13th Dec 2005, 15:33

My 2000 GCL is great! I bought it with 38K on the 4.0 six and in excellent shape from the 2nd owner in July. I did have trouble with the front brakes, but not as others have - the local O'Reilly's didn't stock the pads for the improved rotors on my GCL but other vendors showed both sets in stock. I do have the buzzing lock problem and lousy key fob remote. However, the rest of the vehicle is superb. My advice is to have patience and seek out a decent Jeep mechanic to solve your issues. More importantly prior to purchase is have the vehicle examined by someone who knows Jeeps. Then head to Camp Jeep or any of the regional jamborees and see what your Jeep can really do!

15th Dec 2005, 13:45

I had the same brake rotor problem with my '00 JCG Laredo. I've been through five sets of rotors so far. The dealer discounted the labor, and got the fourth set of parts free out of D-C, but not the fifth. Lousy design.

I had the "pull to the right" problem mentioned by the posters above, and repeated alignment checks didn't solve it. But I finally got new tires (around the 50K mileage mark) and decided to replace the crappy Goodyears with Bridgestone Dueller AT/REVOs. I didn't expect the problem to go away, but it did, instantly, and hasn't returned, and now we're at 65K. I don't know why the tires caused the problem -- I rotated them, etc. and it still pulled right. But it's gone now.

29th Dec 2005, 11:37

I posted above on 13th Dec 2005, 15:22 regarding the coolant leak and various other problems. I had the water pump replaced and the coolant leak has been solved. Wonder how long it will last, though? The mechanic said it was real obvious, once he accessed the pump, but based on the location of where coolant seemed to be coming from, the leak was a mystery until I reported the comments here to my mechanic.

Tire rotation seems to alleviate the "alignment" issues. I also have high-quality tires now and it's much better than when I had mid-grade tires on.

19th Oct 2007, 19:47

Sorry that you guys feel very negative about your jeep I have a 99 GCL and it runs great just keep up maintenance and buy your self some wrangler tire's.

22nd Oct 2007, 07:11

I have a 1999 Grand Cherokee Limited with 102,000m after purchasing it used 3 1/2 years ago. It is certainly not a Lexis when it comes to interior quality, but it has been generally reliable.

It is the little things that fail that I find difficult to explain. As a 'world-class' car (one that is distributed throughout the world), how is it it that the windows fail; the A/C unit (doors) malfunction; the "Air bag light" comes on for no apparent reason; the brake rotors (and calipers) are faulty by design; and the transmission leaks and 'wines'?

I fixed the recurring front Rotor Warp by installing high-performance (slotted/drilled) rotors to vent the heat. The problem has not re-occurred. (Chrysler finally attracted a class-action suit)

My current problem is that there is a Coolant Leaks from (I believe) the left-hand side of the Radiator... let's see how extensive a repair this is..

I will not be buying another Jeep.

1st Nov 2007, 14:07

I have a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.

Funny thing is that my rear left side passenger window is acting up. I will roll down perfectly, but won't roll back up. I usually have to open and shut the door a couple times or give it a lil bang on the door panels???

Yeah so I have to get in there and check it out.

6th Nov 2007, 17:30

I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, I bought it new in 1999 it now has almost 100,000 miles on it. I must love this car or I would have got rid of it years ago.

We have had the brakes replaced too many times to count.

It has 2 locks that make a awful noise and doesn't work.

The air bag light is chimming and going off and on.

We had to have the radiator replaced last month.

2 months ago when we would apply brakes with the headlights on the brake lights would go off. When that happens the entire brake light has to be replaced we needed both.

Other than that I love my Jeep.

27th Dec 2007, 21:16

To the person with the 102,000 miles 3 and 1/2 years ago:

Used cars have issues. Nothing lasts forever. If you want no problems, then lease a car. A use car with no payments means payments to repair it. If you want a Lexus, go buy one.

If you won't buy another Jeep, what will you buy that won't have the same (or worse) problems?

I have had lots of cars, all have their own little issues.

28th Jan 2008, 13:52

1999 Grand Cherokee. Ever hear a clunk when you hit a bump coming from the rear end? There is a ball joint connection on the top of the diff that bolts to the control arm. It is not listed as part of the control arm. It requires the end of the bolt shaft to be held with a wrench, while the nut is tightened down. If this nut is loose the bolt will allow the control arm to bounce against the top of the diff. This problem becomes even worse if any type of lift (even 2" spacer lift) is put on the jeep. If you jack up the rear end by the frame- not by the axle you can see the separation on the top of the rear differential. It is difficult to tighten if the shaft of the bolt has been damaged. This design is to allow the rear axle to shift up and down on the left or right side on uneven terrain. With the weight of the vehicle sitting on it you cannot see it at all. I noticed it while bolting on a class 3 hitch. Sound was driving me nuts to that point. Mine is damaged, and keeps working loose. I'm going to try a nylon lock nut to replace the present nut to see if it will hold better.

8th Mar 2008, 00:13

I have never heard so many complaints about a greatly built vehicle... as far as the brakes, your mechanics are not brandishing in the new pads and rotors. This will glaze the pads and rotors making them junk from the start. I suggest you learn a little about taking care of vehicles and how the components work. I work on all of my stuff myself. I own a 99 GCL with 150k miles on it. no major problems, just basic service at required times. a little knowledge and common sense will make you a happy jeep owner. I owned a XJ Sport and had 250 k on it when I sold it, still going 5 years later.

All machines break down, compare the price of parts from jeep to japanese vehicles.

31st May 2008, 15:08

OK, if your Jeep pulls to the right, what do you do? I've seen so many questions like that; what you do is go to a dealership and get your front end realigned.

The 99 Grand Cherokee I have is fantastic!! It is super fast and very fun to drive.