1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 Liter 6 cylinder from North America


First car? Need some room? Grand Cherokee should be near the top of your list!


I have not have many things go wrong with this car at all. There has been a flat tire and a leaky radiator at 68,000 miles that was replaced in 3 days my a dealer, and that's about it!

General Comments:

This Jeep has been really great to me! I bought it with 45k on it and it now has 75k. It's black, and looks very ritsy when it gets waxed which is about weekly.

It's an all around great car, although I feel that Jeep could have put more than a 4 Liter in it, it tends to lug when you step on the pedal (it's really not the fastest in the herd).

We trust Jeep so much after this car that we just bought a new Wrangler also. I find that this car is too big for me anymore, being that my daughter moved out and all I have is a son, so we don't need the room, and I am probably looking into a Lexus ES.

I am looking for somthing faster, this Jeep is not something that you would want to get after a sports car, there is nothing sportsy about them. They do not have the greatest handling as you would expect, but you can still take some turns at semi-high speeds.

Right after I bought it in 1999, the prices on these dropped drastically, so watch out for the price drops too! I learned mine the hard way.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2002

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.2L V-8 from North America


Right size, right power and fun to drive!


Stereo head unit in dash was replaced at 34,000 miles (under factory warranty).

Rear window wiper motor replaced at 45,000 miles (under extended factory warranty).

Anti-lock brake hydraulic valve assembly replaced at 72,000 miles (under extended factory warranty). Good thing this was warrantable as it cost $1925 to repair.

Left front hub & wheel bearing assembly replaced at 74,000 miles (under extended factory warranty).

Driver's door mirror replaced (wouldn't return to normal from dimming effect) at 74,150 miles (under extended factory warranty).

General Comments:

When I purchased my Jeep new, I didn't even think twice about the $900 for the 7 year/100 thousand mile extended warranty. I thought I might need it for the differentials or transmission. And certainly until the anti-lock brake hydraulic valve for the left front failed (you have to replace the entire unit), Chrysler Corporation was ahead on the ledger sheet. This has been a very good vehicle.

Please keep in mind that my Jeep has been towed behind my coach for another 30,000 miles and the above problems are the ONLY difficulties I've encountered.

I drive it off-pavement approximately 2,500 miles a year. At 72,000 I installed the K & N complete Air-Ram system and what a difference that makes. K & N indicated the Jeep could expect a 23.69 horsepower improvement and by the seat of the pants theory, I sense they are correct. At the same mileage I installed Edelbrock Performance shocks. Wish I would have put them in at 1,000 miles. They are that good!!

The stock Goodyear Eagle LS tires do wear quickly, however, they are an extremely comfortable ride. I presently have a set of Michelin LTX's and while they are a competent tire, they certainly are not as much fun on twisty pavement as the Goodyear's. Off-pavement the Michelin's are a far better choice (and they are wearing better also).

After almost six years and 75,000 miles, there isn't a squeak or a rattle anywhere in the vehicle, which allows me to continue to enjoy the Infinity Gold, 12 Speaker sound system and the security of thought about my family's safety and comfort.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2002

4th Jan 2003, 04:23

I, myself have a 96 Jeep ZJ that is very fun to drive, in general. But what I would really like to know is if the Infinity Gold 12 Speaker System was a factory option for the 96 Grand Cherokee Limited, or did you have to have that installed yourself; and if you could let me know where the location of all 12 speakers would be, if there is two amplifiers, or one big one also if you did have this installed yourself, out of curiosity how much did this run you.

I also have the Gold Series Infinity Stereo, but I have only 6 speaker system that still sounds better than the majority of the Bose Stereos that they have in a lot of GM vehicles. "And if it was possible for me to get a 12 speaker system I wouldn't have to worry about the rest of those GM vehicles what-so-ever."

13th Mar 2003, 20:51

I apologize Steven... I have a ten speaker system, not a twelve. I added the four speaker bar in the rear way back that was standard on the '97's. I use the power in the head unit to drive them. Very nice fill effect! I was told by my car stereo guru (Street Noise - San Diego) he installed a multichannel McIntosh amp and new Focal Kevlar spkrs. in my Lexus GS400, that to improve the sound in the Jeep would require giving up more space in the back than I was willing and would cost up wards of $2,500.

I have now driven it 95K and have had to replace the gear and bearing set in the front differential. This was replaced at a total cost of $50 under the extended warranty.

I have 5,000 miles and one month left on the warranty. Have one more major trip (1700 miles) in the next 30 days, let's see what happens.

Just replaced the Michelin's with a set of Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo's. Not as stiff as the LTX's, but, very responsive and quiet for an off-road/all-terrain tire..

Hope this helps.