9th Jun 2004, 16:08

Overall I like my 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited which I have had for 6 years and have put about 100K miles on.

Some things definitely could have been designed better. (1) The condensation from the AC (evaporator) seems to dump water on back floors is a problem that seems to be well known in the Jeep Community. There is a work around and just need to get your hands a little dirty.

(2) My transmission has never been outstanding, but gets the job done. I need to get repairs about every 30-40K.

(3) Sun-roof track drains need to be kept clean and my sun-roof hardware seems to vibrate loose occasionally. This is probably common too many vehicles with sun-roofs.

(4) Not all front Headlights/Marker/Turn Lights are that easy to remove. Some require the removal of the entire Battery tray or other components for access. Not something that can be easily done on the road or in the Auto Parts Store parking lot in many cases.

(5) Fog light lens seem to fall off every 20K.

I like are all of the Limited's perks and appointments. I also like the front seat room. As stated before, the car drives great. Has absolutely no problem from cruising on the highway to rumbling around trails.

Liked it so much that I got a 2004 Overland.

17th May 2006, 07:04

I made the original posting. It is now 2006 and I still drive this 94 Limited daily. The transmission was rebuilt, and the Limited Slip Rear end was replaced. I did those repairs despite not needing to. I felt 200K was about the normal 'Design Life' of any Automatic Transmission or Limited Slip Differential, so I replaced them. The engine is still powerful, strong and uses about 1 qt. of oil every 6000 miles.

The leather seats (optional Luxury Leather seat) look like new and I think they're more comfortable than the 2004 Overland's seats. I use the 04 only occasionally it is in the garage most of the time. I only bought it so I didn't have to buy the new smaller 2005-2006 Daimler design. Whenever I need to stop driving the 94, I have the replacement vehicle in the garage.

28th Dec 2015, 18:08

You can do a self test on the VIC display by holding down the set and select button at the same time, and turning on the ignition switch while holding them down, and release the buttons when the display comes up. It should show all displays with no warnings of problems. If it does show the 4WD switch problem, the problem is in the VIC unit. This procedure is in the factory service manual for the 1995 year model.