2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 6 cylinder from North America


Lots of mechanical problems and/or poor workmanship


With only 4,000 miles, the rotors were warped, and when I took it back for service, they ground them down. It lasted about 10,000 miles and they were bad again. The dealer said to "ignore the vibrations because the brake pads were fine." I just took it back because I can't stand it anymore and they want $850 to replace them because they can't grind them down twice.

With only 15,000 miles the air conditioner broke. I didn't have a problem taking it back, but when I picked it up, five miles later it stopped working again. It took three visits to fix it.

I took it for a check up and heard that the rear axle seals were gone, and the fluid leaked out onto my brakes - another $300.

While it was on the lift for the repair of the axle seals, they said one of the shocks was leaking, another $250.

When the shifting became difficult and it sounded like something was wrong - the dealer also strongly suggested that I do a transmission service to REPLACE the fluid - for $240.

General Comments:

Don't be fooled by the Gold Key Purchase. I was - now I have a car worth less than the residual that's two more years away. Go figure.

I thought the Jeep answered all my needs - it looks good, but who knows how long it will last. I'm sorry I bought it - for $30,000 - and now I can't get rid of it.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2003

9th Apr 2004, 08:00

Have 2001 Grand Cherokee - 7000 miles needed new rotors - warped. Dealer replaced under warranty.

34,000 miles - right front wheel bearing failed. Replaced under warranty. Out of warranty at 36,000 miles.

37,000 miles - needed New York State inspection. Was told at that time that brakes and rotors would need replacing soon. Took it in at 38,000 miles to have this done - was told that BOTH rear axle seals leaking so would need to replace rotors, brake pads, BOTH rear wheel bearings, and all associated parts for over $700! I questioned why this was not found at inspection time... no answers. Informed dealer that would be checking Internet for repair history on this type of problem. Am finding all sorts of nightmares! Has anyone ever gotten any type of compensation from Chrysler for repair of leaking seals and all resulting problems?

Live in Central New York - who is Jeep zone mgr and how do I contact - does anyone know???


2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo from North America


High priced car to go along with many problems


Back to dealer within 24 hours for seam pops on both front seats.

Almost immediately noticed shimmying in steering wheel at speeds above 40mphs - after more than 4 visits to 5 star dealers within 6 months I was told they could not find the problem, but admitted it existed, and not to rotate my tires until I am ready to replace them because they were able to minimize the shimmy with the placement of the wheels.

Several instances of the malfunction indicator light coming on for no reason - one time there was a small leak at LPD making this happen.

Replaced rotors and pads at 9k miles, and had a leak in front axle seals.

Replaced rotors and pads at 34k miles.

At 35k miles, there was a leak in the steer shock, replaced the shimmy shock, front shocks.

39k miles had a bearing failure in rear axle, complete overhaul of rear axle, replacing rear axel pinion bearings crush sleeve and carrier bearings.

At 43k miles, transmission stuck in second gear, had to replace the transmission valve body. After having it back now for a few months, I have noticed very hard shifting into second gear, hard shift feels like it is coming from rear axle.

General Comments:

I love the looks of my Jeep, but am severely disappointed with the amount of problems I have had.

Even more disappointed in the fact that no one can find the problem that still exists with the shimmying.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2003

2nd Jan 2003, 09:32

Forgot to mention that at about 25k miles the front rotors were also replaced.

After doing some research after writing this review, I found out that before I purchased the car, it was serviced after 1 month of being on the road, at only 1,716 miles, while being driven by a salesperson at the dealership, there was right suspension work done, and they replaced the right front tire. Interesting, that this was not disclosed to me when I purchased the car as a demo. Interesting that ll the vibrations and shimmying I have felt comes from the right side, now the back, since the tires have been rotated and balanced a few times. So, is this all related...hmmm.