30th Nov 2002, 09:26

I purchased new a '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with the V-8. I paid for the Tow prep pkg which included a Heavy Duty Radiator. I replaced it before it began to leak at 167,000 miles. I have the original windshield washer motor, drive train is intact and runs like new. The engine has never been opened. I currently have 176,000 miles on this very durable, comfortable and useful vehicle. I would buy another in, ' a heart beat' if I ever need to. Right now that day seems a long way off. I also use only 100% synthetic lubricants in the engine, transmission, transfer case, differentials, and grease. The engine will burn 1 quart of oil in about 6000 miles, but then it is 0W-30 weight oil. Nothing leaks. I change my oil every 8000 to 10,000 miles about once every 6 months. It also still has the original shocks front and rear (I have the Up-Country suspension option) I have No rust damage and I live in New York, where they salt the roads, I don't garage the vehicle. It's outside 24/7. The set of original tires went 90,000 miles +. This is a great SUV!

27th Feb 2003, 20:45

I just purchased my second 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. The first one I owned was the second best car I have ever owned, second to a BMW 5 Series. It was way ahead of its time then and it's still a great ride. I plan to keep this one until I can't drive anymore and that's not going to happen any time soon.

9th Mar 2003, 18:17

I just love my money-draining Grand Cherokee 1994. It sends me to the shop about every six months. Only 75k on the car, and I have already had to change the starter, water pump, and lid shocks (this holds the back lid up, or is supposed to). Forget the leather seats or tightening the seat belts so your body will not slide down and join your feet at the gas pedal. This is probably the last Jeep I'll buy. I have never owned a car that drops one quart of oil every 3k miles before. I'll never get black again either.

18th Mar 2003, 06:14

I just bought my first '94 Grand Cherokee 5.2L. This car was imported to Kuwait and now is running in Bahrain. Despite having been in extremely harsh conditions and no maintenance performed by the first owner, this Jeep still looks solid, but is difficult to maintain due to the absence of qualified mechanics and the incredible cost of parts ( the A/C heat exchanger cost US$520!!). I haven't been able to find anyone to help me with the problem of excessive heat coming inside the vehicle from the front (near the gearbox) either. Thanks for any help.

Carlos Santos.

19th May 2003, 18:11

MY goodness! I purchased a used 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and it has treated me well, except for the radiator leaks and some door electricity issues. Nice care, but would not buy another one.

6th Dec 2003, 19:59

You people 'complaining' about having to replace a part like a rear door support strut and the Jeep is 10 years old! How long do you think they should last. A water pump? A starter? You've GOT to be kidding!

20th Jan 2004, 12:52

I've owned my 94 Jeep now for over a year. I use to own a 93 jeep, but rolled it in a ditch. At first I wasn't going to get another Jeep because of the high roll over rate, but after driving in comfort and style I had to buy another. The only problem I have is the indicator says that a rear light is out and all of my lights work. The indicator is annoying, but my truck has been great and dependable to me. Im sticking with Jeep!!

11th Feb 2004, 13:54

We bought our '94 Grand Cherokee 5 yrs ago with 109K on it because it drove like new (tight steering, good ride & power). Nothing has changed in the 110K we've put on it even with the original shocks. A few repairs like a radiator 4 years ago, AC condenser three years ago, brakes two years ago, catalytic coverter and a couple of oil leaks. We did have to have the transmission overhauled at 215K, but that was at least partially my fault because I didn't get it checked when the torque converter started acting a little funny 20K miles earlier. So a $300 repair became a $2000 overhaul. But it should be good for another 200K. The straight six uses nary a drop of oil and with the 2WD, we get about 26MPG on the highway (23 with the AC on). Best SUV for the buck. Love the stereo and the trip computer on the overhead console. Love just about everything about it.

10th Dec 2004, 10:42

I bought a Jeep Limited 94 in September and since the day I saw it I have been in love. The leather and the dash and power seats and great sound is enough comfort for me. I beleive Jeep vehicles are exceptional vehicles and deserve a higher rating, I am very proud to say I own a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, its well worth the money and I suggest for the best SUV with great power, speed and style, buy the Jeep. I LOVE IT.

11th Dec 2006, 18:25

I'm laughing at some of the comments I've seen here slamming Jeep Grand Cherokees. If you buy a used vehicle with 100K on it and have no idea if it was taken care of and then have a few bugs to work out, you blame Jeep for that??? Anyways, I have a '94 Limited 5.2 which I purchased nearly 6 yrs ago with 122K on it. It now has 208K with original drive train. I have done some maintenance to it such as one OD solenoid in the transmission (50 bucks), radiator, A/C evaporator (that one was hard!), fuel pump, shocks, brakes, rotors, front CV boots, rear axle and bearing/seal. These are to be expected when the vehicle is beyond it's life span and you want to keep running it. I love the thing and would buy a new one for sure if I had 42K laying around. Otherwise, I'm quite happy to maintain my daily driven Limited with 208K on it. As an additional note, I am going to rebuild the trans within the next 6 mos, but with 208K on an automatic that hasn't been rebuilt yet??? That is phenomenal service! I do my own wrenching and apart from the distributor being close to the firewall, everything is pretty decent to service in my opinion.

22nd Jan 2007, 01:37

I just bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 94 from a dealership. Aside from having 75,000 miles, it's a great first car for me. The only things that I need to replace is the Lid Shocks (it got cold here at the beach so they started to slip), the Remote Key Lock and Unlock and the windshield wipers both front and rear. The previous owners used it as their second car and never took it off road. The dealership replaced front and rear brake pads and changed the oil, transmission fluid, and the master window control switches. For $8900 out the door, it wasn't a bad deal (this included a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty, DMV fees etc...) So far I haven’t had and problems, and hope to have this car for another 75,000 miles.

24th Apr 2007, 21:06

OK... in 2000 I bought a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited on Friday, April 13, and hence the name "Lucky" stuck with the vehicle.

On the first test drive, I knew I needed to change the CV joints, so no surprise there. The Jeep had 112,000 miles when I bought it.

A redneck neighbor went from windshield down the driver's side with an axe a few months after I bought it, so I had to replace 3 pieces of glass, the steering wheel, and fix a dent on the column between the doors.

2001, the transmission went out... the Quadra-trac all-time all-wheel drive made the repairs costly.. about $3000. 2003, the oil pump became VERY clogged and shut the engine down. I didn't have time to repair it right away, so the jeep sat un-turned for 3 years... I finally made the repair and she started 3rd crank... with the same old gas in it.

I love this Jeep... I actually prefer this model to the newer Grand Cherokees. The epitome of comfort, and the most capable off-road vehicle I have ever owned, and I've owned many. I hope I have this Jeep for many years to come.

7th Nov 2007, 19:22

I Bought a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited about 6 months ago.

I got it for 3000 with 162000 miles. on it.

I have put about $800 (doing all work myself) into it, but, it is still worth it. Plugs, Wires, Distributor, Rotor, Fuel Pump, Brakes and Rotors, Alternator and Battery.

Some of the "repairs" were preventative maintenance.

If you maintain these vehicles they will last a long time, service it when you notice the problem, not after.

Excellent ride, all time 4wd in an area with 25+ feet of snow a year is VERY nice.