5th Nov 2003, 16:05

My daughter is facing a $3,500 bill from a local Jeep dealership to replace the transmission on her 1994 Grand Cherokee Laredo, which she bought from them only five months ago. The transmission failed while she and her friend were driving down a flat, level highway obeying the 65 mph speed limit. The Jeep name is supposed to mean it's a tough vehicle, but it's outrageous to lose a transmission this way. I suppose I could understand if she was towing a 2-ton boat or 4-wheeling up a steep mountain. My college-student daughter is faced with a huge repair bill on a vehicle that is now worth nothing. Thanks a lot, Jeep and Chrysler.

16th Dec 2003, 15:47

We are currently dealing with problems regarding our 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. We already had a repair done to the "rear end" because of a very loud sound like humming coming from that area. The repair was over $2000. Now it's the transmission. The estimate we got today on the transmission is between $2200-$2500.The transmission specialist said it's a "direct clutch failure." When we first take off in the morning, it will not shift. The RPM races like it's stuck. The specialist said it's getting stuck between 2nd and 3rd, and it is an automatic. Has anyone had any luck trying to contact Chrysler about these problems? A friend of ours who sells Jeeps said that these are the two most prominent problems in these vehicles. Another friend who is a Jeep mechanic said the same thing. We have heard about and read so much on these problems with the 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, but does anyone know if Chrysler has acknowledged these problems to the public? If so, we'd sure like to hear if any progress has been made through them for repair costs or recalls. If so, please email us at: bridgesfam79@aol.com.

16th Feb 2004, 11:28

Oh boy. I wish I had seen this site 5 weeks ago BEFORE I paid $5000 for a 94 GC Laredo. It had low miles, only 83K and all the bells and whistles, and had some work done on it already - which I took as a good sign actually. "Stuff I won't have to worry about, that's good..." Until on day 36 of ownership, the transmission went. $2300 later, and after a whopping 3-days of having it back, it started hesitating and lurching, with the RPM's racing, as soon as I got around 20 mph. Right back to the repair shop, where they are still trying to determine if it was a new part that went bad, or was bad, when they rebuilt the darn thing. I'm actually hoping that's the case, since the thought of replacing other parts and sinking more money into a car I've had less than 60 days, doesn't thrill me. I've been debating whether it's better to bail on it now, and just take the loss, or whether this transmission fix will be the end of it and I'll be able to drive it happily and safely (and reliably) for another 3 or so years, when I had planned to "retire" it and use it only for trailering my small boat or hauling bigger stuff around. Any input or insight, let me know. I had no idea transmissions were such a problem with Jeeps. And as the fuel and water pump have already been replaced, I'm hoping I've dodged those bullets! Never again with a Jeep - never, never, never.

17th Jun 2004, 12:19

I just bought a '99 Grand Cherokee Laredo with a V8 and quadra-trac. It has a vibration when it accelerates hard and has a roaring sound that I believe is coming from the front wheels. I bought this vehicle because my wife and I are having a baby and we need something "reliable". But from what I have read... I am terrified of these possible problems and the expenses!

Anymore, vehicles cost SO much to purchase new and used vehicles have a ridiculous amount of costly problems. Sometimes I question manufactures, when a car with under 70k miles can have $1000's worth of repairs necessary.

27th Aug 2004, 19:24

I also have a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that I purchased new, 5 yrs ago. I have taken my jeep in for ALL required service every 3000 miles, almost to the mile. It is kept perfectly clean and maintained, and I have had NOTHING, but MAJOR problems.

1) at 40,000 miles the rear caliper (just that one) started locking onto my rotor and damaged it, so I had to shell out $150 for 2 new rear calipers.

2) at 55,000 miles, the transmission started making a horrible noise, and I was told it needed to be rebuilt. After dealing with my warranty company for ELEVEN days, they finally rebuilt it for $2400.

3) at 65,000 miles the rear differential also started making a VERY loud grinding noise. My extended warranty company (which is good until 90k miles) would not cover this $1200 dollar expense to rebuild my rear differential.

4) at 68,000 miles, the driver side window refused to roll down. That was another $250 dollar repair.

5) at 77,000 miles I started to have electrical problems and one by one the backlights for my instrument panel started going out, as well as an intermittent problem with my right rear brake light…it would work one day, and not the next. I have checked the light itself and it is not loose, I have also changed the bulb numerous times, but still the problem persists.

6) at 82,000 miles, the jeep is now starting to make another very loud whining noise when I drive over 20mph. If it turns out to be the transmission AGAIN, then I will have to pay another $2400 dollars for a rebuild, because the dealer only covered the last repair for 12,000 miles, which has already come and gone.

If jeep does not make this right, for what seems to be a large portion of 99 jeep owners, I will never buy another jeep product. This situation is inexcusable.

11th Oct 2004, 10:20

I recently purchased a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with 79,564 miles. Well a month has passed with an additional 2,500 miles and I have to replace the transmission. Needless to say I am very upset. I thought I was purchasing a reliable vehicle. If only I had known I would have kept my 2000 Honda Accord which had 177,000 miles and I have never had any problems out of it.

27th Jul 2005, 00:17

O.K. so my story is a little different from everyone’s. My parents owned a 99 jeep grand cherokee larado. About two years ago after a horrible experience with at Honda passport (being towed three times in two months) I sold the Honda and took my parents car. My family is a jeep family and we love our vehicles. All together out of 5 cars 3 are jeeps. For the past two years I have had no problems out of the jeep. However about two weeks ago I took it on a trip. On the way back it would automatically kick out of cruise control and the check engine light came on. This is the first time I have seen this light since I got the car. I got scared especially since when I had the Honda I saw it every month for 3 years. My mechanic said I got bad gas. Well I put fuel injector in it and the check engine light has gone off. However, it roars terribly and has no power at all. After reading everyone’s comments I am really worried. I love jeeps and as of right now if I could afford to get a new car it would be a jeep. However, this seems to be a recurring problem and something I don’t look forward to dealing with.