5th Dec 2002, 08:41

My 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee just spent 5 weeks in the shop. In that time, it had 4 or 5 fuel tanks replaced, was towed 3 times, had the fuel tank drained and reattached, and finally had a new fuel tank installed. As many of you already know, the fuel tank is made of plastic and the fibers from the plastic eventually ruin the fuel pump. Cost to repair was about $1,100. It would have been considerate if Chrysler had let us know about the fuel tank problem (they knew), then the cost would have been about $400. Also, the air conditioning soaks the passenger side floor. We have 3 beaters that are more dependable than this Jeep. Karen.

17th Feb 2003, 14:19

I am a 1994 Grand Cherokee owner from Turkey. I feel very happy about my vehicle, but I have a very serious problem. On the overhead console there is a compass trip computer. It suddenly stopped working. Although the reset and other buttons that is connected with the computer are responding, there appears no light and numbers in the screen. I bought a new computer card from USA with the help of my cousin, but, the new one has gone yesterday. The mechanics in Turkey don't know what to do. The electronic engineers told us that they need the electrical scheme of Motorola, which produces the microprocessor on these computers. Of course it is impossible for us to find such a scheme. Can you please help me? my e-mail address is erhandikel@yahoo.com Thank you very much for your interest.

22nd Feb 2003, 22:44

I am the original owner of a 95 grand Cherokee V8. 160000 miles. Compression is 185 on all cylinders. Water pump replaced. Brakes done twice. Ac condenser changed. Michelin tires lasted 80000 miles with quadra track. Really nothing out of the ordinary. Runs really strong. recommended!

20th Apr 2003, 23:06

I have a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited it has 144,798 and the most that's ever been done with it. Is the yearly maintenance. Only other problem is that one channel went out of the stereo if anyone knows of a place to get one please let me know


14th May 2003, 18:22

We bought a used 1995 5.2L V8 Grand Cherokee Limited in 1997 with 34,000 miles on it. OK things wear out. Wwe had a defective Valve Spring break at 66,000 Miles (bubble in the coil) - Chrysler helped with the out of pocket repair by paying 50% of the service bill.

Now it is 2003 - we had the transmission rebuilt at 160,000, replace the Power Steering pump at 196,000, replaced the water pump at 210,000, and have had a few new sets of tires on it... all expected. Oh yeah - the fan clutch went bad at 190,000 also.

We love our Jeep - wouldn't trade it for anything.

PS - it has 226,009 miles on it on May 14, 2003 - and still going strong.

14th Jun 2003, 09:57

I have a 95 Laredo that just suddenly starts shaking when your on the interstate. It takes control over the whole vehicle and almost got me in a roll over. I had to get it towed and now looked at for the 3rd time and I've had it less than a month.

12th Nov 2003, 15:19

I drive a 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with the I6 engine. I've read all these horror stories, but honestly I can't agree. There has been some costly maintenance needed, but nothing too horrible.

The CHECK ENGINE light seems stuck on nowadays. One of fault codes that the odometer shows says that the timing is over-retarded. I talked to some people about it and I learned that the XJ and ZJs are prone to the faulty camshaft position sensor. I tried searching for this part, but found nothing. I spoke to the Jeep dealer and was told that changing the distributor would get rid of the problem, and so I did. Guess what? The damn EC light still comes on and the same code shows.

My latest problem with this Jeep now is the tranny. Just now it decides not to shift to fourth gear. Checking the oil level revealed that it was short of oil, dipstick showed the oil level at 1 ~ 3mm below the ADD line. I add half a quart bringing up the level dead smack between MAX and ADD, but I'm figuring by now the damage is done. A tranny mechanic suggested that I add Lucas oil treatment and drive it for a couple of days, so I'm still trying that out. When cold it won't shift to fourth. If I try forcing OD it'll stay stuck in OD until I either shut off the engine or it'll eventually disengage by itself.

I'm hoping that re-timing the engine will get rid of the code 12 I'm getting, but I don't know what to think about the tranny problem. If anyone has any tips or advice feel free to drop me a line. Thanks.


5th Dec 2003, 10:12

I live in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and bought a 1995 LTD Grand Cherokee 3 months ago. It had 42,000 Kms when I bought it. This vehicule was obviously coming from Japan as the instruction manual and log book are showing Japanese characters. I have one recurrent problem: MISFIRING! The local dealer changed the plugs (twice) then the wire to the plugs, then recently the fuel pump. It still is misfiring to a more less degree. Do you have any idea?

With thanks, regards.


3rd Jan 2004, 16:34

I am the writer of the original post. A quick follow-up.

The plan to make it into a $33k bird bath has been put on hold. It was starting to look like a redneck lawn ornament. I fixed the transmission. $1600 got it out of Non-OP status from DMV and started fixing it up. The radio problem is getting worse, blacks out. Buttons doing odd things, terrible static now on radio. Hitting the dashboard will cause it to clear up sometimes. If anyone has the info on how to fix the radio, please email me! Regarding the engine. I have replaced the cap, rotor, plugs, wires, PCV valve and it runs pretty good, but it seems like it still needs adjustment of some sort. Engine shakes at about 1200 rpms. Operates in too low of a gear around 40 mph when giving it moderate acceleration. You have to floor it or push OD override switch on to remedy this. I am thinking that the throttle sensor is not adjusted right or something else is in need of tweaking. (My head for buying this??) Tranny repair guy was no help at all on this problem. Seems like this started after he repaired the transmission. Anyone have thoughts on this? Email Me.

Most of the broken things from my original post are still broken. No money... Oh, Add another interior problem: center console plastic shattered where it connects at floor. Too much weight I guess pushed down on it. My gripe is that the plastic is brittle and appears to be the wrong material choice for an item that needs to be more durable. My Toyota has softer plastic that will bend and give a bit, not crack and shatter like the Jeep.

Really thinking hard about removing the viscous fan completely and replacing with an electric fan. Seems to me that the viscous fan is just creating drag on the engine and creating the famous "Jeep Cherokee Roar". I hate that noise! Anyone else have the same thoughts?? Has anyone done this? Email me.

Thinking about removing the E, E, P from the hood and hatch JEEP emblems and replacing with U, N, K.

Oh and one thing I noticed on the other messages is that the people that say they have little problems and love their Jeeps, don't own the 95 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LIMITED V8. The 6 cylinder versions seem to have less problems. Guess if you have the Laredo you would also have different radios and climate controls. (Source of many problems)

Anyone that is good with performance tips on this vehicle, email me. I have a service manual on this Jeep if I can be of any help for anyone else. - Dave - dave1536@pacbell.net.