20th Aug 2004, 14:27

This problem can be easily fixed in 2 ways. 1. Drive it like a SUV, not a Car. You can't just jump on the brakes, or you will warp them in a heart beat. You have to let the Jeep slow itself down a bit, then be gentle (not too gentle as to ride the brakes) on them, and pump them untill you stop. By pump, I mean foot on the brakes, off for a couple of sec., on, and repeat. Now I know this is not always possible, but when ever this can be done it certainly helps. 2. Buy a good set of aftermarket brake rotors and pads. Have them installed by a trusted mechanic, and don't let the dealer touch them again.

17th Sep 2004, 09:09

Same problem here. Rotors replaced every 12,000 miles. Service Managers says it's the way we drive! Also was in the dealership shop twice for some kind of carbon buildup that caused my brand new Jeep to stall every six months (including during a vacation trip). They replaced the Spark plugs! Pathetic.

5th Oct 2004, 08:24

In response to the comment above. Please explain to me why I should have to install after market brakes on a car I just spent $37,000 on? How about asking Jeep to use some of my $37,000 and engineer a better product. Must have been a Jeep employee.

6th Oct 2004, 12:06

Why not just replace the rotors with aftermarket ones? Aftermarket BREMBO (best around) rotors only run about $80 for the pair and changing a brake rotor is almost as easy as changing a flat tire. OR you could get a set of Powerslot rotors to keep the heat down to avoid warpage in the future and most likely never have to worry about it again. Such an easy fix for so many complaints, just stop bringing your car to the dealer for brakes because they're just gonna keep replacing it with junk mopar rotors.

18th Nov 2004, 00:40

I had repeated warping in the front at 83K miles, 90, 100, 110. I installed the updated 2002-2004 calipers (come in a kit from Mopar) which reduce warping. I then installed stillens brake pros rotors and metal matrix pads... this stop better, and no warping or fading since... I almost sold it, but stillens made this vehicle a real joy! My dealer is now stocking these aftermarket rotors via my recommendation.

18th Nov 2004, 21:27

I have had the same problems with rotors on my 2001 Jeep. I purchased the vehicle used and have owned it for 2 years. I am on my 3rd set of rotors and can tell they are starting to warp again. The first set was on Chrysler - a goodwill set. After that, I got the same response from them - there is not a problem with the product. It must be the way I drive. This definitely seems like a defect to me.

I also own a Caprice - it has 190,000 miles on it and I have only had to replace the rotors once and that was my fault.

This time I will try the after market rotors - $80.00 and they last more than 6 months - It's worth a try.