18th Dec 2003, 04:03

I bought a 2002 Liberty Sport 4x4 used last month. I have had very little for problems. It has 34,000 miles and has had all the updates done. One problem I still have that I will have addressed before the warranty expires, is a vibration in the drive train from 50-60mph. Going down a hill and taking vehicle out of drive creates no difference in the vibration, but I cannot decipher where it is coming from. Normally you can feel one of the wheels being out of balance. This is not the case. I was a Navy Heavy Equipment Mechanic for over 18 years and this is not a tire problem. My guess is that either the differential requires adjustment in the rear, or the drive line is out of balance. Other than that vibration, I love my Liberty!

9th Apr 2004, 06:43

I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty Sport with 19,200 miles on it. I've noticed the same vibration and have had the alignment and tire balance checked numerous times. That is not the problem! I have also recently noticed the jeep idling roughly. Its going into the shop today for that problem. I hope that is the worst of my problems because I love the Liberty too!

4th Oct 2004, 14:17

Please advise. I have a Jeep Liberty Sport 4x4 3.7L. For the second time the coolant tank has cracked.

11th Oct 2004, 16:55

I am a postman that drives a 2004 jeep liberty. It has the key stuck in the ignition switch. Sometimes it comes out when its cold, but after driving about an hour it won't come out. Its been to the dealer 7 times, but no satisfaction. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem??? Walt.

28th Mar 2005, 13:03

2002 Jeep Liberty,

I got my liberty new and love it, It has fourth thousand miles on it and it is in the shop. It started vibrating and thought it was a bad tire or something simple. Found out it was a bad u-joint in back, I don't think that it should of been worn out so soon with the miles on it. And it has been recall on lower ball joints last year and they went bad also, So beware they have life time warranty on them. Don't let them try to charge you for new ones. Has anyone had the same problems with there 2002 Liberty?

15th Jul 2005, 15:08

I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty. The engine just seized at 51,000 miles. The dealer is telling me it is our fault poor maintenance and won't cover it under the warranty. We do our own oil so have no receipts to provide. They say sludge in oil. I have found that a lot of Chrysler engines have sludge. They want $7,000.00 for a new engine! The Jeep isn't worth that and now I'm stuck. Any suggestions?

15th Jul 2005, 20:12

Assuming you did in fact change your oil as often as you should, the sludge could quite possibly be due to a bad head gasket. Do (or have done) a cooling system pressure check to verify if this is the case. If not, the other alternative is a cylinder leak down test, but you have to position the pistons of each cylinder under test to TDC on the compression stroke to perform the test, so if your engine is completely seized, you will not be able to do this.

If coolant gets into the oil (due to a bad head gasket), sludge will form. Manufacturers use the poor maintenance excuse when they see sludge, to weasel their way out of taking responsibility for the problem. Of course, sludge can still in fact be caused by lack of oil changes, and if that is the case, it indeed is not the car's fault. There are ways to check for that too.

My new car buying days are over, because I do not let anybody besides myself touch and/or work on my car, especially dealerships. I definitely get the sense that if car owners do not have the dealership perform all of their maintenance, and something like your situation occurs (assuming it is a bad head gasket), they will fabricate an excuse for not owning up to it. On top of that, the prices of new cars are ridiculously outrageous, and above all else, I simply can no longer justify throwing my money away on and enabling that unmitigated insanity.

30th Aug 2005, 09:34

My 2002 Jeep Liberty is in the shop right now. 52,000 miles. They say it is a bad cylinder with no compression.

We have it serviced by the Chrysler dealer every 3,000 miles.

I will let you know the out come. I do have the extended warranty.

3rd Oct 2005, 10:57

I have a 2002 Liberty Sport. Last November, with no warning at all, it wouldn't start. We jump started it, and drove it to the dealer service department with the interior lights flashing. The dealer said I had a "bad" battery. They replaced it at no charge since it was still under warranty. Last Friday, same thing happened. It's only been 11 months! We tried charging the battery overnight, but it wouldn't hold a charge. They have told me again that it was a "bad" battery! They said they checked the alternator, and it was running like it is supposed to. Now my jeep is no longer under warranty, so I am sure they are going to charge me for the battery and a service call. Am I being ripped off?

4th Jan 2007, 15:51

I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty which completely stalled a couple of days ago. The engine light came up. The car would turn over, but unless you revved the engine, it would die.

I took it to the Chrysler dealership. They ran a $85 compression test and told me #3 cylinder is dead. They quoted me $600 just to open up the cylinder head to determine if the problem was going to cost $1,500 or $5,000 to fix. I picked up the car, and sputtered home (only stalled once during my 0.25 mile drive). Going to the dumpster!

Going foreign on the new car.

24th Jan 2007, 20:03

I bought my 2002 Jeep Liberty used at 52,000 miles. When I got it home and looked under the hood again there was a lot of corrosion on the battery terminals and a large leak from the battery. I went ahead and replaced the battery and then less than 2 weeks later the air conditioning quit working on my way home. I got real lucky and it was still covered under warranty and was fixed promptly by the dealer. I have replaced the rotors and still have a lot of trouble with the brakes squeaking. I know that is a problem with Dodge and Chrysler products, but is there anything anyone has found that works to fix the problem? I have had it to 3 garages and they said that the brakes are like new and already had the recall on the lower ball joints fixed. If anyone has a suggestion let me know please...

11th Sep 2007, 21:16

I also have a 2002 Jeep Liberty Sport. I bought it a 55000 miles so do not have warranty-paid 500+ dollars to have air conditioner fixed first 6 months of owning it. Next summer -AC stopped working again. Now the dealership says it is something other than what they first repaired and will cost 700+ dollars. Also had the same problem with the battery corrosion within first two months and front end is squeaking like the brakes are bad-but they are not bad. New mechanic says it's the tires, but I just don't believe it. Had them rotated 6 months ago. Any info would greatly be appreciated.