1st Jul 2012, 19:21

We've had a few Jeeps over the years, and have noted that the newer Chrysler-designed models do not hold up as well. The older ones such as our '95 Wrangler were actually AMC (American Motors) designed, and other than the Mitsubishi drivetrain components, they were bulletproof. Our 2008 Wrangler hasn't been half as good (all Chrysler design).

Supposedly the new Jeep designs will share mechanicals with Fiat. Seems they have figured out a way to totally ruin the Jeep brand after all.

7th Jul 2012, 20:15

Never count Jeep out. Never count Chrysler out. I agree the AMC designed Jeeps were more reliable, but I'll still take a Jeep or a Chrysler over 90% of the cars on the road.

3rd Oct 2012, 20:48

I owned two 1995 Wrangler Sports 4.0 inline six with the 5 speed - both were great AMC designed vehicles. I owned one TJ - smoother ride, but like the YJ's better.

I've also owned 3 Liberty Limiteds, and IMO the Liberty is an excellent SUV (I reluctantly sold my last '95 Wrangler last year, & purchased another Liberty Limited & absolutely love it).

That being said - I have had a very positive experience owning a Chrysler Sebring as well - absolutely love it & I went from a Saab 9-3 Convertible to an older Sebring Convertible, and truly prefer the Sebring - better ride, better mileage, very capable handling, more room, just slightly less power (200hp as opposed to 205hp for the Saab), but still moves about smartly and a much better factory stereo system, and most importantly to me, a much more rigid structure - no cowl shake!. Don't get me wrong, the Saab was a very nice vehicle, but the Sebring just suits my needs better, especially with a growing family, as does the Liberty over my much beloved Wrangler.