28th Apr 2004, 10:30

I bought my 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo in Dec. 2003. It had 92,000 miles. My brakes did not seem right, nevertheless I thought I just wasn't used to the car. I started noticing a vibration when I stepped on the brakes. I took it to a mechanic and he checked the rear brakes (without test driving) and said he didn't see anything wrong. I continued to drive it and the vibrating became very violent and drove back to the mechanic. He tested the front brakes and replaced them. The vibration seemed to stop except for a very minor thumping. It is less than a month since installing the new brakes and the car is thumping more and more until almost as violent as before. What could be causing this?

9th Jul 2004, 07:45

I had the rotor-vibration problem as well, at only 16k miles. My rotors and calipers were replaced under warranty. I'm now at 32k miles and have the problem again. I'm guessing that the only solution to this problem will be another car -- and not a Jeep, as this problem and the transmission problems are too much to deal with. Too bad.

18th Aug 2004, 06:33

I have a 2001 Grand Cherokee. Vibration when braking at 12,000 miles - dealer turned front rotors at no charge. Vibration again 24,000 miles - dealer replaced front rotors, calipers, and pads at no charge, but did charge $100 to turn rear rotors. Vibration again at 50,000 miles (lasted longer). Dealer turned front rotors for $100. Suggested 26,000 miles is all one should expect from a rotor. My 1998 Grand Cherokee lasted 60,000 miles with only a pad change at 40,000!

The transmission is noisy, but thankfully no problems yet. To the guy who spent $1700 on the trans at 50,000 miles: Isn't that covered under the 7 year, 70,000 mile drive train warranty?

30th Aug 2004, 22:38

We purchased a 2001 Grand Cherokee Laredo last year with 21K miles and soon found - what appears to be a very common problem - that the front rotors are warped. I've noted a number of posts that say redesigned aftermarket rotors will cure the problem. However, nobody mentions product names. I've checked and so far I've seen Brembo units at around $100 each, Bosch at around $60 and some other company for around $44 each. Any comments out there based on personal experience? By the way, our trans servo died at 37,000 miles - and the warranty ran out at 3 & 36,000. The dealer said tough luck, no breaks. My response is no future purchase or business with that dealer...

4th Mar 2007, 15:02

Any suggestions on high performance after-market rotor vendors?