2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lorado 4.0 from North America


A Great Looking Mechanical Disaster


Brake rotors warped 6,982 miles, Dealer replaced front rotors & pads under warranty.

Recall Intake Shield 8,119 miles, debris could collect on exhaust manifold and catch fire.

Brake rotors warped 10,560 miles, Dealer replaced front caliper kits & rotors under warranty. I was told by Service Advisor that Chrysler was having a major problem with 2001 Jeep rotors warping.

Thermostat housing leaking 11,646 miles, housing replaced under warranty.

Car lacks power when accelerating, transmission bangs when slowing down to stop. Transmission pressure sensor shorted 12,107 miles. Dealer replaced Transducer Assembly under warranty.

Front end making noise over bumps, Dealer replaced front sway bar bushings 12,368 miles under warranty.

Brake rotors warped at 15,962 miles, Dealer replaced front rotors under warranty. I contacted Daimler Chrysler Motors Customer Center with my concerns about defective rotors and they advised me to contact them if my rotors warp again.

Rear hatch does not open, Dealer replaced lift-gate actuator 15,692 miles under warranty.

Brake rotors warped at 18,401, dealer advised that rotors are not under warranty. Contacted Daimler Chrysler Motors Customer Center and they will not warranty rotors. They say they do not have a problems with their rotors.

Now I have a problem. I'll have my mechanic fix Chrysler's problem at my expense.

General Comments:

I will never purchase a Daimler Chrysler product again.

I have been bounced around from Dealer to Customer Center to District Manager and in the end the Dealer has the audacity to tells me that my driving habits cause the brake rotors to warp.

In 35 years of driving this is my first problem with warped rotors.

My Ford Taurus was 10 years old when I bought the Jeep and the rotors never warped.

I see a Ford in my future.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2004

20th Aug 2004, 13:00

I owned a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited and let me tell you I will NEVER buy a Jeep ever again. This car ALWAYS had a problem with it. Thank God I bought a warranty or else I would have had to shell out THOUSANDS in repairs. It was definitely a horrible experience which I wouldn't wish on my own enemy. The craftsmanship and mechanical soundness was perhaps on the lowest level imaginable.

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 litre from North America


2001 must have been a bad year for Jeep manufacturing


Took it in today for a simple oil change and tire rotation. As I was handed the bill, I was told that the Front axle seal is leaking, as are the front pinion seals. Not bad enough to require immediate attention, but they will bear watching. I was told that the repair would require removing the entire front axle. I shudder to think what the cost will be when I eventually need this repair. Why would these seals be leaking with such low mileage? I had a 1993 JGC previously and even at 252,000+ miles, I still had the original seals!

My air conditioner now blows only through the defrost vents. Having checked all relays, fuses and vacuum hoses, I have concluded that it is the cables under the dash which may be loose. The problem here is that the dashboard/console will need to be removed to get to the cables. It is irritating to have poor accessibility to something that, once inside, will only take a couple minutes to fix. Again, another costly repair.

My cruise control suddenly decided not to work. I had some trouble with the cruise control in my old Jeep as well. But that occurred around 200,000 miles, NOT at 40,000!

The mileage is not as good as my old '93. If I'm lucky, I'll just barely make 21 mpg on the highway and 16 in town. My '93 gave me 26 highway and 21 city easily.

I hope the 2001 isn't a lemon in disguise.

General Comments:

While this JGC is lovely to look at and a dream to drive, it lacks in the sturdiness I have come to expect from a JGC.

Problems that should appear years/miles down the road are appearing in the vehicles youth.

The tinted windows are a nice feature.

The 4WD has proven quite valuable.

Storage capacity is perfect.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2004