2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 Liter from North America


An imperfect, but remarkably capable SUV


The "Check Engine" light came on twice since I've owned the vehicle. The first time was for a cylinder misfire, and the second was for an emissions system leak. I had both problem codes cleared and I have yet to see the light come back on again.

I can confirm what most everyone else says about Grand Cherokee rotors having a penchant for warping. My Grand Cherokee has an occasional shudder when applying the brakes at moderate to high speeds. Since brake parts are normal replacement items, and considering that Daimler-Chrysler installs very aggressive calipers and brake pads on these vehicles, I guess this is to be expected. In my opinion, the shudder is more of an annoyance than an impending sign of catastrophic failure.

The 4.0 liter straight six has plenty of low end punch, but rather leisurely acceleration at higher speeds. The vehicle's weight (which is almost 4,000 pounds) may be partially responsible for this.

The automatic transmission's downshifts can be a little slow at times when traversing steep hills, but nowhere near as bad as Ford's transmissions.

General Comments:

I must say that this vehicle has proved to be far more practical in winter driving than my Lincoln Town Car. The Grand Cherokee's Selec-Trac four wheel drive and off-road capabilities have gotten me safely to and from my job time and time again. Because of this, my Jeep has already paid for itself more than once.

Sans normal maintenance and replacement items such as fuel filters, batteries, wiper blades and the like, I have experienced no mechanical or electrical reliability issues.

I perform my own vehicle maintenance, so I cannot comment on any dealership experiences.

The ride is not what I would consider "luxurious," but it is nevertheless very comfortable and refined for a rugged sport utility vehicle. The suspension soaks up bumps and potholes reasonably well with a minimal amount of noise leaking into the cabin.

The steering and handling capabilities are excellent in day to day driving. I do not pretend that my Jeep is a Porsche, but I am confident that it will stay on-course should the need arise to press it a little harder than usual. I also have no qualms about its maneuverability in tight spaces.

For me, the seats are more than supportive for long trips and highway driving is a dream.

The Power Tech straight six has all the power one reasonably needs for almost any occasion, and it has a proven track record of dependability dating back to the days of Hudson. It could very well outlive my Jeep.

Would I buy another Jeep, despite its flaws? Absolutely.

For those of you who try to find perfection in a Grand Cherokee, might I recommend the Toyota 4-Runner?

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Review Date: 30th May, 2004

30th May 2004, 18:36

Finally, somebody who knows how to treat a Jeep. You said it best yourself "I do not pretend that my Jeep is a Porsche." I can't stand people who drive Jeeps like they are damn sports cars. Guess what? they're not! So when they break, they throw their hands up and go "what happened??" Nice to know there is another person out there that knows how to treat a Jeep. To those who don't, drive it like an SUV, not a sports car, and it will last you a lifetime.

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0L Inline 6 from North America


Not worth the inflated sticker price-poor, poor, poor



Brake rotors warped and replaced after 15,000 miles. Causing the steering wheel to shake violently. Dealer recall, and fixed without any questions.

A computer chip that controls the firing of the cylinders was replaced at 27,000. A pretty major problem. Took fours days to get my Jeep back. Still under warranty, so no cost out of my pocket.

Brake rotors warped again at 35,000 miles. Not replaced this time, because the warranty was up. Took my Jeep to a local shop and milled the rotors to make them true again. Cost $180. Not bad, but I feel Jeep didn't fix the problem in the first place. I was pretty angry that I had the same problem after a recall notice. Very bad business.

4 speed transmission acting like it's starting in second or third gear, instead of first gear. Had this problem show in the past, but it went away. Now resurfacing after the warranty expired. Coincidence?

During the same time as the transmission problem, the check engine light is now on. Of course this also happens after my warranty expires. So I won't be taking this problem up with Jeep. I'll visit my local car shop and have them diagnose the problem. Then decide how I want to fix it.

General Comments:

I only test drove Jeep's around the block of my local dealership. A big mistake. I'd recommend any future Jeep buyers, to take the vehicle out on the highway and city streets for a decent amount of time. I know that Jeep's are legendary "off-road" vehicles, but when driven for long periods of time on city streets is a total nightmare. Imagine yourself on a large boat in choppy water when driving this vehicle. The body roll and sway is tiring. Driving this vehicle in windy conditions is scary. First you feel that your forearms are going to give out, trying to keep the Jeep in it's lane, then the mental fatigue will kick in after a short 2 hours on the road, because of the fight your having with the steering wheel. I don't feel very safe behind the wheel of this SUV.

It's a shame that such a legendary vehicle with a such a great past, is succumbing to corporate greed and quality control problems.

I'll never buy another Jeep or Chrysler brand again.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2004

31st May 2004, 13:54

Maybe? however my jeep is now a mercEDES and it is the best ever, uncomparable...its got the body the looks and style and a mercEDES engine... it really is different to your old style... do you agree... have you test driven the 2004 model???

21st Jun 2004, 13:10

I live in Kansas so I know about driving on windy days.I've never felt the jeep would go out of control nor have I ever felt fatigued after driving any amount of time. My engine is as smooth as ever, so is the transmission. The brakes are a problem, but the shaking is only an annoyance. If Jeep comes up with a fix I'll look into it or I'll get some aftermarket upgrade. This is my third Jeep my first was an AMC/Jeep.I get Jeeps for their off-road abilities not for a great city drive, fancy interior, sterio system etc.

Also it's a 4X4 not a yuppie SUV remember that.