1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Niggly, annoying, comfortable, fast 4x4


Approved Used Jeep arrived with the following faults:

Blown stereo speakers.

Cracked wing mirror.

Broken luggage cover.

Sand in the headlights.

Gear box skipping third gear. Three visits to the dealer changing ratios. No change. Gearbox pressure sensor changed after a request by me (from web site advice).

Front brake rotor warped (dealer suggested I was driving badly, had done three thousand city miles since purchase???) I have had a Nissan Sunny company car, covered 100,000 driving like a maniac, including off road in Africa no problems with the brakes?

Seat memory failed.

Mirror memory still intermittent.

Front suspension very noisy until the third visit to the dealer.

Brakes still squeak loudly.

Other minor niggles.

General Comments:

Don't go near dealers in the UK. Warranty is difficult to enforce. Expect to at least have niggles, at worst major problems. No apologies forthcoming from the dealer for repeated gearbox and suspension visits under the warranty.

I like the car, has a good engine, comfy, and good on long journeys. Had intended to take it to Africa, but reliability is a BIG question mark. Maybe Toyota next time.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2001

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.0 from North America


Jeep total cost of ownership and reliability are VERY POOR


Seat warmer out at 24k, VIC center out at 25k, tires replaced at 26k, intake gasket shot at 29k, transmission replaced at 42k, bushings at 44k, water pump and radiator at 45k. Car costs over $2,000/year to repair. Previous Jeep was the same. Buyers beware.

Right rear slip differential groans when cold on the first left turn. Still no cure.

General Comments:

I can't tell if I have a lemon or I am being serviced by an unethical dealer. $2000/year in repairs costs compared to $200/year or $1000 total 5 years repair costs anticipated in industry journals I reviewed before I bought the product. What is your experience of annual repair costs?


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Review Date: 10th March, 2001

28th Feb 2002, 20:19

I agree! We have had this Jeep less than two years and we have replace the exhaust system, installed new tires, a new radiator, and now the transmission is going. Our Jeep is a 1996 Grand Cherokee Limited and I love the vehicle. However, it does seem like a lot of things are going wrong. Also, our drivers seat warmer does not work!

28th Nov 2002, 16:37

I purchased my 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee new and have kept up with the scheduled maintenance. However, when I took it to the dealership to install a secondary safety detent system to correct a safety recall. The technician reported that I had the following problems: front and rear rotor and pads needs to be replaced, throttle body injection needs cleaning, transmission line, couplers and pan needs replacing, transfer case needs to be resealed, front pinon seal leaking, front ball joints needs to be replaced and exhaust manifold cracked.

The vehicle has 81852 highway miles. I'm assuming that the more mileage I have the more problems I will have along the road.

I finally pay the vehicle off next month and going to be looking to purchase a new vehicle in the new year.


8th Aug 2004, 12:43

I have been driving this vehicle for over 4 years now; my father was the previous owner. At almost 70,000 miles to date I really cannot find any major problems with my jeep. I remember a few years ago I had a problem with the front axle making a loud noise when I turned exiting my driveway, but I think that was from my brother mishandling the vehicle.

I absolutely love driving my jeep; it's so useful for moving large items inside the vehicle and behind it on the trailer hitch.

I know there have been many fixable safety recalls on the vehicle, but I have had no problem with any of the listed troubles.