1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 Limited 4.0 from UK and Ireland


A Jeep ain't cheap - but it's worth it


Rear lights cut out every now and then - I just wiggle the cable around every couple of months and they work fine.

Loose rubber trim around doors.

Heated river's mirror mists over and controls can stick.

Air conditioning gave up the ghost ages ago.

General Comments:

A few irritating electrical niggles haven't really detracted from what is overall a great 4x4.

It's got every luxury you could want - mine has optional power sunroof and CD stack - and performs pretty good. It's swift off the lights and you can sit on the motorway wafting along at 80 with the engine just ticking over at 1500 revs.

If there was one thing I'd change, I guess it'd be the fuel consumption - it averages out around 17mpg (although the computer did once read 21 - is this a record?) But then you can't go shopping for an American 4x4 and expect it to run on fresh air.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2003

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 5.2L V8 from North America


Overpriced underachiever


Factory paint faded on rear side panel vents (exterior).

Hydraulic fluid leak. Replace hydraulic high pressure hoses and fittings.

General Comments:

Comfortable car to drive. Very reliable on contaminated roadways, but don't even think about going off road. Chrysler quality control is lacking. Jeep service dealer in Vancouver, Washington is the main reason I will never purchase another Jeep product.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2002

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lerado I6 from North America




I have had nothing really bad go wrong with my jeep.

I had to replace the water pump at 68,000 miles; it was about a 150-dollar job. Replaced the radiator at 75,000 miles, it cost a lot something like 300 dollars. I just replaced the entire break system including the rotors; break bands, disks, and something else to do with the brakes. It cost around 400 dollars to fix. My back wiper doesn't work AT ALL I have to open the door to get it to go back to its sitting possession. The back glass rattles loudly which I believe it is in the locking part, but I'm not completely sure. The stereo receiver has a none lighted display, but still sounds AWESOME. When taking off on the freeway or express way it, just for a split second, will think about what it's doing, but then it gets its act together. The front suspension is a little noise, and jeep could have made it ride just a little better because if you get on the freeway and get a little bump you sure can feel it. But over all it has plenty of power.

General Comments:

I love my car it is really good to me it works great and hasn't had too many problems. Looks great and drives like a million dollars.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2002

7th Sep 2004, 08:19

I also own a GRAND CHEROKEE, but mine is a LAREDO version. I've been having similar problems. My rear wiper doesn't work either. It, also, has stereo problems. For example; the speakers are blown out, but not from being played loudly. It's from the speakers not built with enough quality put into them. I only have front and rear passenger side speakers working. I also agree with the hesitation when accelerating. Although, You state that it bogs down. Mine lunges. As if it thinks it's a got a little bit of HEMI power in its blood line. I also have found that the 4-wheel drive is pretty violent and was poorly thought thru. Ex-specially when turning the wheels while in 4x4 mode. Overall, It's not that bad. I love when I get it down near an eighth of a tank of gas. For some reason, maybe due to weight, that JEEP really opens up and shows off. Mostly on acceleration and shifting.

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo V6 from North America


A great way to waste your time and spend your money


The problems started as soon as I bought my car.

First, there was and still is some sort of electrical problem where all the lights go from bright to dim repeatedly. They were never able to fix this no matter how many times I brought it in.

Then one of the doors started getting stuck. Again, they couldn't fix it. Still gets stuck.

Next was the running boards discolored within months of ownership and some of the interior molding needed to be replaced on 3 doors because it was defective.

I had to have the transfer case replaced which is unusual and very expensive.

The rear wiper does not work anymore.

The CD player does not always play or eject the CDs.

The exhaust manifold is cracked and need to be replaced. This is another very expensive defect that seems to be common in Jeeps according to my mechanic.

My power steering pump died and I had to get towed. Have had my serp belt replaced twice.

There was a recall for the front brake rotors. I had already had the pleasure of my brakes falling apart on my way to work.

Had a defective steering damper.

Had to replace broken track bar bolt.

I need major work on my A/C.

I have had numerous other problems.

Car has lost all pickup and repeated trips to the dealer have not resulted in any increased performance.

General Comments:

I love the way my Jeep looks, but it is a bottomless pit of maintenance problems. Next time I'm getting a Toyota.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2002

1st Feb 2003, 20:45

I have a problem. I changed the wires, distributor cap, coil, and rotor, and my car cuts off when I drive it, but after about 10 - 15 minutes, it will start up again. Will you let me know what's wrong with it? Thank you in advance.


15th Dec 2003, 12:14

The description of my vehicle seems to be very characteristic of 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee's; the interior lights dim and brighten without reason, the doors don't always lock and one of the door sometimes doesn't unlock, the rear wiper doesn't always work. I had the catalytic converter replaced at the manufacturer's expense, I've had second gear replaced at my expense--BIG MONEY. Sometimes my heater blower accelerates when I accelerate up an incline and most recently I am undergoing repair to the rear end. Other than these issues, so far I love my Jeep Grand Cherokee and I am hoping I don't have any more issues, it really takes a lot of money to keep a vehicle on the road.