6th Nov 2004, 11:19

My cruise control suddenly has failed to operate, the problem is that it will not engage at all. Is there an easy check to perform, before taking it to the dealer for repair?

2nd Sep 2005, 18:03

Well we've had just about every problem that is mentioned in all of these comments. I haven't seen any thing about swaying! Our jgc has a lot of play in the front end and sways a lot when you recover from over steering. I ve had just about every thing checked from ball joints to sway bar links, no one seems to Know whats wrong. Has any one else had this problem? The dealer tells me this is normal!

18th Dec 2006, 09:45

Ah, the beloved 2000 Jeep GC. Someone wrote about "play" in the front end and sway when over steering etc. Well, I too had that problem and found out from my Jeep only mechanics that for whatever reason with Jeep GC's you should only put on OEM shocks on the vehicle.,.. and I mean specific to your VIN#. Get it exact. After market shocks (which I had put on) cause sway and the car will simply not handle as well. I replaced them with OEM shocks and it handled much better.

13th Jan 2008, 18:03

I found out the swaying in the steering was the hidrovac.

8th Apr 2009, 13:52

I've had a Grand Cherokee Laredo with the 4.7L V8 since it was new in 2000. It currently has 162,000 miles on it and I've never had any real problems with it. I had to replace the water pump when I had the 90,000 mile service done, and that's to be expected. I replaced the front rotors two or three times in it's life, and I replaced shocks and struts at about 145,000 miles. Overall it's been a great vehicle. I think the V8 is the key to longevity with the Grand Cherokee. You never really have to push the engine to the max to get what you want. Even at 162,000 miles it runs strong.

2nd Sep 2009, 23:09

2nd owner of a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Laredo, first being my parents. Serious brake problems, then thinking master cylinder. Went back to the dealership 3 times, being that when I left, I lost my brakes. Now we have gone through brake pads and rotors like they're going out of style.

65,000 miles, now transmission needs seals and torque converter, crazy money besides doors creaking, buzzers from the electronic door and windows making crazy noises! A real lemon!!!

30th Sep 2010, 09:13

I have a 2000 Cherokee Laredo.

Three times in a year the steering wheel would severely wobble at about 45 MPH. The wheels were balanced, front alignment and fluid levels among checking the usual things. It still wobbles once in a while.

Has anyone solved this problem? Please write to me at: coffeygrounds@att.net