15th Jan 2001, 11:47

Comment to comment...

I have heard people using Dextron II/III in their GC transmissions (the "alternate" ATF listed in the manual). From what I have read about peoples' transmission woes, they have been using Dextron. The recommended ATF is Type 7176, not Dextron. Makes me want to drain out my tranny again as I used a bit of Dextron to top off since I didn't buy enough 7176 :(

30th Jan 2001, 17:58

I am thinking of buying a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. It is a 4x4, with 59,000 miles, anything I need to look at, other than the tranny?

My overall opinion of the vehicle is good. I have talked with several Jeep owners, and all are satisfied.

Also, are the trannies behind the 6 cylinder models the same ones in the V8 models?

Thanks in advance.

12th May 2001, 09:53

I have a 1995 Grand Cherokee Limited with the 5.2L. It has 65000 miles on it presently as it sits in my backyard. I bought the vehicle in 1995 with 30000 miles on it.

At 31000 miles the transmission went out and was completely replaced.

At 35000 miles the cruise control in the steering wheel burned up taking the airbag and tachometer with it.

At 50000 miles the a/c compressor, evaporator, condensor, and other misc. a/c part were found to be bad (about $800 in parts alone). Recalls on the shift interlock, and front brake rotors.

At 63000 miles the drivers side front axle needed replaced.

And then for the grand finale, at 65000 miles it began acting strange, as if it were in 4WD always - even on dry pavement. It has all time quadratrac. The front wheels kick in when this little $700 part in the transfer case tells them to. This part, the viscous clutch or coupler, of course is also bad. Average fuel economy before this was 13.9 mpg. In conclusion, I love the looks of the vehicle, the power is great, never got stuck anywhere, but the reliability and maintenance costs are to much for me to handle. It is a nice, powerful piece of junk!

19th Aug 2001, 02:26

I've had the same problem with the Viscous Coupling also, one thousand dollars to replace one poorly made part seems pretty expensive, the thing I'm wondering is why hasn't Chrysler been pressurized into recalling them, it seems that almost every person I talk to has heard or experienced the same problem! So basically if your planning on buying a Grand Cherokee 5.2 put aside an extra 1000$ for the eventual replacement part!!

23rd May 2002, 01:26

I've read some of your comments, and frankly I look at things this way, nothings perfect and sometimes you get a lemon.

I have a 95 Jeep GC Laredo w/upcountry suspension 5.2/Quadratrac and tracloc rear. Flowmaster 3 chamber muffler. I bought it about two years ago with about 79,000 miles on it. I now have approximately 109,000 miles on it. My engine oil is changed every 3000 or so. Sense I've owned it I had the transfer case, front and rear diff oil changed. The transmission oil changed and serviced. I have not had any major problem with my baby. My engine is as smooth as silk. My transmission shifts silky smooth. My transfer case is in excellent condition. (Probably cause the previous owner never took it off road, and they also took great care of it) I take it off road as much as I can. Yes the interior squeaks and creaks a bit. And it rides hard as the dickens. I even (because it had been in a previous accident before I owned it) hear a lite snapping noise in the front sub frame when I turn the steering wheel. But this has been the most reliable vehicle I've owned, and I've owned a lot of cars. I will try and keep it until it rots. I will purchase the present quadradrive and the future quadradrive. Trust me, Jeep will come out with a new version of the GC that will simply knock all the competitors socks off, just like the quadradrive system did. No one can beat it. NO ONE!



Northern California.

20th Feb 2003, 18:23

Just so you know the only two engines are the V-8 and I-6. There is no V-6.

28th Apr 2003, 12:05

I have the same problem with transfer case/viscous coupler. I have a 94 jeep. It started to happen three years ago, around 70,000 km. My dealer couldn't exactly locate this because this grinding noise was in frequent. Now I get this noise once I drive for about 20 minutes. Has anyone try to get this problem RECALLED by Chrysler? We should all push for this recall.

10th May 2003, 20:37

I purchase in full, a used 1994 I6 Grand Cherokee limited at 129,000 miles, "in thinking that, my public transportation days were all over". WRONG.I admit I'm very concern now after reading all of your comments.I've notice that the past several month my jeep randomly stalled. "And it freak me out".after purchasing a new battery today, I took it to the car wash and it wouldn't start. Waiting and thinking what to do on a Saturday with all shop closed I tried stating it and behold it started. i was inform that it might be the "Starter" ETC... I don't know a lot about cars and I do know I'm on a fix income. and I cannot afford major repairs. can any one give me advise?

24th Jul 2003, 03:27

I own a 96 GC 4.0L Ltd with 103,000 miles. Lately It has started making noises!! At approx 20mph a growling noise starts from the front end. This noise comes and goes, but this last week it has started to thump as well...OOP's whats that?

The noises stay the same when turning corners and seem worse when accellerating/decellerating. I put the transfer box and trans in neutral and rolled down a hill, noise the same.

I tried jacking the front right hand wheel and spinning it with both boxes in neutral, it wouldn't turn!!!

I think it may be the diff carrier bearings, anyone had same problem?

Why won't front wheel turn when jacked up?


24th Oct 2003, 07:10

I have some info on a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee. A friend just bought one with 110,00 miles. After the purchase he noticed a knock. Sounded like a rod knock. We just completed pulling the motor and installing a crank kit and timing chain/gears. Knock is now gone. You could tell that the rod bearings showed excessive wear, but the main bearings looked like new. I've heard other people in my area comment that this vehicle is known to get a rod knock. Was reading all the comments above on the Viscous Coupling. His Jeep is making strange sounds from the drive train. Kind of a 'wump, wump' noise that builds after reaching about 30 mph. To me it was sounding like gear wind up. Seems to come and go, pavement he's on seems to make it more pronounced. Guess this is the Viscous Coupling problem?

25th Dec 2003, 11:37


I purchased a 99 jeep grand cherokee limited with the 4.7 new generation engine, with the quadra trac 4X4 for my wife 2 years ago. Had nothing, but problems with the dang thing. First off, the front passenger door lock grinds and does not work, the rear windshield wiper motor quit working, both the back wheels went bad because after 2 different sets of tires they still leak. The blower motors for the heat and air quit working... All four corners of the brakes needed completely done after 36,000 miles. I bought this from a local lot and tracked down the lady who previously owned it... she took it in every 3000 miles for a complete check up/tune up. I have all the records and she was older and babied this vehicle. Shortly after purchasing it, it started making quick thumping noises in between shifts under hard acceleration. And also, under normal driving it would do it occasionally. Now with 58,000 miles on it, and after reading all previous statements, it seems that this would be the viscous coupling? Now with winter full in heat, it hardly will go into four wheel drive, it hops and makes terrible noises from the transfer case. Just a few days ago, my wife noticed it "hopping and binding" as she would pull into a parking spot on drive pavement. Now the 4X4 doesn't appear to be working at all.. What should I do? My aftermarket warranty just expired... So am I out a $1000? or has anyone heard a recall on this?


Randy Hendrixson.