2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited v8 4.7L V8 from North America


My 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited V8 4.7 is awesome in every way


Center console armrest, broke, dealer replaced under warranty.

A/C smelled like mildew, my fault, living in Las Vegas I ran my A/C in recirculate mode too often, remedy... dealer put cleaner through the system.

The biggest thing... this is very good info since I went through hell to get it.

My Jeep developed what I would call a clunk, it was there every time reversed out of my driveway, over speed bumps, and anything even hard stops. I took it to one Jeep dealer in town 5 times and each time they told me it was my shocks, or bushing, or the tri-link, or the axle.. Not true... I then took it to the best driveline shop in Las Vegas, and the owner couldn't find the noise... then I took it to 4x4parts on the rack, still no problems could be found... then finally I decided to take it to the other Jeep dealer in Vegas, and told the guy to PLEASE spend extra time on trying to find this problem no other so called "mechanics" could find. And so a half hour later after taking off the rear tires and actually doing what a good mechanic should, the problem was found in the rear differential... My Jeep only had 28000 easy miles on it. All the gears were pitted/binding and bearings shot to hell. The dealer replaced carrier, bearings, and both axle seals bearings, and spacers... Thank heaven it was still under factory warranty. I'm posting this because rear end noise is very common in the Jeep Grand, mine is a limited with quadra-drive.

General Comments:

I loved my 1st Jeep, but wish it felt a little more like it was put together solidly. much better performance after putting K&N intake and Borla Catback exhaust. I'm happy.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2003

19th Nov 2003, 08:52

Wow great advice! Funny I just replaced the rear in my Expedition ($1500). I am picking up my 2001 Grand Cherokee Laredo tomorrow. The seller told me that there is still some time/mileage left on the factory warranty. It has the same engine and tranny. I will definitely have to listen for the same sounds in mine. If I have the same symptoms, I know what to tell the dealer!

Where did you get your exhaust? I already bought the chips and intake and can't wait to mod my V8.

PS: I'm also moving out of a Maxima! Definitely need the V8 in the Jeep:-)

17th Jun 2004, 14:03

My 97 2WD rear axle went bad. Report all these to Jeep and maybe some compensation will result.



2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4 cylinder from North America


I will never, ever, buy a Chrysler product again!!!


12,000 - Rotors needed to be resurfaced.

24,000 miles - Rotors needed to be resurfaced.

36,000 miles - Rotors needed to be resurfaced.

38,000 miles - Transmission sensor needed to be replaced.

48, 000 - Entire front brake system replaced. Dealer admitted that there was a problem with the front brake systems of the 2001 jeeps (notice this was after the resurfacing four times and it is now out of factory warranty)

50,000 - Battery Died.

55,000 - oil pump drive went and cam sensor. I was driving from NJ to NC when the car just died. Had it towed to the local dealership.

General Comments:

I continue to complain to the dealer about jerking when switching gears, they have not been able to recreate the problem. I am concerned that they are waiting until my extended warranty is expired. I will never, ever, ever buy a Chrysler product again. I am so unhappy with the customer service. They are not willing to help at all.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2003

10th Jan 2004, 07:18

I second this review.

12,500 Miles, severe pulsating, Rotors resurfaced

TSB 05-005-01 Rev A.

24,500 Miles severe pulsating, replacement of both front brake rotors and caliper assemblies.

TSB 05-003-01 Rev A.

35,000 Miles mild pulsating, dealer inspected and declared no problems.

37,500 Miles severe pulsating, dealer refuses to repair, provides Chrysler customer service number and says to discuss with them.

Between my wife and myself we have owned 10+ Jeeps... ans now we're looking at Fords. Ugh...