubber parts that leak, gotta buy the whol metal line plus rubber hose part @ about $150 each.

3. Transmission cooler elbow hoses both leak - $100 (mainly labor to just get to the things)

4. Air conditioner shot (leaks refrigerant, heard Evaporators go bad easily) - not fixed yet.

5. Same Infinity Radio problem (mind of its own) plus all speakers sound like cones are blown. Replaced with aftermarket stereo - $250, speakers still suck.

6. Idler pulley blew apart, broken fan belt wrapped around power steering pulley, luckily nothing major other than a new belt and pulley, but it did leave my girlfriend stranded and without a car for a day until I could fix it - $50

7. Crankshaft position sensor went bad - can't remember how much that cost.

8. Rear wiper HAS NOT WORKED SINCE 50,000 miles.

9. Door lock actuators have gone out starting with driver's door (you have to use two hands to open it, one to turn and hold the key, the other to push opener), then a month later, driver-side back door, now, the rear door.

10. Headlight adjustment system (plastic) got too brittle and has broken - lights just flop downward. Have to shove wooden shims in between lights and frame to keep them aiming right.

11. Gearshift has to be jiggled to start vehicle.

12. Vehicle is LOUD.

13. Chrysler sucks!

My Ford F-150 has 120,000 miles on it and have only had to replace front calipers and brakes. All in all, selling the Heep and buying an '04 Toyota Tacoma four-door TRD Package for my girlfriend.

22nd Feb 2004, 18:18

My 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee ran fine until yesterday, it has 165,000 miles. It is a complex electronic/mechanical system. It is difficult to find good advice to solve problems. I have the "starts, but won't idle problem". Found some solutions on the net and are trying them one at a time.

Windows 98 gave me more problems. It's just the age we live in.

11th Mar 2004, 11:30

Realistically, these vehicles are *old* now and unfortunately American auto-makers don't build their vehicles to last more than 7 years/100,000 miles now without major repairs... gotta keep you buying. Notice that most new car dealers don't keep any used vehicles that are more than 5 years old on the lot unless there is something exceptional about them? Every vehicle has certain glitches (some more tolerable than others) that you always find out about *after* you buy them from other owners. I bought a '95 Limited in December '02 with about 85k on it for $4400 and have been fairly happy with it all things considered. I had to put tires on it immediately (PO's fault, not Jeep's), the t-case grenaded to the tune of $1600 (the viscuous coupler is $400 alone) about a month later, but beyond that I've only had little nuisance glitches (water pump which is a normal wear item, brakes which are a normal wear item, parking brake button ejected itself, it has the phantom exhaust manifold leak, rear hatch handle linkage is out of whack). It's been the *best* snow vehicle I've ever owned (I've also owned a full-size Bronco, S-15 Jimmy, a couple of Jeep CJ-7's, and I currently own a CJ-7, CJ-8 and a 2001 Dodge Durango which I purchased new). When it snows, I walk right past the Durango and hop in the ZJ. Beyond the fact that I wouldn't care as much if it got wrecked, it's just that much of a better handling vehicle on snowy roads. I'll probably sell it this year before I have to eat a trans or deal with more piddly plastic stuff breaking, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy a newer one.

13th Jun 2004, 13:52

I don't agree with all the negative comments about jeeps. I think if that many parts are breaking it's either your fault for not maintaining it or just plain bad luck. I love my jeep, it's been in my family since it was new. We have all kept in in good shape, kept it clean, oil changes when needed, it has 237000 miles on it and hasn't failed yet. A Toyota would never compare to it! any car will have wear and tear. I will always buy American maybe some foreign (not Toyota or Honda). Chrysler is my personal favorite. If you like Toyota fine, but I'd rather support the USA. Anyway it cost more to get foreign car parts in most cases right? Think about that one. I'm going to keep my Jeep until it's totaled or no more repairs can be done.

Fords are the ones to break down the most, but I'd still pick that over Toyota, sorry I don't believe there is a good reason to buy Toyota unless you live in Japan.

17th Jun 2004, 23:44

I have owned three Jeeps over the years, and have had NO major problems with any of them.

My first encounter was a 1971 Jeep Commando. My family and I used it more off road than on, and never had a problem. I sold it only because a friend kept begging me to sell it to him, in 1991; he still has it.

My second Jeep was a 1993 Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4, and it never gave us any trouble for the 5 years we drove it, on and off road, and I sold it because my kids were too big to sit in it for long trips. We bought a Suburban LT 4x4, and are driving still today.

My third Jeep IS a 1995 Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 with the 318 cu.in, leather to the max, sound system to beat all others, and very peppy with the K&N filter system. It now has 71,000 miles on it and it purrs going 70mph-80mph. We have never had any problems with it, and I'm a strong believer that if you take care of your ride, it will take care of you and yours.

PS I also have a 1974 3/4 ton Chevy long bed with the original 454 cu.in, now 223,000, and it beats any electronic controlled truck that challenges it. American built is the best, period.

13th Jul 2004, 10:32

I have a 2000 Grand Cherokee 4.7 V-8 with 67,010 miles. By the way, I ALWAYS HAVE IT MAINTAINED) It started to get hot as the summer got underway (250 degrees) so I pulled over and opened the hood. The main fan was not spinning fast enough and I could stop the fan with a single finger while the engine was running. I brought it to Jeep and they had it for 2 weeks and couldn't find a problem with it. So, after a big argument with Jeep and showing them the problem in font of their faces, since the warranty was up 10 miles ago at 67,000, they decided to put a new fan clutch in (that only took 3.5 weeks). When I got it back it still overheated, with the same weak fan clutch problem. Jeep kept my vehicle for a total of 5.5 weeks and I still can't go anywhere with it running under 235 degrees, 245 with AC on. You'd think in todays age, Jeep could built a vehicle that runs. I know the reputation that Ford has, but my mustang that I had before for 14 years with 329,419 miles on it (no problems ever - except tires and brakes..haha) was a much better vehicle than Jeep could ever build. I hate this thing and can't wait to get rid of it to get a new Ford truck. Maybe I'll make it to the river someday with my boat, until then... I be lucky to make it to the river without my boat.