7th Jan 2010, 15:59

Just bought myself a nice 1996 Jeep GC Laredo 2 months ago, just invested $900.00 on repairs on it so far and I'm sure I'm not done yet, but hey, what do you expect!! 14 years old!!

One of the first thing invested in, was a code reader, second thing was to learned as much as I could about that vehicle (forums). Third, even if the Jeep was running great, I did some preventing maintenance ($900) and will continue to do so.

Heck, I used to own a Nissan Murano that was costing me $1100.00 a months worth of payments and that's without the cost of insurance.

There's no free lunch when you want to own this type of vehicle.

So for me, I would rather pay $300. worth of preventing maintenance a month ($3600 a year) then $13,200.

Actually, I used to own a 1987 (bought in 1997) Grand Wagoneer for five years that was costing me an average of $800 a year to maintained, but had to let it go because of rust :(

The trick is, get ahead of your maintenance and you will be laughing at the bank.

My Jeep is not perfect but I love it :) And it's paid :)


25th Mar 2010, 05:50

My 96 Jeep Cherokee Laredo started stalling at 152k. I changed the crank sensor, tuned it up, it appears and disappears. The engine runs fine; I just can't shake the gremlins.

blackfish@yahoo.com if you can help

22nd Aug 2010, 16:39

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (bought it at 24K miles). We now have 276,000 miles on it. Great auto so far. The sunroof will not work now, and I leave it plugged in (motor heater) to have better shifting when cold.

Other than that, over the life of the car, brakes, tires, wipers, oil and trans oil flush when needed (or even done when date due), water pump, 3 timing belts, radiator, catalytic converter, shocks.

For that many miles, these costs would be incurred on any auto.

16th Sep 2010, 13:49

Have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with UpCountry package (factory lift, skid plates and tow hooks) that I bought new 14 years ago. 145,000 miles.

I had the exhaust manifold problem, but replaced it with Thorley headers for half the expense of an OEM replacement manifold, and have never looked back. Added a high flow cat converter and Flowmaster exhaust coupled with a K&N cone filter, vortex throttle body spacer and Jet performance chip, and she's run problem free ever since.

Followed the owner's manual on all other services, and have had no problems.

10th Nov 2010, 05:58

1996 GC hunter green, 4.0 with 150,000 miles.

I paid 10 grand 6 years ago.

It needed sensors/calipers/brakes, and now has some rear wiper motor needs.

I do my own OBD testing/repairs. I own it and think I might trade it? Fixing things comes with owning a vehicle.

Like others, I neglected looking around/researching prior to buying. I see finding parts/repairing as a challenge.

I enjoy the ride/looks of my vehicles.

Keeping my Jeep in order is not so bad, really.

Two options; payments or fix it up. I like plan B!!!

Good luck with your Jeeps. American made is best in my humble opinion. Self taught is cool.


22nd Nov 2010, 13:47

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, 6 cyl, 2wd. This has actually been a pretty darn good car for me. I bought it new in '96 and it now has over 240K miles on it. I did have to replace the transmission at about 105K, but that's been it mechanically. I now have an electrical problem that (in searching this site) was seen by someone else years ago. The dash lights go in and out while I'm driving, and if I push on the headlight switch, they come back on. So I just ordered a new headlight switch module to the tune of $120. Hope that fixes it.

24th Nov 2010, 16:32

I have a 96 Grand Laredo 5.2 all wheel, and need to replace the power steering gear box. Do I have to pull radiator to replace the gear box? Is there a trick to this replacement?

18th Apr 2011, 16:53

My 1996 Grand Cherokee 4X4 now has a problem with the courtesy lights staying on. As long as the engine is on, the lights are off, but as soon as I turn off the ignition, the lights all come on and STAY on. The little red alarm light no longer comes on and the horn doesn't 'beep' when I hit the lock on the fob. The information panel next to the gear shift no longer has any lights. It used to indicate problems with lights, doors, etc. ANY ideas?

2nd Jun 2011, 19:56

Rotors, had the same issue...

14th Dec 2011, 13:34

Replace the crankshaft position sensor.

21st Feb 2012, 19:01

There are two screws in the front part of your PCM, that need to be replaced with 1/4 inch screws.

30th Oct 2016, 18:10

The transmission shift problem is a bad governor pressure switch and solenoid.

15th Mar 2019, 18:27

Cool, these vehicles are good, no question about it, but I have two problems with mine:

1. When I put my turn signal on, the light flashes outside but not inside, then later (after maybe about 20 minutes) they start working on the dash.

2. Also when I take off on it will bog down like it didn't shift right.


By the way you can send me an e-mail at tit.ro@hotmail.com